01.20.07 Florianópolis, Brazil

Floripa Summer Festival El Divino Club with Donavon Frankenreiter

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Floripa Summer Festival - Florianópolis, Brazil

Encore 2

BHIC played outside of the club to a jam-packed crowd. Donavon sat in on "Diamonds On The Inside."

Who Went

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Siamo alla fine del 2007...e ancora penso che il regalo piu bello sia stato salire sul palco a Floripa con mia sorella...mai piu dimentichero....e forse continuero a sognare che possa succedere di nuovo.....chissa un giorno in italia......

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Come back man!
Pleae, in this year, i hope so much.
Floripa is the magic island.
I believe in a better way.

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Ben, Donavon, Oliver, Leon, Juan, Michael, Jason thanks! The concert of Florianopolis BRAZIL, was really amazing! You all have an incredible talent and a REALLY good energy, really good vibrations! thank you SO much! It was for sure the best concert of my life! Ben you are a amazing person, that really cares about important stuff, thats why you can make such a beautiful and real concert, thats why you can make this happend! thank you guys! donavon u are awsome... i LOOOVED your show!
thank yu again BHIC! all the band is wonderfull!
please come back SOON! Im waiting!!!

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After 9 years Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals had been again in Brazil. I went to their concert in Florianopolis-SC (because here is where I live) after a surgery and I don't have words to describe it, you had to be there to feel what I felt and then understand what I'm trying to tell, specially at the moment that I was so close to him singing With My Own Two Hands. I was seeing him just a few meters from me, and I couldn't believe. The only way I had for pay that was to scream his name louder than everybody else in the end of the show. "Ben Harper, Ben Harper", that was the moment I think he felt what I felt during all the show. He seems happy and thankful. Well, I just wanted to share some images I have on my mind and hardly I will forget them because Brazil loves Ben Harper and I hope he come back soon, I just want to scream his name again and repay what he makes for the music and for the good music lovers. Thanks BHIC.

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Im brazilian, and i lived in the US some year ago, but i was too yong and didnt know Bens music yet! But when I came back to Brazil I went to a party and heard his music... I fell in love right there! So i started looking for his songs in the internet, buying his Cds, DVDs.. His voice has something different, something that is sweet and strong at the same time! Well he came here last mouth, but I live too far from where he was singing, I had no time(because of work) and money to go... I just wish he could come back here, or that i could go back to the US, just to see him singing.... He is PERFECT! at all!!! I love him and his songs, and Im sure, one day i will get to see his concert...

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Dear Ben and IC ,

thank you all for a great show , I was very fortunate to be there 2 days in a row in Sao Paulo , and if there was 3 or 4 shows I'd be there to all of them !
Great music , great energy , I left with a big smile on my face , smile that I still have when I remember how good those shows were.
Please return soon ,



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this was the best show i ever saw in my life, and except of another bhic show, i think it will be the best till i die!!!!
Please come back soon!!!!!!

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Incredible show !
Incredible vibration !

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Thank you Ben and Innocent Criminals.
The best concert of my life you give to me.
Come back soon, please.
Stay more time in floripa.
We can change the world...there will be a light.

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Excuse me Mr, but I have to say that you play Like a King in Floripa!

With My Beloved One By My Side we were sure that you would Bring us the Funk, the soul, the blues, the rock, the reggae in a Better Way.

We were Waiting For You for almost 10 yrs, Waiting on an Angel that plays with the heart and let us with a Satisfied Mind.

Well, Well, Well, what else can I say? Please come back soon as possible to Brazil and to Curitiba! ('cause this tour was just a Temporary Remedy for us).

And doesn't matter How Many Miles Must We March to see you again 'cause we know we're Going to See the King.

Thank you Ben. We're Blessed to be a Witness of your music.


Gustavo Perretto

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What we can say?

The best show of my life, many can say!

My word is: P E R F E C T

Realy thanks for this oportunity. T hear your musics directly from you. Was amazing! Please come back ... dont take so long again ...
Oh! If u planing to do that motorclycle trip by the south of Brasil, tell us when. just to shake your hand and take some photos ...nah i'm lying i would like to give you a hug too.

And for sure we belive in a better way, done by our both own two hands.

Man thanks for your song, its a bless!


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My review in Whiplash, the biggest rock site of Brazil:


Thanks for a unforgiven night.

God bless you.

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Thanks for all...
Thanks for good music...
Thanks For good Vibe
Thanks for Innocent Criminals
Thanks for Juan Nelson
Thanks for remind us of the great, the wonderful... the king of the soul... Marvin Gaye...
Thanks for you choise Porto Alegre for your first concert in Brasil...
Thanks for me...because i was there...
Thanks for God, for give you inspiration and incredible talent...
We was needing...
Thanks, thanks, thanks..

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I know Ben since 1997 and I am a big fam of his work. Ben's musics are always played in the meetings of sunset, on the beach. It was a great experience to be able to see Ben playing himself. Florianopolis has never saw a concert as good as this one. Thank you for the opportunity!!!!!

Best Regards,

P.S.: "Don't give up the fight!"

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Ben Harper = Lap Steel's Jimi Hendrix
You are a really really fcing good musician.


