01.23.07 São Paulo, Brazil

Via Funchal with Donavon Frankenreiter

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Donavon sat in for "Diamonds On The Inside." "Roses From My Friends" was performed acoustic with the full band.

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chuckycsp's picture

I love your song
you're fantastic
come to braSil again...please
"corcovado parted the sky ..."

ta_laureano47399's picture

We love u!

gabys_zinha4859's picture

Ben Harpeeeeeeeer 8D
Meeeen you show was the best meeeennn 8D
You was really good in the show dont stoppes anythime 8D
Its was very very very goood 8D
I loved your show, especially when Doavon sang with you Dimonds on the Inside...MEEEN
You two has dimonds on the inside 8D
I loveeeeeeeed 8D
Sorry for my inglesh, isnt very well but im studing 8D
Thank for comming to Brasil,
I want see you soon
Good Vibes 8D

Gabriela Rossi

Sao Paulo - BRASIL 8D
(I went in the show in 23/01/2007 in Via Funcal) 8D


guiborin29184's picture

The best concert i've seen in my life and probably the best i'm ever going to see.

thanx ben harper and innocent criminals...it was simply brilliant....

aoleite's picture

Obrigado por vir ao Brasil.
Show sensacional, com a pegada unica de BHIC.
A apresentacao valeu por cada um dos 9 anos de espera.
Foram momentos de muita Paz e boas vibracoes o que nao se esquece, por isso espero reve-lo em breve.

Hope you to stay for so long in Brasil or many times that you'll learn the language. Thanks for coming and hope to see you back soon.
Thanks for the moments of Peace and Good Vibrations. The singular punch of BHIC was amazing.


vanessatakatu51525's picture

Ben, your show at Via Funchal was amazing! BHIC are the best! Burn one down was incredible! You're amazing!
Have a great time in Brazil.
Come back soon! Vanessa

borghi_1170530's picture

For sure the best concert in my life.
For real, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are not from the Earth.
Was a pleasure to be part of the show on january 23th and i hope you come back many times always, because your sound is the BOMB!!
Have a great time in Brazil yall!!

buckbrigagao86's picture

I am flabbergasted with the second night in Sampa! It seemed to me that "The Big Guy Upstairs" put his finger on your heart and soul and said: "Big Boy Ben, Big Band, Big Bang!" And what a delivery that was! Beautiful!
By the way, Does Mama have a girlfriend now? You know, it's been a while... Ooooooooooopression!
I'm stoked with what tonite in Rio can bring. Nothing short of Brilliant, I believe. On Behalf of Brasil, thank you so very much! Bravo, Ben! Bravo!

anonymous's picture

Ok Ben and the Innocent Criminals.
The show in Sao Paulo was really wonderful in january 22snd
I read all the 18 messages before from the fans and everybody liked it.
You're incredible.
But, asides from that, I'm really sad because I saw the set from day 23th when you played 07 songs more than the day before.
Why Ben? Were you shy, or what?
I was waiting 09 years to see you again and I hope I won't wait 09 years more!!
Don't forget that fans are here to criticize too.
Good luck on your trip!!
Take care of Brazil's roads if you're driving a motorcycle.
Yours sincerely
Augusto Gut G. de Freitas
Sao Paulo, Brasil

zuca_1032197's picture

In life only few perceive an enlightening moment, and even then the chance to forsee the growth of a legend beyond generations is way beyond the richest of imaginations. I myself have only just been able to experience this feeling for a few times. And to some extent, I think, in the last couple of nights other 12,000 people felt the exact same thing.

After 8 long years, Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals returned to Brazil. Matured lyrically and musically, it just feels great to see the mold being shredded to pieces
We were hit with something never felt before, which unables anybody to still at this very moment, describe exactly what weve just experienced. Both concerts combine an undeniable and irreplaceable mixture of feelings.

While some waited to burn to shine at the very end others found where to go right off the bat, when Bens voice cleared through the acoustic structures boosted with only pure vocal strength: clear and penetrating. It really is possible to see music as a religionshinning as bright as the day before, peacefully, with the power of the gospel. Amen, we said! As the omen of the black rain hypnotized eyes and ears, it was clear that the revolution will never be buried. While some manage to steal kisses others walked away from their foes and problems, frozen as in another lonely day. Pure glory! And consequently everyones problems faded into Bens hands. Please bleed, he said! And with our inner diamonds awakened and our hearts full of gold, only true fans felt the majesty of Bens solo forgiving and serving our souls. Grounded and burnt on down like scars, these will be THE memories which will forever live with those blessed audiences.

