06.15.07 Manchester, TN

Bonnaroo SuperJam

I Was There
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Ben, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and The Roots' drummer ?uestlove comprised this year's Bonnaroo SuperJam. It started at midnight in the Other Tent and featured a 25-minute version of "Dazed and Confused." The Roots' Kirk Douglas sat in on a 15-minute medley of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys' "Them Changes" with two verses and a chorus from The Isley Brothers' "It's Your Thing."

Who Went

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There are some shows that create a palpable exciting energy when you are there. This was one of those shows. The energy coming from the stage was easy to see. And the excitement of everyone in the crowd coming to hear these three rock out was incredible. This was an unforgettable show. This is the type of show that makes Bonnaroo the incredible festival. It is also the type of show that perfectly demonstrates just how amazing Ben Harper, John Paul Jones, and ?uestlove all are. Standing on my tiptoes with thousands of other music fans all appreciating what was happening in front of us and screaming in unison "The SOOOUUUUUUULLLL of a woman, was created below!!!!!!!!!!!" was a concert moment i'll never forget. one of those brief, spontaneous, and fleeting moments that was perfect in and of itself. After a lifetime of going to shows, this was top 5.

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out of control show. skippd most of tool to camp out. ended up right in the middle with one not very tall person in front of me. felt like something really special to be a part of, that something was really happening while you watched and grooved. lovedbes and chemistry from those three guys together. ?uestlove is such an engaging musician and joy to behold. He is the most fun drummer. and John Paul Jones is such a beast on the bass. Just jammin, wearing birks, and playing the sickest bass lines ever. Wonderful experience.
-Maggie, savannah, ga

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Man what a great way to start off the bonnaroo weekend. i was about 10 feet from the stage, awesome show. Out of the 4 years ive attended bonnaroo, this was defiantly the most memorable. Keep it up. Hope to catch a few shows of the fall/lifeline tour!!
-Mark. savannah, GA

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No doubt a killer show Ben and Cheese prolly my two favorite sets of "Roo" 2007. When you played with Ziggy amazing and thats all i can say... got some kick ass pictures. Keep it up you all rock!!

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Sorry, I posted part of my superjam review on your Innocent Criminal set. If you want to see my review for superjam it is on the other set.

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seen many shows. by far the best show I've seen from you guys. seeing you play with JPJ and ziggy was really special. thankyou!

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OMG! It was amazing! I will never see another show that good. I was third row back from them. And ben and ziggy were also very good! Bravo boys. Wonderful Job!

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Best Show EVER.Dazed and Confused. It was the Best.