11.01.06 Duesseldorf, Germany


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I know it's a bit late but I want to thank BHIC for this evening...
It was so great, I had to cry )
Hope you gonna come back to germany soon .. If not I'm gonna die xD

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Thank you and the Innocent Criminals for changing this big cold building into such a warm sparkling diamond... You made music real. Ive never experienced such a deep appreciation for an audience before-as if this had been one of your first concerts together as a band. You are a true poet of music and a true poet of the heart. Youre voice touches body, mind & soul. Thank you!

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BHIC thank you for this wonderful concert. I have also seen you this year in NY, Central Park on your first night (after standing in the rain for over 3 hours). I liked the NY concert better than Dusseldorf mostly because of the songs. Especially Get It Like... and Heart of Gold were great in NY. In both concerts Juan singing I've Got A Woman was great. The song that did not work in Dusseldorf was Ground On Down before Ben's solo, I really felt the rhythm and beat of this song in NY, whereas in Ddorf something went wrong with the sound. From 'Faded' onwards the concert in Ddorf was terrific. Very special thanks for your 3rd encore!!!

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Gosh !

Mann what an Eve' !!!!

Ben you and your guys were once again just fantastic....
Every time it's just the same awsome story....since 1996...Toulouse, Paris, Cologne, Hamburg, Dusseldorf...

You're like a good french wine...just getting better with time...

Many thanks....

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Hey there,

the concert in Dusseldorf was such a special and moving night. It was the first time seeing Ben live on stage even though I listen to his music for about 2 years now. I never experienced an artist that puts so much heart and soul in his words and music. Seeing Ben live is like a long and beautiful poem and you dont know where it gets you.
It would have been the perfect night if I had just talked to that blonde girl that was standing right beside me in the front rows -)
But anyways, I hope to see you guys back on the road someday soon. Its been a great blessing for me.

Take care you guys!

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a concert like a prayer

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What can I say. 'Absolutely fantastic' somehow doesn't even come close. I saw BHIC in the Greek Theatre in Hollywood in August but last night was even better, helped by the fact that we were right up front. What an evening. The 'soft songs' Ben played where awesome and the crowd were so respectful. I can't wait for my next BHIC concert and I am so jealous that my girlfriend is going to see you guys in Hamburg at the weekend.

Thank U :-)


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Every moment was real. Every word, every sound was made to touch my soul for it came right from Ben's soul. And I think that is the way music should be: a testimony of the artist given to those who want to feel it. Thanks for a great evening.

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What an exellend Concert ! It was also nice then the Concert in Amsterdam !! Only the Germans has to learn the lyrics -) Hope to see you again Ben .

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Wow!!!!.... that was your reaction when you saw my tattoo Ben... But it is also my reaction after this show.
Being there front row, so close to my heroes... amazing
You guys all played so incredible..
It was my second BHIC show, my girlfriends first.. It really brought us closer together.
Thank you so much
A fan for life!!

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Since a long time it was a dream for me to see BHIC in concert.
Yesterday in Dusseldorf this dream came true and that was really much more than expected!
I still can't realize and describe it with words!
Thank you guys for this incredible live performance, for making so beautiful music, for giving us so much...

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The best concert of my entire life!
and i guess i have seen over 150 concerts.
2hours 40minutes!!!20 songs!!!full of pure emotional intenseness.Best sound i ever heard.
The set up was unbeliveable varied and the video show amazing.
Its the fifth time that i saw a Ben Harper show.
It was the best!I have seen concerts from Pink Floyd,Nirvana,James Brown,B.B King,Metallica,Slayer,Tori Amos ...they all good but they all cant compete with the Master of Live music.