06.10.07 St. Louis, MO

The Pageant with The Nightwatchman

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"Dazed and Confused" makes its concert debut. Tom Morello sat in on "Masters of War."

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WOW!!! This was my 1st Ben show...My wife and i went and actally was front row...I think after the 1st few minutes we were indefinitly hooked!!! Aswome show!!!

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If anyone has a copy of the show, please let me know. I would love to buy a copy!

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Nearly a month has passed since the Ben Harper show at the Pageant in St. Louis, MO. Nearly a month and I am still humbled. For two and a half hours, I shared an intimate corner of our world with a musician that stirred every soul of the sold out gathering. His lyrics and music combined with his own admiration and respect for his devoted fans made for an encounter that kept the entire crowd breathless minus the inebriated yet enthusiastic fans in the balcony that insisted on informing all of us that Ben "rocks."

The anticipation suddenly surged to euphoric eagerness with the arrival of the chair that seats Ben and his guitar. Juan Nelson was the first Innocent Criminal to arrive on stage. As the first chords of the Led Zeppelin classic, Dazed and Confused, exploded out of the speakers, I shivered with chills and amazement. The rest of the Innocent Criminals (Leon, Oliver, Jason, and Michael) took their positions as did Ben just a mere few feet away from my second row center stage spot.

Ben and the Innocent Criminals followed Dazed with the equally elating tunes Ground On Down, Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave, and finished off the hard rocking set with Masters of War. Tom Morello, formerly of Rage Against the Machine, joined Ben on stage for Masters of War. Tom, now known as the Nightwatchman in the music scene, lifted his guitar high in the air and surprised everyone by playing the thing with his face! Even Ben seemed a little awe struck as he backed away in astonishment!

After Masters of War, Ben moved into a few chill tunes including Gold To Me, an enchanting, acoustic version of Morning Yearning, and Waiting For You.

Ben and the IC's got the crowd pumped and jumping around with Jah Work and the classic Marley tune, Exodus.

Ben then moved onto Diamonds On The Inside with an interlude of Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Forgiven, and then the big crowd pleaser came with Burn One Down. During Burn One Down, Leon Mobley came to the front of the stage with his djembe. The stage lights appeared so thick and dimmed as the haze from those folks really "burning one down" wrapped around Leon as he pounded out the beats. Words can not convey accurately just how amazing his performance was.

Ben and the Innocent Criminals disappeared after Burn One Down and only Ben reemerged for an acoustic encore after several minutes of the masses pleading for more. Ben gave us effortless yet stunning performances of Another Lonely Day, Walk Away, and one of my absolute favorites, Forever. Then Ben shocked us all and treated us to Where Could I Go without a microphone. That's right. Ben Harper standing two feet before me singing at the edge of the stage as loud and soulfully as his heart would allow.

In his second and final encore, Ben had every member of the audience on their feet, ball caps off, and hands over our hearts as he ripped out the Star Spangled Banner on a slide guitar. The Innocent Criminals joined Ben once again on stage as they followed the anthem with Black Rain and Better Way. Ben shed the mic again in Better Way as he screamed out the lyrics: "Reality is sharp, It cuts at me like a knife Everyone I know is in the fight of their life I believe in a better way!" It was pure emotion and clear that he truly does believe in a better way.

Ben Harper is an artist that has emerged in his own time doing things his own way. He loves music and it is obvious by the tender and raw emotion he brings to stage. It's his gift to the world to empower us with his words and strength. I appreciate his honesty, modesty, and his genuine love for what he gives to us.

The drunken crew in the balcony had it correct: "Ben Harper Rocks!"

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This was my first BHIC concert, and I had high expectations. Very high. From the first notes of the bass line from Dazed and Confused to the end of the thunderous applause after Ben finished with an incredibly emotional and moving performance of Better Way, my expectations were blown away. Ben gave a spectacular performance, not wasting a second between songs as he jumped across the stage switching guitars and preparing for his next song. When Tom Morello came back out on Masters Of War, I was floored. Tom showed that he can play the guitar as if it were a part of his body... just another appendage. Even Ben looked like he was chuckling and a little amazed when Tom lifted the guitar to his faith and played with his teeth. I had to check to make sure that Jimi hadn't just descended from the heavens onto that stage. A few songs later, Diamons on the Inside was absolutely haunting, along with the interlude of Tomorrow Is A Long Time. Beautiful. It was as if I'd never heard music before, this song just left me speechless. Then, during Burn One Down, Leon hopped out to the front of the stage to do a several minutes of insanity on his djembe. The look of pure joy on his face as he jumped back and forth across the lip of the stage made it all the better... seeing an artist truly enjoy his music like that is amazing. Not to mention, the lion head painted on the skin of his djembe was pretty sweet. Somewhere in this time too, Juan came out to the front of the stage and made me laugh when he broke into a great rendition of Sly and the Family Stone's Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin). It seemed like the applause would never end after Ben and The IC's left the stage. After a few minutes of solid cheering, they came back for a stellar encore in which Ben Played some solo. The second encore started off with almost another apparition of Hendrix when Ben hit the opening notes of the Star-Spangled Banner on his slide guitar. The show finished up with Ben baring his soul on the stage as he allowed his heart to scream straight through his mouth that he believed in a Better Way. He left the mic for some of this song, came to the front of the stage, and left us all stunned with the raw power and emotion of his voice and words without even the aid of a microphone.