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Thanks for all!!
Your Concert is absolut!!
Thanks one more time!!!
I hope to see you soon again here in Brazil!!

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Foi o melhor show que ja vi em meus 28 anos de vida. Sua musica e um presente para todos nos!

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Hey, Ben, I always dreamed about see your show and last night its came true!! Thank you very much, your music is... out of this world!! I really hope you come back to Salvador (Brasil) soon!!! I love you!!! And thanks once more!!

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Please, come back!

Parabens pelo show Ben!!! a banda e tu foram muito perfeitos, o show estava de arrepiar e muito romantico, amei!!!
Uma noite maravilhosa em Floripa, nada poderia ser melhor!
Ben, i love you!!!
ahhh, faltou so uma coisa:
Ohh, Mr. do you have a time?
mas dai eu ia morrer do coracao! hehehhe
kisses for you!

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Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals, this is all I have to say: thank you so so so so so so so much for the best concert ever...you guys are the men. Again, thank you.

guilhermecordioli5817's picture

BHIC, I've been waiting for your show since 1998 and what can I say? It was all the way better than I ever could expect. All of you has an incredible vibe and are realy great musicians. I just wanna say THANK YOU and, please, come back soon!!!

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Um dos shows mais esperados da minha vida, com certeza superou todas as espectativas.
Maravilhoso, valeu a pena toda a espera..

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Ive been waiting for this show for a long time. Thanks you Ben and Innocent Criminals !!! I dont have words to describe the vibration and the good feeling transmited by you guys! Incredible, unbeliavable wont be enough.
Thanks for you strenght, mind and music!and for sure, I believe in better way.

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the concert last saturday was unforggetable.... the vibe was great and the music inspiring...
couldnt get any better than that!!!!
Thanks for playing such good music and being for real!
peace and respect

rodrigo_metzker88729's picture

How can I describe such a great night as saturday was? I'm really impressed by the good vibe that comes from the entire band! Wonderfull music with wonderfull musicians! Please, come to Brasil as often as you guys can, and be sure that if you need a place to stay, you are more than welcome to stay in my place! LOL
Thanks a lot!

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just one thing to say:


pmarches91774's picture

Marvelous. Super.

An incredible energy.

One of the best shows I have ever seen in my life.

clayton_mar525202's picture

Thank You so much to came to our Country, it was a very special night. I don't have words to discribe what I felt when I realized I'm on your gig. Your music touch my soul and makes me a better person. God bless you.

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BIHC thank you so much!

I was waiting a long time for this show. It was the best show I've ever seen. You all were great! You've played songs that cleaned our souls and burned hope to our lives for 2007!

Thank you all again!

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The word closest in meaning to the idea that I have about Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals' concert last night is definitely... huh, let's see... It could be AMAZING, but is more than that. It could be MARVELLOUS, but last night was way better than that. It could be "THE BEST CONCERT I'VE EVER SEEN", but it's not a single word. It could be superb, could be admirable, excellent. And it was. It was everything I just said and much, much more. No way to put it into words.

Thank you, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. Last night Florianopolis was brighter, better, livelier. All because of you.

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One nigh without sleep from a gig, 8 Hours driving from Porto Alegre to Floripa, plus two on the traffic for the concert. I loose the Donavon concert, and arrived on Bens 2nd song. The concert was amazing finally o could hear Gold to Me live... Next step, Sao Paulo...e need to call friends to give me place to stay...

Fapo (Felipe Apolonio)

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Thank's Ben, the show in Florianopolis last night was great! Great night, great music, great band, great you! Everything was perfect!!!!

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Foi uma noite especial! Depois de um temporal assustador que caiu na hora do show de abertura (Ricardo Marques), ficou um ceu estreladaco!!! O Donavon Frankenreiter preparou bem o terreno e o Ben Harper arrebentou! A banda esteve competente como sempre e, como ocorreu no Free Jazz la em 98, o Juan Nelson foi ovacionado pela galera!!!! So senti falta das musicas do album The Will to Live. Talvez ele tenha deixado de lado porque a ultima turne no Brasil foi deste album. Recado pra galera de Sao Paulo, Rio e Salvador: nao percam esse show por nada nesse mundo!!!

It was a special night! During the first of the opening acts, there was a storm but after a few minutes it turned into a starry night. Donavon Frankenreiter did a nice warming up show for BHIC, which were great as usual. Juan Nelson received a long applause session from the crowd in his Black Rain solo. I missed the songs from 'The Will to Live'. I guess BH decided not to play them because his last tour here was from that album. Hey folks, if you have the chance, don't miss the upcoming shows of this Brazilian Tour.

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Nao tenho duvidas que este foi um dos melhores show que ja tive oportunidade de ver. Com uma energia e um carisma incrivel, Ben Harper e sua banda levaram todos a extase coletivo. Espero que em breve o Brasil receba novamente este que e um dos melhores musicos do mundo.

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It was 10pm when I decided to go to this great concert. When I got there, they were playing their second music. I can tell you that it i was the best concert of my life.

Never seen such good musicians, playing in such a good sync with such good vibration.
The emotion that harper brings to the crowd is something unforgettable.

I believe in a better way!