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Another truly incredible evening with Ben and the IC. I thought up until then that the show on Aug, 30th in the Olympia, Paris was the best so far. But you are just getting better. The new guitarist is amazing. Was very happy to hear more songs from the new album. My 5th show and it is always an amazing experience. Will be back for more. You should come to Ireland for a gig outside of a festival. Anywhere in Europe is fine - so we get to see places! o) Thanks sooo much! Gesine and Anthony (Dublin)

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It was such a great night and such a powerful and awesome show! I'll definately NEVER forget it!!!! Thanks Ben, thanks IC. You're the best!!! Hope you'll come back to Germany very soon!

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Wow! What a concert! I've been to three Ben Harper concerts in Hamburg and all of them were amazing. But this one... Man! Everybody that has been following Ben and the IC knows that they always bring their music across in such a powerful unbelievable way and you always feel like they are having so much fun up on the stage. When touring about 9 month or so a year I guess its easy to imagine how incredible that is for every single concert visitor all over the world. With this concert in Hamburg I was just stunned by the intensity and power of their performance. How can you open a concert with "With my own two hands / war" and especially with this incredible ending. If they would have said "Thank you! Good night!" after the opener I don't think I would have cared. -) So amazing! I love how Juan Nelson is playing more solo parts. How cool was his solo with singing "I got a woman..." I also loved the crowd, except for one or two girls during the acoustic part, who yelled in songs they wanted to hear and ruined the ending of a song for Ben (he seemed to be really upset) and the whole crowd of course. Nevertheless he still played the wanted song "Walk Away". Some guys in the crowd held up a sign saying "Happy Late Birthday" and during two songs a bit later the crowd started singing "Happy Birthday" and Ben and the IC's seemed to be really impressed. Right after a guy asked for Sexual Healing" and after Ben said that he never played it for a guy before, they made that wish come true anyway. Being to some concerts and following Ben for a long time it was a really great moment when right after the last song he addressed the crowd in a little speech. He always seems to be uncomfortable talking to crowds in non english speaking countries, but he still did and it just made that evening so much more special. I really hope he's coming back for a summer tour next year, hopefully at the Stadtpark, where he played in 2004. Ben and all you guys from the Innocent Criminals: Thank you so much for a great great night at the Docks!

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Thank you!!Hope you come back soon!

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Simply amazing! Simply fantastic! Simply unforgettable! Simply passionate!
After this concert I truely call myself a huge fan :)

Thank You so much for this night!

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I surely must agree with my fellow Danes... The show was awesome a 100 pure and uplifting experience, couldn't have been better.

Henrik, Copenhagen

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Hi :)

We came all the way from Aalborg in Denmark just to see Ben Harper and the innocent criminals. It was the best performance ever :)

Thank you Ben Harper and the innocent criminals for this fantastic koncert.


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Hi all,

We came from Aarhus, Denmark to see Ben and his innocent Criminals. This was by far the best of his concerts Ive been to (and theyve all been fantastic!!). It was a very intimate show, and that made it so much better. Ben grapped a mobile and chatted to a fan, he dedicated sexual healing to a man (for the first time he said), and one of his "thank yous" after each song, turned into a whole speach, and everyone just stopped clapping and yelling and stayed quiet... you could hear a needle fall to the ground....... IT WAS AWESOME!!! Thank you Ben and thank you IC for making us all believe in a better way!!!


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What a truly great night it felt like a special moment in time for everybody there, the crowd were awesome & I think the guys were amazed by the feedback they were getting. They performed with such passion for 2hrs & 40 mins.

Out of the 5 BHIC shows I've been to this year, this one was definitely outstanding.

Thank you to Ben and Jason. We met them after the show and we had the opportunity to take pictures.

And a special thank you to Nicole who made this possible. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!

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Hi all.

Me and three of my friends drove from Copenhagen, Denmark to see your show at The Docks. It was worth the trip - what a performance! This was my fourth concert with you, Ben, and the Criminals, and this one was undeniably the greatest one. Fantastic! I am really looking forward to see you guys again. Hopefully you come to Denmark soon.

Best regards,
Rune - Denmark

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that was one of the best concerts i've ever seen! great band, wonderful musicians, good songs - an evening to remember. please return as soon as possible's picture

good job

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it was for me a great time, listening the show at the docks in hamburg. you and the innocent criminals are one of the best events, I ever enjoyed. hope to see you another time here in hamburg.