04.05.07 Sydney, Australia

Enmore Theatre with Piers Faccini

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Enmore Theatre - Sydney, Australia

David Kalish sat in on "Welcome To The Cruel World", "The Woman In You", "Please Don't Talk About Murder While I'm Eating" and returned with Piers Faccini on "Masters Of War."

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juarez's picture

Wish I could have been there!!!! Darn!! Great show!

anonymous's picture

Wow what a fantastic gig. Had seen BHIC on the diamonds tour, but they blew me away this time. Its always fantastic to see the band having a good time when they play & I thought BHIC were digging playing for us. Only downer was that guest guitarist who didn't know the tracks he was 'guesting' on which was a bit embarassing...then he came on for the applause @ the end of the gig!

lsdabic83598's picture

I forgot to say thanks for playing Sexual Healing! Been waiting for that one for years!!

lsdabic83598's picture

This is the third time I've seen BHIC and hands down the best! There Will Be A Light is one of my favourite songs and the acoustic version was unreal!!
Thanks for hanging around on stage for the time you did after the show. I really felt like you were feeling the love.
Amazing night (as always!). You put on a phenomenal show. Congratulations.

bobiovsky5797's picture

that was so epic! thanks heaps to the innocent criminals for a great night. i thought the acoustic part was phenomenal particularly there will be a light. masters of war was great...
every song was fantastic... but the bass solo was just about the best thing i have ever heard...

anonymous's picture

Another powerful and passionate display from all of the BHIC guys and I am left yet again so inspired and thankful for your music. I feel blessed each time I am lucky enough to share the same space with you Ben, and vow to see you in concert every time you are in Sydney, or whatever city our paths cross.
Thank you and come back soon! xxx

mandy_jones2885716's picture

Fantastic set list Ben. I saw you at the West coast blues fest last weekend and was blown away by that performance - but think this one even exceeded that.
Great to hear 'Please Bleed' and your arrangement of 'Please don't talk about Murder while Im eating' is awesome.
So glad you came back for a third encore - thank you!
Leon - you are the master!

nickle_31's picture

This was the first time, I saw Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals Live and I was amazed!! It was the best concert I have ever been to and what an amazing voice. Also Piers Faccini was a good support act! The only disappointment I had was that they sold out of the Black T Shirts that I really wanted to buy for my boyfriend and that "Beloved one" wasn't on the song list!!! But it was still a great night and a great venue!!

anonymous's picture

This was the first time i had seen Ben Harper live it was the most amazing concert i have ever seen all the members from the innocent criminals played so well Juan's bass solo blew me away! Leon's djembe solo was absolutely nuts! Ben Harper is such a charismatic man to witness. Last nights performance will definitely be one of the few things i will remember for years to come.

bec79's picture

What a performance, what a set!! I have been fortunate enough to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals play 7 times now, but I have to say that last night's concert just blew me away.
Words just cannot describe the sheer joy that I felt last night sitting in that theatre. My face aches today from the huge grin that i wore.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart. It was a fantastic way to end my birthday.

Love your work guys!

rove9168720's picture

Just incredible. Speechless!

amberfug36284's picture

Ben Harper has the most incredible ability to make every single person in his audience feel special and important to him and the creation of his music. He honours his fans every time he steps onto the stage with such utter commitment and total immersion in his songs. Everytime i see him and the band play live i walk away feeling inspired about the world, because it just seems a more beautiful place when it is filtered through the passionate lyrics, blistering rhythms and subtle fragility of his music. Seeing someone like Ben making strong statements about humanity and changing the world make me feel like that is possible. Thankyou for all that you give Ben.