06.07.07 Tulsa, OK

Cain's Ballroom with The Nightwatchman

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Tom Morello sat in on "Masters Of War."

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I hope Ben and the Criminals enjoyed Tulsa, and Cain's Ballroom. Growing up here, I've seen all sorts of music and magic in that historic place, it only seemed fitting for the Innocent Criminals to settle in for a night.

Set 1 offered a solid list of favorites. I enjoyed seeing Ben play all of his instruments, and Juan popping away with a smile. The venue is perfect for a jam with all these talented men.

Encore 1 was a tender surprise. Ben rang clear as Lifeline pulled me along.

A powerful finish, reminding us of struggles in the past and future, that we can overcome if we keep fighting. I'll always keep a glimmer of hope that Ben and the Innocent Criminals will grace Tulsa again. We Believe!

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This show was awesome! It went on and on and was truly good for the soul. I loved seeing Ben up close and personal in this small venue(wooo-hooo!). Wish people could have been a little quieter is all. My friend got to meet Jason and Juan at the hotel, both of whom were very friendly! Thanks guys!

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This was both my first time at Cain's and getting to see Ben and the Criminals preform. It was amazing. The energy and flow of the crowd and music made this show out in my mind as the best I've ever seen. The atmosphere of Cain's was perfect for the show. Getting to see Tom join Ben for "Masters of War" was right up there with watching Dylan himself preform it. There is no way this was the only B.H.I.C. show I'll see. It was beautiful and I wept at it. Thank you guys very much and please return again!

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Great show! This was my third BHIC show and just as memorable as the others. This is a remarkable group of musicians with so much talent and energy - it's amazing to share the same physical space with them!

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This show was amazing. This was also my second BHIC concert, and could'nt have asked for more. I was insanley excited to see you guys and thought the message that show was sending was great. Such a great performance with so much soul and heart. I thought I knew what to expect, but was thrown a curve.

Tulsa loves BHIC, and we gave it all we had to you!

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WOW! what a show....I was totally blown away. This was also my 2 Criminals concert and it was just amazing. I really want to thank you guys for the preformance and a special shout to all the guys from the band for taking the time to take pics with us after the show and a huge THANKS to Ben for signing my Weissenborn and taking pics with us....by far the coolest exp. at a show I've ever had!! Really Hope you guys come back to Cains soon. THE CRIMINALS ROCK. God Bless Guys and Thanks again!

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Awesome show Guys! This was my second BHIC concert, the first being at the Starlight in Kansas City, 8.25.06.

BHIC played with so much feeling and energy, it really got my heart pumping and my feet moving.

I really enjoyed when Ben sang over the crowd without the microphone on 'Where Could I Go', very cool.

Leon killed on percussion and Juan was bad-ass, as always, on the bass. His solo performance on 'Steal my Kisses' was out of sight.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Oklahoma crowd and come back soon!