11.08.06 Munich, Germany


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Jason Nesmith sat in for "The Woman In You."

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Id like to thank BHIC for the great concert they played in november. I got there around 2 oclock in the afternoon just to get the best place in front of the stage. It was awesome. And now I just saw the pictures of the Brazilian Tour...daaaammmm man, you guys have to go to Brazil every year, we love you there!!!.....hope you guys keep on rocking, "folking" and "bluesing" the world for a long time....
I wish I watch another BHIC concert soon....

p.s.: what about Pearl Jam and BHIC on the same stage one day....damm....no words for that!!!...but "I believe in miracles"......

ass.: mazz

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the concert was just amazing! you and the criminals rocked the place. thank you for this great evening!

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hey ben!
well, I have to say it was an amazing show! as I already told you I also went to your concert in munich,
i never cried that much on a concert, espacialy when you sang without the mic, took my breath away, it was incredible. so my third concert of you and your great criminals was as I imagined.
but in my opinion the show in verona was much better!
but I'm still glad and thankful for your music, that still helps me through all times of my life
i can't thank you enough

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This was definitely one of the better shows I've seen Ben put on. As he said at the end, the venue was not exactly the most welcoming place for a concert, especially for the type of music that Ben and the IC play. Nonetheless these guys played for almost two and a half hours with such energy and gusto that made the show nothing short of amazing. I'm studying abroad in Munich for the year and seeing these guys play brought me all the way back to grooving at the Gorge in Washington State with them. They continue to be a true inspiration to me and I'm sure many other aspiring musicians. Thanks so much for coming out here!

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The Greatest Show Ever!!!
I never went to concert of Mr. Ben Harper before but I have to say it was one of best concerts i've seen so far. The mood, the crowd, Mr Ben Harper and the Band was wonderfull. The Djembe Solo on "Burn on Down" was one of the greatest percussion Solos ever. A great thanks to Mr. Leon Mobley. Just because of him and his beats i've want to learn how to play the Djembe :) The whole band and Mr. Harper knew how to make a great mood so you have my full respect.
I hope you liked Munich and come as fast as you can for another Show to Munich.
greets Paul

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this show was unreal. While I am a big fan of Ben Harpers music, I must admit that the solos were sometimes a bit lenthy for my taste ((which might have to do with the fact that I am on the wrong side of the 40s). The accoustic set was nothing short of divine. The second set of encores was also great, Ben truely showed that he enjoyed playing for us. Needless to say that some of my favorites were missing (Excuse me Mr., both sides of the gun, gather round the stone, well well well), which was a bit disappointing in particular because I did not get the heavy take on Superstitious.

The sole absolute highlight came in the encore set, where he sang at one point without a mike and filled the hall with his tremendous voice. I have never seen anything like it or even close to it. A must see