04.09.07 Byron Bay, Australia

East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival with Taj Mahal, Piers Faccini

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival - Byron Bay, Australia

Bonnie Raitt sat in on the first two songs. John Butler sat in on "Diamonds On The Inside." Piers Faccini and Jack Johnson sat in on "Masters Of War."

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Best live Set i have seen anyone do

amybarnden42473's picture

Beautiful!!!! Thankyou once again for touching each & every person in the crowd... Our Hearts & souls & somehow taking away the pain & replacing it with freedom & happiness. You are a gift!
Byron Bay gave you a gift, But the gift you have given & continue to give will never compare! THANKYOU!!!!

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Well I know ben's music for about some years now. His music is simple and complex at the same time seeing him in Amsterdam (2006) was such a strange filling man it went on by just too fast. Ben does it all from funk to soul and blues how he does this i don't know but he is doing it good. Well It's a bit of a pity that since his Born To Shine record his sound changed but I really feel the first three records more hope once he will fall back in to that.

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I've known about Ben Harper for a couple years now, but I have never really sat down to listen to his music. This year I was able to see him up front courtesy of my media pass for my company and I took some great shots at http://www.flickr.com/photos/masalai/

But it was during the photo taking and him singing 'two hands' that I became all choked up and emotional, I have never been so pumped at a concert!

peacepainting@hotmail.com's picture

how many paintings did you get?
good gig
hug peace muck

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I was at the Byron show too except me and my sister waited from 8 AM until 9.45 PM at the front to see him. My favourite guest appearence was from Mr. John Butler who joined him for Diamonds.
I am still wondering if they recieved my painting I threw on stage...

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waited 6 hours at front and would of waited another 6 for the performance he gave at byron.rocking it out and soul provoking. ground on down..holy crap wow! he made a great festival fantastic. felt lucky to witness and enjoy his show. thankyou.

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Ben and the Innocent Criminals were amazing at Byron! This was the first time that I had seen them play and I will never forget how good it was. I was left absolutly speachless at midnight as I could not find the words to say how blown away I was by that performance. We were standing up the back as that was as close as we could get and we could hear him sing perfectly without the mic.

Cant wait for you to come back to Australia Ben - I will be there for sure!

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Absolutely phenomenal show. BHIC came out about 15minutes behind schedule, but definitely made up for any lost time.

Bonnie Raitt sat in on the first two songs, the first being Well, Well, Well and the second slips my mind at the moment. Then there was Jah Work / Exodus and a plethora of tracks from Sexual Healing / If I Was Your Girlfriend, Ground On Down, Black Rain, Steal My Kisses, Burn One Down, Get Up Stand Up, Masters of War (with Piers and Jack) Diamonds on the Inside (with John Butler) and a very very special Where Could I Go. I didn't think Ben would attempt a mic-less verse, but he did! Standing front and centre and as close as to the crowd as possible, he had thousands of people in awe.

It was disappointing that there wasn't an encore, but it was too close to curfew for another song to be played. Ben's message at the end of the show was great. He said, "Byron has given me and this band a present that will take a lifetime to open"

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dear sir, I leave in new caledonia and I would like to go to byron bay for the blues fest 2007. There is no more possible to buy tickets by internet for 8 and 9/04/2007. 2 days trip for 2 persons. have you a idea how to get tickets for this 2days. I hope you can do something or just tell me where to go to get some (tickets). I try to become member but there is not new caledonia for the country how can I do ? Waiting to read you soon regards bruno vedovelli