06.14.07 North Myrtle Beach, SC

House of Blues with The Nightwatchman

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Tom Morello sat in on "Masters of War."

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Absolutely amazing!

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Great show all together. The Dylan covers were both incredible, particularly Masters of War with Tom. I have to give it to Ben, in all the shows I've been to for any artist I have never seen anyone sing (Where Could I Go) to an entire venue with no mic.

I also walked out of the show dissappointed that I didn't catch one of Michael Ward's picks that he through right where I was standing. I got in the car with my friends who all had them to find that one had actually fallen into my pocket while I hadn't noticed.

Great show boys. I'll never miss a nearby show.

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Show was great! Where Could I Go was the highlight of my evening! My only complaint...I'm not 6'7" so I could not see too well. I can't wait till the next show!

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ahhhh so the set list was wrong / im glad you fixed it i was getting confused

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great show! im really confused about better way, i left and i thought everyone else did to. Is the set list wrong or did we really miss it? anyway i enjoyed it a lot, good job guys!

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side note:Ben left the stage during Black Rain to get some papers with what were probably the lyrics to Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues(make me wanna holler)" the cover was great, and I am stoked after 10 years of going to shows to see a set without the previously uber-obligatory "Burn One Down"

great show from the first to last note

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Amazing....hard to top the last time I saw the band in Myrtle Beach's HOB, but they did. Truly an experience that I will never forget.
Thanks Ben and the Innocent Criminals for making a fabulous memory.

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I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach (from Ohio), and the BHIC show was definitely the highlight of my trip!

My wife and I adopted our son in 2000, and I can still hear "Still My Kisses From You" playing on the radio as we drove to the hospital to meet our newborn son.

With that memory, and this incredible concert, I'm definitely a BHIC fan for life.
Thanks for a great show!

John, Christy ... and Drew!
Kettering, Ohio

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Thanks for another great evening of music. My wife and I drove in from Florida for the show and it was worth every mile of the trip. We have now seen BHIC 8 times and have taken a road trip each of the last 4 years, we come away from every show in amazement of the performance just witnessed. A wiseman by the name of Ben Harper once proclaimed Pearl Jam as "The Greatest Band In The World", I think Ben and the Innocent Criminals need to look no further than the reflection in the mirror to find the greatest band in the world. PJ does run a fairly close 2nd.

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first of all, House of Blues (in myrtle, i havnt been to any of the others) is the most amazing, intimate venues ever... (what i would do to see the chili peppers there, oh my)

show was amazing, i loved the opening with amen omen, i left after the first encore and was a little mad b/c all his shows got 2 encores nad they had turned on the lights nad everyone was leaving so i left but supposedly he came back to sing better way, at least ive heard it before live but still missed burn one down....

One question.... why do the people come out and fake like they are cleaning up when they know an encore is coming, and why totally act like the show is over after the first encore, just turn out the lights and let people scream and chant, that is more fun than being confused (and a lil drunk and high) with stupid people comin out on stage

also, after that show BHIC moved up on my top ten list of musical artists to number 2 (1 is obvious red hot chili peppers, cant go into detail on that one or id write 100 pages so read Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis and you will know why)

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God has truly blessed you with an amazing gift and I thank you for sharing it. When you sang "Where Could I Go"...it blew my mind. I felt like BHIC was taking us to church on that one!

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This was my 8th show so far, and although that first is something all of it's own (AthensGA06)... Guys, all of you were beyond beautiful with all you gave us! I can't express my gratitude enough. The closest description I can give is this: after Ben pulled off the mic (Where Could I Go) is when it began, and by the end of My Own Two Handsmy soul had just experienced it's first orgasm! My sincere thanks to BHIC, Tom, and every roadie that helped make it happen!
Is there ANY possible way to get a recording of this performance (video or audio).... it means more than I can say!!! From my heart & soul, THANK YOU!

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This show was a blast. I love mesa ben harper. I smoked a few doobies with the folks in the crowd. The redo song was sweet. Lil dissapointed he didnt play Burn One Down. I came to the beach just for this show because the orange peel show sold out in like an hour. i drove 4 hours from greenville just for this show, when I got back to my hotel i found out it had cought on fire and i lost all my clothes and luggage in the fire. Everything I had with me was damaged. But to hear that version of With My Own Two Hands, it was so worth it. Is there any way to download the show or buy it???

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This was my fourth show and it did not disappoint. Tom Morello was great on Masters of War. The highlight for me had to be Black Rain and Marvin Gaye's Inner City Blues. BHIC are going to rock the Roo for sure.

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hands down best show ever! His energy last nigh was AMAZING...he was feeling it & the crowd was feeling it.. and he invited us to all go on tour with him! Thanks for the best night of my life!

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The greatest show i have ever seen by far. When he was standing on that rail sing where could i go, That was just amazing. I was standing at the rail holding his hand and the energy was incredible.

best night of my life!!

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I've been a fan of Ben for years and seen him quite a few times...best show i've ever seen. His acoustic sets are always amazing but when you're standing for four hours, all you really want to hear is a total jam...he played "where could i go"...pretty much made my year, he really seemed into this show, amazing....all i can say

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This was my first Ben Harper concert and all I can say is this was literally the most AMAZING thing I've ever seen my life! I am more than happy I had the experience of seeing him live. He is amazing.

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I must say this show was our 10th show together. We definately came away dissapointed. No acoustic set what is up with that. Probaly because a lot of people in the crowd don't know how to shut the fuck up. Tom Morello is as unbelievable as ever can't wait for RATM to get back together. BHIC really nice show but not understanding why no acoustic set. See you again next time around.