04.01.07 Fremantle, Australia

West Coast Blues N' Roots Festival with John Mayer

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I chose this mammoth occasion to propose to my now fiance who shares with me a love for the boys and there music. I proposed just before BHIC hit the stage and presented her wit5h the ring. Jessica said yes. This put us on the biggest high and i don't give a shit what anyone says, we were the happiest people at that gig and shared something special with Ben and the boys that night on a spiritual level. I love both Jessica and BHIC deeply and this night we shared will never be forgotten. Thank you BHIC and thank you to the crowd for the beautiful energy.

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also my mate josh says he heard you from work and u guys rock
g'day from him

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best 2 day concert i've been to. saw ben rocking at the side of the stage when wolfmother was on but no one believed me hahaha but the best concert i've been to keep rocking out boys can't wait for the new album

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There was a painful clash at the festivals conclusion with Bo Diddley and Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals both performing at the same time. This forced the crowd to have to choose between a living legend and a living legend in waiting. Those who chose the latter bared witness to one of the most well rounded and brilliant two hours of live music one could imagine. It wasn't just the music which made it so, it was the amazing vibe Harper and his band managed to generate from the moment they stepped on stage. Appearing genuinely moved by the crowds total appreciation of their craft, they made everyone watching feel a distinct part of what they were producing. My Own Two Hands was the track they chose to open with, it was a stunning rendition which climaxed with the crowd raising their 'own two hands' and forming a sea of unified roof raising. Harper, at the sight of this, could not wipe the smile from his face. This mutual sense of unity, friendship and appreciation between artist and audience, continued through the whole set, which showcased all facets of Ben Harper and the Innocents Criminals extremely diverse catalogue. Crowd favourites, Steal My Kisses and Burn One Down sounded as fresh as ever, the same, as always, couldn't be said for the air quality during Burn One Down though. He had the crowd rocking with edgier tracks like Both Sides of The Gun and Please Don't Talk About Murder While Im Eating and totally silenced by the moving Morning Yearning. Friendly giant and bass player, Juan Nelson, sent the crowd into a frenzy with his own rendition of an excerpt of Ray Charles' I Got A Woman and the worlds happiest percussionist, David Leach, soloed some amazing bongo work at the front of stage to showcase the incredible depth of talent the Innocent Criminals have to offer. The band completed an unforgettable set with the glorious anthem, Better Way and one couldn't help but feel that Ben Harper, like Bo Diddley, would be doing this till the day he died.

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Paid for the two days, but missed the whole festival due to circumstances but got in the gate and found a spot close up about 30 minutes before BHICs kicked off.
Another great show - funny how the full moon was in action again, just like the last show in Perth at the supreme court gardens. Something about outdoor gigs and the full moon :).

Thanks for bringing life to the music!! Can't say anymore than that - peace.

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awesome concert! thanks so much, tell leon and jason that brad from the crowd on the saturday night says gday!

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was with my own two hands the first song he played?

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Wow - BHIC show number 7 for me and the best gig ever. The energy from the crowd at the west coast blues fest was so amazing and waiting 5 hours while jostling for position in the crowd to get front and centre definitely paid off as the performance was stunning. I especially loved sexual healing (HOT!) and Better Way and my fave Amen Omen which was so beautiful. Thank you once again for bringing your music to life and giving your all to every moment you are all on stage. Will be seeing you again in Sydney on Thursday and cannot wait. xxx