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My first ben show and I have to say one of the best shows I have ever seen. Ben rocked out all night and the crowd was right there with him. The passion that he plays with is like nothing else I have witnessed. Burn was amazing with the bongo solo and ground on down sounded amazing. I was right in front of the bassist all night and he attitude was amazing also. I loved this show and will always be with me. Thank you ben and band.

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This day started out awesome I walked out of my parking garage and the band was loading up there gear to leave the hotel. I was able to meet them all and get pictures with them all. It's almost like it couldn't get any better than that and then the show happened. I weas able to hear some of the new album when they were doing their soundcheck and it sounds awesome. The set was awesome some highlights were Forgiven, Burn, Ground on Down, Murder, and Amen Omen. Just when things couldn't get any better Leon gave me a backstage pass and got to meet everybody again beside Oliver. It was well worth the drive from Flint and just makes me want to go to every Ben show there is. My only complaint is shut up and stop yelling out songs you want to hear. Just let Ben play what he wants.

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Ben, the show was great! your voice is so impressive live. It is always great to see a truly talented musician pour his whole soul into the performance and do it all for us. I hope that you enjoy the tye-dye that I tossed you. i would love to see you in it in the hot summer. Thanks for the great night out.

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My first BHIC concert and is was fantastic. Can't wait to see them live again. Love the way Ben steps aside and shows you how awesome the Innocent Criminals are also. Check Ben out at the NBA finals loved Bens' rendition of the National Anthem.

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HIGHEST QUALITY SHOW as always from Ben & the Innocent Criminals....Leon was on Fire !!!
great set.....the venue is/was the only drag...the balcony hangs down way too if your lucky enough to be between the front of stage&soundboard(main floor),your good...if not you are victim of low ceiling,no good view of stage(except on the stairs,until security tells you to move)&sound is terrible,they do have monitors on ceiling,i don't think they were on,could'nt here them,all u could was was the bar/people chatter.balcony is ok if ya have the reserved seats or are standing directly behind reserved seats,if not,your stuck watching the show on the tv monitors,again w/shitty sound,the sound was better over the speakers in the restrooms than under the balcony(main floor) or in back of balcony(upstairs),security people rude too,HOB in Cleveland sucks....& is way too small for Ben & Band...hopefully they never play thier again....

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The wait was worth every minute. BHIC closed with a gret rendition of Better Way where Ben was definitely feeling the song. Dazed & Confused was unbelivable with the whole crowd getting into it. It was as all Ben Harper's shows, very magical and uplifting, Thanks for coming to Cleveland- Caroline

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Cleveland was excited to see BHIC, from the national anthem at the NBA finals to the show at HOB for 3 sets and an incredible 3 hours. Ben and the Innocent Criminals were in top form and everyone was on their feet, jamming. A collective thank you from our city!

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Amazing as always!