scapularios71164's picture

+ :
>>> don't take.../morning yearning/glory&consequence
>>> 3 hours

- :
>>> more t-shirts on merchandising next time
>>> steal my kisses
>>> no "god fearing man"

nico.gwiazda42336's picture

Simply... thank you ben and the others.

41zinp76y27uscu00185674's picture

Despite having left my home country (France ) this year I wanted to see a show on this 2006 tour. I also traveled from Dublin to enjoy my 9th Ben Harper's concert since the 1st one in 1996. As usually that was worth the trip...

seamus.jones7867's picture

Absolutely DEADLY show! The 7 of us travelled to Amneville, France from Dublin, Ireland for this performance and you did not let us down!! As we say over here the CRAIC' WAS MIGHTY! Please include Dublin on your next tour...

fannybaio9954's picture

There are no words to say what and how i felt last friday evening. you said there: we're the best part of your music, the life in your music, but man you give so much during the show! almost 3hours of happiness, energy, emotions and so on. Be back as soon as possible, we'll definitely be there! My friend came from Switzerland especially to see you ) You and your wonderful crew are just great on stage, it was a wonderful moment. Thanx a thousand times!!!! Merci merci merci et a bientot, bises

maxime.blanchard352078's picture

like usually a great show with a huge band and the legendary ben harper
thanks again

juliarabesque2046's picture

thank you very much for the show at Amneville it was magic you're a great man i hope to see you again with the innocent criminal soon!it was wonderfull and "where could i go"(l) there is no word to say what I felt
just thank you thousand times it was one magic moment which I will
never forget...

anonymous's picture

Ben Harper, you are definately a person to look up to. Great music, great show! Your words are best chosen to live good and bad moments, always finding "the helping hand" in them that holds us tight, while we're trying to make and live a better world.

You made our world look, feel, taste, smell and surely sound better!

A great lesson of humility, modesty and devotion you thought us with your appearence. Thank You very much.

In deepest respect for Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, best regards from Luxembourg.

j0j0's picture

Thank you so much for this incredible ground one down ben...
I see in him hendrix blood during all the solo with slide, and WHO KNOWS, such a great song!!!
GG ben, See you soon in your amazing show with your good vibes...

itashi.ushiwa50726's picture


I'll try to describe my feelings about yesterday night as good as I can with my poor English...but it don't seems to be some words able to tell how intense it was.
I discover BHIC many years ago..on a skate park with a friend, I saw you 3 years ago in Amneville tooYou are and you'll stay forever the best band on earth to my eyesYou make me feel so many thing with your musicOf course, you don't know, but like many other real addict, I've shared my best and worst times with you in listening your music It's the only one able to reveal this "third thing" as you call ityou make heavenly music, we're listening to it and it happenyou make us feel better, taller, and even younger!!
3 yrs since the last time you came..3 years to wait searching and listening everything possibleand then came this day again
"With my own.." first, good choice!! There's nothing better to make us jump and make 9000 persons become one!!...I'm so glad you played MY "Ground on Down"You're so good on your leep guitarThanks to put our national flag in background on "get Up Stand up"it still mean something for some of usand Juan and Leon still soooo amazing!!
Well, there nothing to say more, you're just the best, a real artist, you're the one to me who put Led Zepplin and Bob Marley in second and third place.You're music can not be humanit's so godlike!
By the way..?in singing without any micyou make a lot of girl cry!!

Thanks for this evening, Thanks for doing this music for us, Thanks to give us so many good vibrations, Thanks to stay the sameThanks for everything, your music took so much place in my lifeThank you, thank you, and thank you again!!

I'll be here the next time you'll come,still believing in a better way!

floriofranco8316296's picture

Ben opened my eyes, for the world and his beauty. I've seen him twice before but this concert was absolutely amazing.

Hope to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals soon in Luxembourg. God bless

anonymous's picture

Un moment magique,une grande emotion,voila les mots qui me viennent a l'esprit! Merci pour tout Ben!Avec un incroyable "Better way", Ben a mis le feu au galaxie! Une ambiance enorme! Merci et a bientot en Lorraine j'espere!

misses_miss44865's picture

Wow... there's no more to say!!!

This was for the fourth time that i saw him. I was Brussel and it was amazing. To see him again only after a week was a good experience. It's always a great feeling when he came's on stage to play his songs. I was simply blowing away and i've been in tears...

Thanks Ben for this wonderful evening and hope to see you soon.. maybe in Luxembourg.. :)

clfeyder32610's picture

This concert was absolutely amazing! I've already seen Ben twice and yesterday for the third time, and this concert was one of his best. His guitar playing, his voice and of course the guys from the Innoncent C., fantastic. Thanks Ben
Some Hugs from Luxembourg

dm11728's picture

hi everyone, i just wanna say that it was amazing,magic,and so full of emotion....thank u so much ben (your voice is beautiful!!!!)and all the innocent c.....merci et a bientot en lorraine !!!!!