01.18.07 Anchieta, Brazil

Pepsi On Stage with Donavon Frankenreiter

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Donavon sat in for "Diamonds On The Inside." He sang the second verse and had a solo and then sang background vox for the remainder of the song.

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nairarc56939's picture

Wonderfull, please can back in Brazil....
your show is very nice.

marianacpr25013's picture

It was in the begining of the year, but yes, I'll remember that night forever! Unfortunelly, it's impossimble to feel everything again. The energy that you all passed for us was incredible that night! I can't wait for august to have lifeline in my hands! Thanks. Thanks for everything.

barryyelk40785's picture

I think I am turning gay...Ben delivers nothing but one amazing show after the next, good job guys.

NOTE: Like most BH fans, I am very excited for the new album... like a child waiting for Christmas.

brunoeltz42109's picture

It was probably the greatest concert i could ever be at. That night every song was a diferent way to just increase my idea of ben harper been the best musician off all times. WE loved to have you here in Porto Alegre. please come back soon. your music is a way of thinking socially and very intelligent, full of content. Man, never stop writing! Your show was really cool man really cool. AND YOUR SONG WITH VANESSA I JUST HEARD MAN IS GLORIOUS, SHES A NEW ARTIST HERE IN BRASIL, WITH INCREDIBLE VOICE, WHAT A SMART IDEA TO GET YOU 2 AT THE SAME SONG. JUST PERFECT MAN. COME BACK TO BRASIL. WE WOULD APRECIATE THAT SO MUCH. PEAC

liahluz's picture

Hey, I was incredible happy with the gossiped possibility of BHIC coming back to Brazil to participate in the Live Eight event, in Rio.
I would be the happiest to see their concert again. It's something undescribable to me, but I promise one day i'll still put this feeling down on the paper.
The slightest possibility og their come put me into this thankfulness stage, where i can only be thankfull once more and again for already having had the chance to see the guys play three times.
By the way, Jason, thank you if you had any influence on including Amen Omen into the settlist, attending my request that afternoon.
You're the best.
Thank you
Blessed to be a three times witness

anonymous's picture

Thanks for all...
Thanks for good music...
Thanks For good Vibe
Thanks for Innocent Criminals
Thanks for Juan Nelson
Thanks for remind us of the great, the wonderful... the king of the soul... Marvin Gaye...
Thanks for you choise Porto Alegre for your first concert in Brasil...
Thanks for me...because i was there...
Thanks for God, for give you inspiration and incredible talent...
We was needing...
Thanks, thanks, thanks..

anonymous's picture

I always saw BH & IC just on TV or DVD's and think "When this guy will come?". Thanks for came early. This show was amazing, incredible. Please, come back! I have no words to describe my feeling seeing your rhimes and lyrics. Thanks! See you!

anonymous's picture

ops..."something more"!!!
you're always welcome in Brazil!!!!!
thanks once again!!!!

anonymous's picture

Oh my god!!! I have no words to describe the emotion I felt on this show!!! BHIC's concerts have "some more"...Thank you guys for everything!! Please come back to Porto Alegre very very very soon!!! We love you!!!

PS: I'm that guy with a blue shirt in the fist line of the crowd!!! You can see me in some photos here!! :)

lucaspanitz39997's picture

Ben an IC's in Porto Alegre: hands up and singing almost 3 hours. I'd cry a lot... was too much exciting... one of the best shows i'd ever saw! Thank you guys!

liahluz's picture

Unable to describe the concert. Ben Harper is a monster, he and the Innocent Criminals are better than ever. The concert made me feel fully alive. Such an indredible feeling. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!

anonymous's picture

Ive never seen and felt something like that! The show was really incredible! Its good to know that everything you feel and think you sing and pass for the others!

I hope you come back soon to Porto Alegre.

Thanks so much!

rafa_kf90909's picture

I want to Ben and the IC's concert to be sure they were real. Now I'm sure, they are not.
Thank you all.

anonymous's picture

incredible,unbelievable,celestial.Please,back soon as possible to Porto Alegre.Thanks for all of us!!!

micheltrettim's picture

What the perfect concert!!!
BHIC is the best! Extraordinary! Please, comeback soon! I loved all song's. Save Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, with all my faith!

Hugs for all,

Tks so much!

marianacpr25013's picture

The concert was perfect!!
I don't have words to describe the emotion that I felt!
Thank you all! And please, come back soon!

guilherme.rech22990's picture

I'm actually speachless until today. Ben singing without the mic. Morning Yearning, and Burn To Shine are three things that I shall remember forever. Thank you all for a perfect show.

felipeapolonio32341's picture

Hi Ben & I.C

My legs still hurts!!!What amazing night!! All band was inspired!!And thank you in gave me attention and sign my #24 Asher/Ben Guitar. See ya in Florianopolis!!!

Best regards,

Fapo (felipe), Cristina & Carolina

giselert7425643's picture

Thanks for your performance! Youre just unbelieavable! We loved all your songs and hope you come back soon!

presotto82659's picture

The concert in Porto Alegre was amazing!!! I had never seen a concert like this ... Ben was great and all your band too ... Thanks GOD for this concert ...