Maybe the world hasnt realized it yet, but if some Americans believe Elvis hasnt died, we Brazilians know for sure that the spirit of Bob Marley has resurrected. And his name is Ben Harper.

We believe

felipeapolonio32341's picture

Thanks for all!!
I was following the tour from Porto Alegre till Sao Paulo.
Never bored, each concert was diferent with lots of surprises, new versions of songs and completely different setlist.
I hope to see BHIC soon, the guys are amazing, very kind and attentious!!

God bless you all, and have fun in Rio and Salvador!!!

Fapo (Felipe)

anonymous's picture

Ben Harper and The Innocent criminals, thank you so much about last two nights. I couldn't resist so i bought tickets for the both days.
I am apologizing in the name of Brazil, because in january 22th you were playing musicis and some people talked with each other. Brazil loves you. We wish you come back soon. I will never forget you singing without microphone in january 22th, I never saw something like that. You'll be always on my mind. Thank you so much to give us the best show ever! Only the Beatles can do a better show. It was the best show that I ever seen. Now I believe that I can change the world with my own two hands, because what seemed impossible became real. You came here. Don't forget theese words from brazilians. You need to be here because I need to give a present for my father and my mother that is to bbe in your show. They love you.
Thank you so much again and again and again!
I'm sorry about the english words.
Luiz Guilherme

hen_gomes30023's picture

I am fan of the Ben Harper has many years. The Show in Porto Alegre was a great dream. . Ben Harper is not only cool as they say periodicals. Ben Harper represents Bob to me. Ben Harper is Force is Peace is the good. Its songs give me force to to grow day-by-day. Obrigado Ben Harper!

anonymous's picture

I was there...both nights in SP.

I knew that it would be great, but not like that!

I am totally astonished!!!!!!

BHIC's music and performance made me dance, laugh and cry...of happiness, enjoyment and perplexity.

I'm going to Rio tomorrow and I would like to ask you to consider about playing "Suzie Blue" and "Reason to Mourn" and "Forever". That would relly, really get me down on my knees!

Thanks for the outstanding nights you'd provide us! Unforgetable!

See ya!


tiozao_eocara76706's picture

hey man...yesterday was great,the best day in my life!

you and donavon.....what was these?
hahahaha....was great! tks!

come back soon!!!

i want to play drums with you and donavon..hahaha...

i play every songs with a lot love....


eduardoslater42931's picture

Ben, thanks for make last night the better night of my life. Yesterday was a day that I liked to live...
I know that you like too.
Please come back soon.
We will make a better place!!!!

li.dudy13582's picture

BHIC thanks for the best time of my life.
I'm still in ecstasy,never felt like this before.How much energy and positive vibrations

Please come again soon as you can!!!

I've had the time of my life.

f4bs91497's picture

Watching you play was priceless! hypnotizing!

Thank you for coming.

anonymous's picture

I only have to say that you playing "heart of gold" of Neil Young was totally unpredictable and amazing ! I will never forget this show, the set-list was perfect...Thank You and god bless you!

rogerio.lemos37483's picture

Thanks God, for the pleasure to see Ben and his Innocent Criminals playing live. Today I woke up so happy and peacefull. It was a great concert, no words to describe, amazing...

I'm totally in peace. I'm sure that I MIGHT change the world with my own two hands.

I believe in a better way!

THANKS BHIC! Come back soon!

dan.reis's picture

BHIC did what seeemed impossible for all: to make a more energic and outstanding concert than the previous night.

The Innocent Criminals were awesome, with a highlitht to Michael Ward, that was brilliant in his own way.

They played almost every song that I wanted to hear the most! From Faded to Amen Omen.

Ben, please come again soon!

Love to all,


mabortolussi49095's picture

Such a simplicity, such a virtuosity. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing and then suddenly I heard "With My Own Two Hands" that started one of the most beautiful concerts I've ever been. I don't know if Ben will be able to see this message, but the vibration is here, for him, for whom it may belong.

dario_alencar11963's picture

Viva o Brasil!

dario_alencar11963's picture

Good vibrations for all! I believe in a better way too! The show was crazy! Ben Harper sings the souls revolution! Respect, man!

anonymous's picture

just an amazing show! expectacular, astonishing, i went home speechless... that's the way ben, keep it!

geio_geio51839's picture

sorry !! Waiting on an angel .... Tks

geio_geio51839's picture

PLEASE play 'Brown Eyed Blues' and Waiting on angel in Sao Paulo 23/01/06!

This songs is VERY special for me!!