11.02.06 Berlin, Germany


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treez811's picture

What a fabulous impact you all have placed on the world!
I am from St. Louis and lived abroad in Europe for 6 yrs! My Grandparents are from Germany, and I never had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful country. All of the shows in Germany look like something not to be missed. The photos from Berlin's show, especially look amazing!!! I rated the whole collection a 10! I had hoped to see BHIC's during my stay in Europe but never linked up:( However, I was lucky enough to see you guys in the states 11 X's!!! I have been following the European tour and the shows look absolutely grand, the locations, the pictures, the set-up in general look out of this world. Im am pleased to see that BHIC's music is doing what it always has done but on a much larger scale. That is to spread the message of peace, unity, and love to this luscious place we call Earth. And, that we can take a stand and make a difference with our VOICE!!! Thank you all for spreading the love in your music. All Over The World My soul is alive when I listen to your music, an ancient chant of remembrance. . . .
God Bless You All on your Journey of Life.
Blessings and Immense Joy,
Your old friend from St.Louis

lisacallesen56501's picture

Now the concert in Berlin is already a week ago, and still I haven't been able to lay the experience aside. I listen to you again and again when ever I put on music and remember how absolutely increadible your show was. It was my first BHIC concert, my expectations were very high, but you still happened to top all of these.
Thank you, for a wonderful night, an incredible live performance, but especially thank you for making this wonderful music that lights up my days.
And please, come back to Europe soon!

mine7308740467's picture

i've never experienced such an intensive concert before. there are really just a few musicians in the world, who are able to touch you so deep, that it totally changes the way how you experience music. you're one of these artists, who enriches the phenomenon of music .
with your great melodies you send the beauty of your world of thoughts through our minds. these sensitive and fragile sounds you create encase your great voice with such a wonderful warmth , with which the listener fuses together to escape to an unknown place and get lost there for awhile. i didn't even had to close my eyes to see these incredible images in my head. the selection of songs couldn't have been better. it was the perfect mixture between these powerful songs with such an enormous energy like better way, my own two hands ()and of course these wonderful silent ones e.g. another lonely day, waiting for you(), which let me reach the highest level of emotionality. this all maybe sounds strange but this hours of great passionate music really left a trace on my soul. THANK YOU and your fantastic band for giving me the possibility of being part of something special. Return soon for the next concert.
Never stop making music : )


juliana.lachini64053's picture

Dear all,
Im from Brazil and live in Dusseldorf. I cant describe the show last wednesday. Thanks a lot for so much good energy you bring us.
I can really say it was the best show Ive ever been to. And Ive been to so many of them.
Congratulations and Gott bless you all,

basikber87527's picture

Just to write a few lines about those moments of life yesterday I cant write down what I really feel... Thank you for bringing humanity & Love into so many hearts of people. And my heart you reached more than any other musician before. Take care4 u& others bye
Thank you for being.

anne.rechlin88854's picture

Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Thomas from B's picture

Hey Ben, Leon, Juan, Oliver, Michael and Jason!!!

That was such a great evening yesterday!

I loved it and the music really touched me...and the Encore I was sooo nice!
But the band played fantastic, too...
The absolute bomb was when you sang without microfone Ben! Thank you...

I hope to see y'all around in Berlin again soon!

I will definitely come again.

Have fun at the rest of the tour!

Best Wishes
Thomas from Berlin

holger.frohloff38600's picture

That was an amazing show you had in berlin. i loved it! your voice is like an angel singing, esp. that a-capella part. goose bumps. just not of this earth. your friends in the band made a great job as well. really special music. i am just glad the girl was just a fan and wanted to be near you - and nothing worse. i sincerely hope that incident won't keep you from coming back to berlin.
all the best wishes for the rest of the tour. i will always remember that evening.

petervdlaan88180's picture

after a somewhat rough start, the show went through the roof. amazing gig, was blown away by a voice that reached everyone clearly even without a microphone. thanks for a great evening and special thanks to leon mobley for making everyone smile with his energetic percussion. cheers to all, pete

anonymous's picture

The show was over two hours ago and still I sit here, listening to your music. I was blown. It didnt even care to talk to my friends after the show, I wanted to go straight home and indulge the feeling. I was very inspired, I danced and was happy, also I cried a lot. Some wet eyes, yes that has happened before at concerts. But tonight was different. Especially "Waiting for you" and the Encore I in general reached out to me in such a special way, the lyrics, the voice and the music, I was going to pieces. Tears were streaming down my face. And I liked it, it was a great relief. Now, I am grateful I was granted so deep and intense emotions at a concert. I really didnt expect something like that to happen ever. Big surprise I happend tonight. Thanks.