Absolutely amazing performance Ben, Juan, Leon, Oliver, Micahel, Jason, and Tom. I can't thank you enough for coming to St. Louis.

also-- got to meet Vince, the photographer... nice guy. you should all say hello to him if you see him at shows

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My first Ben Harper show although I've been listening to him for 6 years. I was totally blown away! My buddy and I who went keep telling each other that we have to find a copy of the show, so hopefully someone recorded it. I would love to hear that intro to Ground on Down a million more times! Every song though was so amazing, and the sound was unlike anything I've ever heard at a concert. Hope we see you again in St. Louis soon Ben! If anyoen knows where I could find a copy of the show please email me - billyz20@hotmail.com


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Going to this show was my husband and I's wedding anniversary. There is no other way I could have spent the 1st year mark with my husband. Ben and the IC's never cease to amaze and empower us. Thank you BHIC! We love you all and believe in a BETTER WAY!
By the way, those of you who shout and scream after Ben tells you to listen SUCK! Enjoy the moment and complete intimacy you are having with him.

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This was my first Ben show, but def. not my last!!!! Absolutely amazing

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This was the second Ben Harper show that I have attended. I saw him once at the VIC in Chicago and I was really entertained. I thought the band was great but never saw myself as someone who would purchase his CDs.

After the show at the Pageant Ben has won himself another fan. As everyone has been saying, "Dazed and Confused" was a surprising, unexpected, but overwhelmingly welcomed. The accoustics sent chills down my spine as soon as Juan Nelson hit the first few slow chords of his over-all stellar base performance. Ben's pitch made this incredible tribute one for the record-books.
Tom Morello, Need I say more. His opening act as "The Nightwatchman" gave the crowd a sample of a Morello we're not used to. Very old school country (a la Johnny Cash) influenced. His performance was strong, his message was clear, and his presence did not go unnoticed. His accompaniment on "Masters of War" gave a chance for old RATM fans to reminisce in true gut busting, head banging intensity. All I can sum it up with is: he plyed the guitar with his face, WHAT?!?!?!?!?
Kudos to the rest of the guys, they were all incredible. I got the chance to meet Ben and Michael. Both very cool, and Michael i'll trade you shoes anytime.

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This was my second BHIC concert and I definately wasn't dissapointed. The Nightwatchman had a great set and was a good opener. I was very surprised to hear Ben open with Zeppelin's Dazed and Confused. A highlight from the show had to be Ben going into Bob Dylan's Tomorrow is a Long Time from Diamonds on the Inside. Tom Morrello jamming with BHIC during Masters of War was another highlight. It was definately an honor to meet Ben after the show and get his autograph, which I will treasure for the rest of my life. I hope I get to see many more BHIC shows in the future.

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This was the most unconventional BHIC show I have ever seen. It was also one the most outstanding shows. It almost seemed like a reverse set list order. I was pleasantly surprised to her the boys open with 'Dazed and Confused' by Zeppelin! Highlights included Gold, Attitude, Forgiven, Masters of War (with a crazy Morello solo), Burn one (and everyone lit up), Jah Work/Exodus, Diamonds, Forever, Lonely Day and Walk Away (solo). Ben also played a stellar version of the Star Spangled on electric lap. Black Rain and Better Way closed it out with a roar. It was EPIC.

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I've seen Ben Harper several times now but it had been a while since it was in a small, intimate venue like the Pageant. Only one thing describes this show - OMFG!

The Innocent Criminals never disappoint, but they were in prime form last night. The crowd was electric, feeding the band and vice versa. And when Tom Morrello joined the band on stage the place exploded. Great setlist spanning their library, including fan favorites like "Burn One Down," "Don't Take That Attitude To Your Grave," "Ground On Down," "Gold To Me," their fabulous version of "Exodus" and a chilling acoustic "Morning Yearning."

Even after 2 1/2 hours Ben and the boys left the crowd screaming for more. Just the way it should be.

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Hey Ben:)
Thanks so much for showing St.Louis some much needed love) We miss you guys! This is my 3rd show in StL and seeing you at the Pageant as well as being surrounded by first timers was well worth the wait!. The sound was a amazing and when you sang, 'Where could I go' without the micYour Voice, along with the acoustics, and the energy at that moment was truly a' Bright moment!' When Tom joined you on stage to perform, Masters of War, Another great moment in time. Every Song was Magical...I wanted to hang and tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed the show...but it was approaching midnight and my pumpkin was waiting and we all know what happens when the clock strikes 12!
God Bless You Guys!
Come see us again soon:)
From your old friend...

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals put on an absolutely amazing show. I waited after the show and got his autograph and shook his hand!! Ben is soooo nice and an extremely powerful musician. I highly suggest going to see them in concert any and every chance you get.

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