01.27.07 Salvador, Brazil

Bahia Festival de Verão with Netinho

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BHIC: 10:50PM
Live webcast at Globo.com.

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jpcastelhano82764's picture

you are great musicians and even better artists... i hope you all come back to brasil and make us happy again with your words, sounds and presence on our country. i'm a musician from salvador-bahia, and i had the honor to play in the festival too, the thing is that i was playing at the same time of you guys on an alternative stage,what made me loose the show (i only saw get up... and better way). but it stiil being an honor to play at the same time of you. i'm a huge fan and "i shall be forgiven"

good luck and hope to see you again.

anonymous's picture

Guys, i can tell you one thing: the repercussion of your show is something really going on down here in Brazil. I went to both shows, in Sao Paulo and Salvador, and I m can hide my fascination. In Salvador it was the most beautiful and harmounious show I've ever seen. I m quite sure that you guys felt a good vibration in the air. The Beach, the healthy and happy citizens of Salvador, really matched with your music. I know lot's of good friends who are amazed with your performance. I ll pray the lord to bring you back someday with the Innocents.

I've met Oliver and Jason on the backstage. Don t know if they will remember me but they were very kind of coming to me and say hello. I told Jason that I m a keyboard player too. Maybe he will remember. Thank you guys, you're awesome!!! Your good music is for sure an inspiration to myself.

I'm already playing lots of Jack Johsons music on the piano, but now, I have to focus on Ben to improve my self! Thanks man!

Well, see ya guys and good luck on your tour! and Ben,

"I believe in a better way" )

sidonnard85234's picture

It was the best concert ever...
You were flawless... Please come back to Brasil to play soon!

anonymous's picture

dude, best concert of my hole life!!! fucking amazing, there is no word that can describe what i felt today!!! it's shame that he didnt play flake and could u be love!! and please come back as soon as possible because bahia loves u and the innocent criminals! the bahia flag was the best part of the concert!!
and when u come back bring donavon frankenreiter and jack johnson too because it ll rock!

liperabello24388's picture

Congratulations for the concert!
who likes your sound was there and enjoyed so much!!
i loved it!
thank youu bennnn

eilarilara46474's picture

No words to express the jembe solo with our brazilian culture giving a especial emotion to the scene on stage. Thank You Leon!!

It was the best concert I ever seen im my life!!!

Thank you guys!!!!

sayosil92572's picture

First of all... Thank you for the Bahia State flag!!!
What an amazing concert! We saw you singing with all your soul... We won't never forget that night!

... and also thanks for the Brazilian flag!
Peace, hapiness and love to you...

Sayo from Salavador, Bahia, Brazil

reginabochicchio4833's picture

ben harper, i watched your concert...very beatifull and strong and...wonderfull. im a brazilian girl, but i understood your music with my emotion...kisses. ill see you.

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