11.05.06 Lille, France

Zénith Arena

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It was the 2nd time i saw Ben in one week. the first was at his birthday in caen. il was simply magical. i was very moved by the twice, he has an incredible presence on stage. the songs, his voice all the band in the same trip. the accoustics songs and electrics ones were amazing. then with a friend of mine, we saw michael and oliver.... and finally i said " i can believe" , Ben came to us , take my hand and say "thanks tou" right in the eyes. he his so nice, friendly and be so close , it's like a dream. thanks to be you. i love you so much , your musical univers is the one.

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i was yesterday live in munich!!
it was absolutely incredible!
thank you so much for the great time!
it was one of the best concerts i have ever seen.

bibithekid6267751's picture

the most beautifull concert of my live, thanks a lot for emotions .. See you letter and thanks again !!

martyx13's picture

don't forget that you are enjoying some really great musicians up there and not just some popstars. The "jam session" parts just show exactly that and are absolutely incredible. I'm too young to say anything about Jimi Hendrix, but Bens slide guitar solos are absolutely amazing and if you compare that to Jimi's experimental guitar play, you might get the idea...

Phileine's picture

I've got some small remarks on the concert, of course it was great and you had lot's of engery we could tell. But I think the solo's were too long, it's really cool in the beginning and allthough it kept getting better.. I wanted it to stop. We all know you're very talented but I didn't expect a 'jam-session'-concert. You also played less songs because of that I think?
And why copy get up stand up when you can play jah work? Why copy when you've got even better material?
The projection is also very weak...

But beside all this, I had a wonderful time!!! And I really liked the playlist...Thank you!

lapommade21541's picture

Now, i can live in a "better way". In fact, your concert was so magic!!! All moments was very amazing, such as the solo a cappela or leon's percussions!!! Extrodinary , congrulation BHIC!!! thanks lot for this concert , the day before the birthday of my friend BiBI !!!

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je ne trouve pas grang chose a du concert a Lille de MONSIEUR Ben Harper a par que c'etait une superbe prestations avec une grosse ambiance,des solos magnifiques et une voix qui a bluffe toute la salle lorsqu'il n'a pas pris son micro!!!vivement un nouvel album et une nouvelle tourner car ses concert son memorables.Encore merci a Ben harper et aux innocent criminals

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Hello! Quel concert !! J'attendais avec impatience d'assister a ce concert qui s'est reveler Extraordinaire: les musiciens sont des genies, Ben a une presence extraordinaire ainsi qu'une voie hors de commun et bien sur un certain don pour la guitare! Meme sans micro, ou encore mieux, il a une voie et une presence extraordinaire! Pardonnez moi l'expression mais on en a pris plein la gueule ce soir a Lille, entre les solos de guitare et le moment de jumbe extra de la part de Leon Mobley et bien sur les performances de Juan Nelson et bien sur de tous les musiciens presents: ca constitue vraiment des moments hors du commun! Bref, le meilleur concert et pas le dernier, j'attend et j'espere la prochaine date avec impatience! Thank You Ben and the Innocent Criminals!

iceman_59fr70010's picture

Great concert at Lille yesterday, Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals are great !!I love when you sing without micro !!it was the best live that I've seen in all my life !!Thank you Ben !!

dpblou344723's picture

Dear Ben and all the innocent criminals,

I have seen you in Hamburg on saturday for teh forth time and I really have to say that the show was just amazingly good. The whole night I was on a positive wave that it was incredible. Thank you vey much. I saw you afterwards with Jason on our Reeperbahn and for a moment I wanted to say something to you and tell you how I liked the show but than I just thaugt to let you and Jason enjoy the night. Anyway I allready had the chance to tell you how I like your music and your message after the show at the Jazz Port Festival in Hamburg some years ago. Well man you and the innocents...just continue evoluating as you did the last years! Come back, because you can be sure to be always welcome here in the city!

Best greatings,


maxandgrisou's picture

The live in Lille was owesome. When everybody stand arms when he said"I can change the world"! But when he made there will be a light it was amezing!!!

kimie_r75733's picture

Thank tou for the greatest concert. I've been to a lot of concerts, but your concert on The Docks in Hamburg was the wildest and best ever...! But please come to Denmark/Copenhagen next time. And if you don't, I guess me and all the other danes will just go to the nearest country that you're playing in again. Once again, thank you for the most amazing concert and for making it so real, and not just another show!! And thank you for making the best music! //Kimie

crazy_29230257's picture

Thanks you so much for all the things you're giving us.. I chose to come in France to see you this year and as usual you were amazing... thank YOU

bridginie67565's picture

Thank you so much for that wonderful night you gave us!! It was just wicked!!! I had seen you in June at the Olympia and I was really looking forward to seeing you again here, in my hometown, I wasn't disappointed at all!! Thanks for the energy, the generosity, the passion for music and the hope of a better world you gave us last night. Thanks for showing us how beautiful and amazing your soul and love of music are. Don't ever "walk away" but come back soon in France, we love you!! you're the best thing that ever happened since Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix! God bless you. Merci beaucoup for that unforgettable concert!!!!

greatgratteux43984's picture

Thanks a lot for this amazing show... I've always considered I was a fan of BHIC's music, not of the man, but I discovered I was actually a fan of you all guys. Juan, you definitely are a KING. Leon, you'll always stun me with your percussions solos. Ben, you proved that your voice was one of the rarest. The a capella part touched our hearts and souls... It is definitely worth it driving hundreds of miles to come and see you all guys. The energy that you give through your songs and live performances is a bowl of fresh air for all of us. Thanks for being so generous, and for making us believe in a better way...

Touxame's picture

Thanks for all, Ben... I have no word to say what i'm feeling...

beigosfree24047's picture

Un concert inoubliable, des performances hors du commun, une ambiance chaleureuse et enflamee...Ce soir fut un grand bol d'air de pur talent musical. Encore Bravo et Merci a BHIC.

juliencoolspot93623's picture

Le zenith etait enflamme ce soir ! Ben nous a encore offert une prestation hors du commun ! les innocent criminals toujours au meilleur de leur performance avec un petit clin d'oeil a Leon Mobley, pour sa formidable prestation sur burn one down et a Nelson (sacre Nelson !!) pour sa bass et sa simplicite comme toujours. Merci ben et les innocent criminals pour cette soiree qui restera encore et encore gravee dans nos memoires. Reviens nous vite !!

lepsounet54864's picture

I just went to see you live from Lille and it was incredible: Juan singin' "I got a woman", magic guitar music from ben and mark, "Get up, Stand up", Leon's undescriptible jumbee solo, Ben singin' in front of 7000 persons without any microphone, just amaising, and to close the show, a brilliant version of Beter Way. Thank You BHIC for playing music that has a real meaning and for sharing these sounds from nowhere.
See you soon in France.