fabrizio.pattoneri75482's picture

...happened to be in Basel randomly and went to see Ben... thanks for the great atmosphere...that's the power of music played with the soul !!!!

daisyfee42641's picture

you're so great, thank u so much for this wonderful evening, wonderful sound, wonderful feelings..........hope to see u soon in switzerland !

startinmutz's picture

again, just wow.
Nice pictures seen at

anonymous's picture

well what can I say I think alot of people have already taken the words straight out of my mouth...must say the concert was one great experience for me, your music is more than just music. Flew over from the UK to see you and was definately worth every cent I'm now broke but is worth it... also must say Basel is awesome place cheers Switzerland People

startinmutz's picture


lisa_987165216's picture

Thank you so much for this amazing concert! I was standing in the second line with claudia (see comment below, aloha mate=))

There were so much spirit and soul in the air... Your music got something i can't describe!
You're great musicians. The solo-parts were just awesome, and the a capella version of "Where could I go"... I still can't stop thinkig of those special moments! I've never seen other musicians who knew how to make the crowd as silence as yesterday!
Thanks again, you've got all the respect I can get up!
Come back soon, like claudia said, you're always welcome!=)

be blessed!

cbertogg89210's picture

Thank you so much for this amazing show! As you sang the slow diamonds part and the hole crowd was dead silent and you said "i know you have diamonds" - that touched me deep in my soul!
Thanks also to Band and Crew and everyone else who made that evening possible for us...we miss you guys already! Hope we'll see you soon - you're always welcome!

smastelli77104's picture

Thank you so much for this concert. I was touched by your humanity and your presence, this is the first time I see somebody so alive. You have hope in your hands. Thank you forever to have allowed me to bring back my hopes.


carryonwithit62242's picture

loved it once more... and loved to see the whole set this time -)
and hey, what a great idea to have the street musicians warm up for william and you & the ic

your music gives me a lot - and you, your guitars and band make magic come true from time to time even in this world. me too, i believe in a better way


bali61482's picture

it was amazing! long time since i was so touched from a concert..
thank you ben for that great evening..

by your addition no one from the audience speaked only one was so quiet and all peoples listen to your songs..unbelievable!

hope to see you soon!

stefsan's picture

That was the most beautiful rendition of Diamonds On The Inside I've ever heared - very touching and with a peacful ending that sent shivers down my spine... Great man, great band, great music!

marc.ebneter12523's picture

Thanks Ben for making us feel euphoric with your music, lyrics and charisma!
We enjoyed the growing intensity during your powerful gig in Switzerland.

Hope you be back soon - we wait here for you!

julianekaul32256's picture

deine musik geht mir ins herz