02.13.07 Burbank, CA

Last Call With Carson Daly NBC Studios Verizon Wireless Stage with G. Love

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Last Call With Carson Daly - Burbank, CA

BHIC played outdoors in the NBC Studios lot on the Verizon Wireless Stage. Charlie Musselwhite played harmonica on "Dressed In Black" (aka "Why Must You Always Dress In Black"). Airs late night Tuesday, February 20th at 1:35 ET.

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Caught Ben on the Carson Daily show for the 3rd time and this was the best by far. The band played outdoors on the "Verizon Wireless Stage". I found it funny that The Carson Daily Show got it's own sponsored stage. Anyway, after a long cold wait in line we were forced to watch Carson make bad jokes for an hour then we went outside to watch the performances. G. Love opened up solo acoustic with two songs "Beautiful," from his new album Lemonade and "Special Sauce". After G. Love Ben and the boy's took the stage soonafter. They opened with a version of Never Leave Lonely alone and Mikey made a little mistake on the guitar, throwing a loud "brrrang!" right into the middle of the song. Either way it was still awesome, so good job to the boys.

Ben was scheduled to play one more song for the second scheduled episode, and they played my favorite, with none other then the legend Charlie Musselwhite! Thats right, Dressed In Black, and let me tell you they ripped it up on that number. Charlie was a bit low in the mix, but you could hear some amazing solos which will hopefully be more pronounced on television.

After Dressed In Black, the band was supposed to be song but the crowd refused to leave and chanted one more song, then Charlie left the stage and the band went into a huddle. I took the oppurtunity to sneak off to the corneer where Charlie was watching and chat with one of my musical heroes. He is a great harmonica player and an extremely inspirational person, I take a lot of my playing style from him and a lot of my life style as well.

After a snap of a photo with Charlie and a brief pause Ben was handed his acoustic and BHIC started into a very interesting version of Diamonds on the Inside. Michael went a bit long on the solo and Ben messed up the words, which was actually a highlight for me, it was great to see a candid moment and the song still turned out awesome. The outro featured Ben flat picking some acoustic with Juan and Mikey singing some amazing harmonies to the "Di-eye-eye-monds" bit, alonside Ben through the same mic, it was fantastic!

Once again the band was supposed to be gone, but the audience stuck around, chanting once again. Ben answered the call, got out the Weissenborn and jumped into a solo. After the intro the band burst into Ground on Down, complete with Leon's insane conga playing. The whole audience was rockin' and rollin' and I didn't think the show would end. Overall Ground on Down was about 7-10 minutes long with some great improv bits.

The show was over after Ground and the band left the stage. They walked right past me and each gave a handshake along the way.

Overall, a very classy, respectable show by Ben and the band, whats more, it was free. When BHIC plays Carson Daily again don't miss it folks, you'll regret it, it's always a great show.

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thanks for the awesome show!! any free show is awesome, but a bhic show!! you did a great job, and i can't wait for another full concert!!

thank you!! god bless.