05.04.07 Claremont, CA

Claremont Folk Festival Bridges Auditorium with The Nightwatchman

I Was There
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BHIC played to a sold-out crowd in Ben's hometown to benefit the Dorothy and Charles Chase Folk Music and Culture Education Fund. The show was broken up into three sets: full-band acoustic, solo acoustic, full-band electric. Tom Morello sat in for "Masters Of War." "Fool For A Lonesome Train" from the forthcoming "Lifeline" made its live debut, as did a rip-roarin' rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Who Knows" out of "Ground On Down." Read a review in the San Bernardino County Sun.

Who Went

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Amazing show! First time my wife had seen Ben Harper live and he gained a fan for life. Not to mention the first time playing fool for a lonesome train live!

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Unbelievable show! A great friend and I flew in from Vancouver, BC for the show and Ben did not disappoint! This was my 9th BHIC show and it was amazing to see them in Ben's hometown and feel the love. Whipping Boy, Welcome to the Cruel World, and With My Own Two hands were extra special treats. Give a Man a Home and Leon's drum oncore were among several of the highlights to a show that should be remembered for years!

My hat goes off to The Nightwatchman for warming us up!

Thanks Ben for another memory!

James W. Brown
Van, BC

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Ben's voice was unreal! It was great to see BHIC back in SoCal. We got to hear a lot of the older pieces that we love so much...and they played two of our all time fav's - The Woman In You and Whippin' Boy. They made it do what it do!! It was a fantastic show sooo worth a quick turn around trip from San Diego. It was also a special treat to get a taste of the new cd---can't wait for the whole thing!

As usual they brought the house down!

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this was the best show i have ever seen. Ben's voice sounded better than ever. i feel like i say that with each show i go to, but i can honestly say that the emotion he put into each song friday night was ethereal.
the show started completely different than any show i have seen. at first, it felt a bit off but then i realized that what BHIC chose for the set list was so appropriate for bridges. it was very intimate, and ben was also very playful. my personal favorite part of the show was a set of three songs: woman in you, please bleed and forgiven. i could have just heard those three the way he performed them friday and gone home completely happy. thank you ben, this was a performance i will never forget. i just hope the older audience, mostly claremont faculty, also appreciated it )

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I thought the show was amazing. I also think this might have been the best bhic show I have seen. I really enjoyed Oppression, People Lead, Power of the Gospel, Whipping Boy, Lifeline, Woman and I think my favorite song of the evening was Give a Man a Home. I think the radio waves feeding into the sound system was rather interesting and kind of funny, and it definitely did not take away from the show at all - it just added to it. I thought the guitar work was absolutely exquisite! Yeah, I definitely think that was the best show I have seen yet that was purely bhic, except for maybe the show I saw in 1997. Absolutely great!!

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As always a great show with numerous highlights. It seems everytime I see the Criminals it is better than the last.
A great mix of songs including older stuff like Pleasure and Pain, Welcome To The Cruel World, Whipping Boy and mixed it up from great tracks from many albums. Nice to see Tom Morello come our to play Masters of War and a nice opening set.

Kind of a sit down show for the most part. When they played "With My Own Two Hands" the place came alive. A very grateful audience that stayed very quiet when appropriate but did eventually get up to dance for some of the last songs.

It actually wasn't all acoustic as I had thought, but a mellow toned down show with Mike and Juan playing electric and late in the show Ben came out electric and rocked the house. The Weissenborn mini-set with just Ben on stage was stellar.

Thanks Ben!!

Adam P.