11.09.06 Strasbourg, France

Hall Rhenus

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ben thanks a lot for this wonderful show, thanks to the innocent criminals and especialy to juan nelson (Bass solo) it was tree weeks ago but i hope see your groups again in the future.
your just ben harper and me just a listener, this the both side of the music!!! nice to meet you in my whole life and i mean that this concert and many others could free L. Peltier.
see you later

romuloalba88000's picture

Hi Ben again:

Amazing. No more words.
I promise you in Barcelona see you again and I did it. I was waiting for you (like your song) outside after the concert but it was impossible. I traveled from the south of spain (cadiz) but Im proud for it. At the end you sign me in a poster your autograph. You remember me because I throug you a green T-shirt, like the hope colour, with a message in the front: "thank U 4 your energy Ben". Its a big present and a honour for me that you get it and wear on in the concert (do you have a picture of that moment?Will be too much). OK, thank you for all and I hope will see you again...I PROMISE YOU... with my own two hands over my heart.
Thank you to Oliver for the Stick.

anonymous's picture

Thank you Ben for your coming in Strasbourg with the Innocent Criminals!! Thank you for your generosity and your engaged texts full of peace messages...Your Music is that your Love.It is me who threw launched you my necklace with the Guitar in Pendant! I hope that he will carry you Luck! Take care of you Ben.

Lucie a French Fan!!


froggle_froggle57544's picture

I like your style, this concert was really magic... When we listen to your songs, we know that we can change the world... peace and respect...

gicmadronchau85277549's picture

Merci Ben pour ces 2h30 de bonheur passe avec toi!
Merci de nous avoir fait frissonner, rever...
Reviens vite en France!

anonymous's picture

Merci a toi Ben et a tes innocent criminals , vous nous avez une fois de plus donne des frissons et surtout vous nous avez fait un bien fou au coeur et a l'ame , la France t'aime Ben et l'Alsace encore plus !!! On espere vraiment te revoir tres vite car tu comptes pour nous , grace a ta musique pleine d'espoir !!!! Merci ...

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Nelson & Mobley you took my breath away!
That's all I'm gonna say...
B.H.I.C, too good to be true!

iozekid65424's picture

I was so impress by your "live" at Olympia and I was expecting pretty much the same in Strasbourg but men! you are good! BHIC you made us feel as part of your music with that mix of old and new. Thank you so much, and don't stress coz you're blessed. 'Hope your fan realized how spiritual your songs were, thanks again...

manuroykag1203's picture

Merci Ben , c'etait extraordinaire , avec celui a l'Olympia , tu m'as emerveille par ton talent , et ta classe . Merci a toi et aux Innocent Criminals