06.13.07 Asheville, NC

The Orange Peel with The Nightwatchman

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Tom Morello sat in on "Masters of War."

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I will never get over this show. Ditto the comment about the acapella part. What a Gentleman. Ben Harper for president! What an spiritual experience! Come back soon Ben.

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I was there.

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This was my second trip th ashville to see BHIC at the orange peel. in 05 i was blown away by the intensity of ben on stage combined with the intimate setting of the orange peel. this show topped the cake. opening with dazed and confused, and tom morello sitting in on masters of war. my wife and i both decided any time bhic's are playing the peel, we will be there. -Mark sav, GA

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Like murf said in his review, I traveled a ways to see the show (about 5 hours) from Virginia and would do it again in a heartbeat! This was my first time seeing Mr. Harper perform and it was so amazing! It was such a treat to see him as well as the Nightwatchman! Seeing Mr. Morello do his thing on the guitar was unbelievable! Thank you so much for the awesome performance from everyone and I hope I get to see you again soon, but hopefully somewhere a bit closer to home :)

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If you would have asked me to sit down and write out the set list, this would have been it!

I was blown away!

Thanks BHIC"S!!!!!

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This was my 6th time seeing BHIC and I think this may have been my favorite show. "Where Could I Go" "Amen Omen" two Dylan covers, "Masters Of War" with Tom Morrello (who incidentally added a very political flavor to the show which I thought was very timely and accurate) and "Tommorrow is a Long Time" every song was tight and together no one missed a note all night. The energy in the room was tangible especially after "Burn One Down" and Leon's electrifying djimbe solo. BHIC ages like a fine wine. Thanks for sharing your hearts guys!

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My wife and I drove 435 miles each way from Washington DC to Asheville to see Ben Harper at The Orange Peel, and the show was even better than we could have hoped. The venue was perfect, the crowd was great and Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals were amazing. We might have seen them live before, but this was clearly the best show we've ever experienced.

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Ben I would just like to say that last nights show was amazing. I have never felt a more spiritual connection to anyone. The amount of feeling you put in your music is amazing. Laura Dern is an extremely lucky woman! Rock on man! Rock on!

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It is rare that a musical performance will perpetually make my arm hair stand on end. Ben Harper stands alone in his ability to harness his own passion and musical synergy and unleash on a roomful of people, stirring them into a frenzy of unknown proportions.

The highlight of the show for me was either during "Forgiven" or "Where Could I Go," when Ben stepped away from his mic, hushed the crowd, stood on a monitor and began singing accapella Gospel. I was floored with that move, and then to monstrously roar back into the tune with the rest of the band...speechless.

only criticisms: Too many encores. I say just play through and do one encore.

that's it...i left the room, tiny as it was, in sheer and utter amazement. Also very inspired to kick some ass and hold our corrupt gov't officials accountible for their indiscretions.

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This was the second time I had the pleasure of seeing BHIC at the Orange Peel...have to say, 2nd time lived up to my glorified memory of the 1st time. Seeing Ben is more like going to church than watching a concert...there's a stirring of hope when music is that intense and urgent. Amazing. My favorite moment was when he pushed aside the mic and got to the front of the stage, hushed the crowd, and proceeded to sing unplugged. Blew my mind. Gotta love that Ben!

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I absolutely LOVE seeing BHIC when they come to Asheville....and especially when they play at The Orange Peel. What a perfect place to see such amazing performers! Diamonds on the Inside was a true treat. And what a fantastic opening song, Dazed and Confused!
The only negative of the show has nothing to do with the performers, but the ignorant people in the audience who didn't stop yelling and singing during his quieter solos. But I guess that is just something we have to live with...

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The show was opened by Tom Morello, "The Nightwatchman" on acoustic guitar. The highlight for me was his version of "This Land Is Your Land".

Ben and the boys opened with "Dazed and Confused" which logged in at around 10 minutes. My daughter and I were about 10 feet from Ben in the 2nd row and could clearly see all the members for the entire show. What a treat!
The highlight of Ben's set(and there were many) was the extended version of "Masters of War" which he performed with Tom Morello. Ben had the lyrics laid out on the floor in front of him and he lost his place a couple of times but his vocal combined with Tom Morello's scorching guitar work(including playing with his teeth a la Hendrix) was phenomenal. This was also an extended number, lasting in the neighborhood of 10-12 minutes.

Ben's "Diamonds on the Inside" was also a real treat since it included another of Dylan's songs segued in the middle of this version.

Ben and the guys finished up with 2 encores and the entire show lasted around 2 hours and 15 minutes, not including Tom Morello's opening set of 35 minutes.

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And again, Woah.