06.16.07 Manchester, TN

Bonnaroo Music Festival with The Police, Ziggy Marley

I Was There
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John Paul Jones sat in on "Dazed and Confused." Ziggy Marley sat in on "Get Up, Stand Up."

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andreaklein20924430's picture

Amazing music for an amazing day! Thanks Guys!

browneyedgirl27882614's picture

I have been to Bonnaroo the past couple of years, but before the line-up came out I prayed that you would be there because you are my favorite artist of all time. The concert was absolutely amazing, and by far the best concert I have ever been to. I am so grateful that I was able to attend! I can not wait to see you at VooDooFest!!

Thank you so much for being such a gifted artist, and sharing your music with the world so that we all can enjoy it!

brighollen23860's picture

Please make it happen for this performance to be put on DVD. I sat
at 3 am in front of my computer, watching the concert on live stream,
from totally awed to rocking in my chair,(headphone cable prevented me from jumping around the room).
I'd like to share this special moment w/ some more friends.
Thanx !

rdobbs4475712's picture

It's what religion and love is suppossed to feel like to me piss, passion, and dancing with angels. I missed the first half of the set I bought my tix for because I was taking care of friends. Please bring this to a live cd. I'm requesting my library stock up on BHIC to support the gifts you've driven home and would love the Bonnaroo set to be part of that experience. I saw you Live From Mars at Red Rocks with JJ and this show was the perfect next picture in the line of what I'm sure will be praying hands and balled fists in the stands for years to come. The set was frustrating because here sat all of this potential for change on the same sheet of music that just turned into bits of oil and water after the show. I took Better Way home, resigned from my job because I demand not to be the target of racism, picked up the vinyl of Both Sides, and demand to find heaven on earth again. Kennedy said God's work must truly be our own and I'm telling you Ben brought His damn hammer to bonnaroo. Together we stand. Amen damnit.

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I have seen you 5 times now. This one brought me to tears and I"m a 30 year old man. Thats all I have to say about that.....

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I echo all the sentiments of the other posters. Your show was amazing. The minute I saw you were going to be there, as well as be a part of the SuperJam, I knew I was going to be there. When you jammed out with ?uestlove and JPJ, that was one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. You were unbelievable. I was also sad it ended early, but I knew I would get to see you the next day, which I did. Again, you blew me away. To bring John Paul out again for Dazed was brilliant. And to close the set with Ziggy was untouchable. I've always thought you had a little Bob in you, and when you want to, you sound just like him. To be up there with Ziggy was just plain special. Can't wait to see you again live. Until then, I will be listening to all of your beautiful music, endulging in your great messages. Oh yeah, please release that set on an album...please!!!!!!

nantonelli's picture

I traveled to Manchester because I needed to see you live. I didn't think it was possible for me to like your music anymore than I already did. I was so wrong. It was the best show of my life. The music and love that you shared. . .beyond words.

I am eternally grateful.

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I wish I could say I enjoyed each performance, but in neither the Super Jam nor the solo act, was I able to get close enough to see Ben. What I heard was typical Ben (awesome). But I traveled a very long way to see him (exclusively) and was very disappointed when I had to view him from a great distance or on the large viewing screens.

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WOW what a sick show. I got to sit front row center right in the corner of the pit and it was by far the best show ever. The intro to Ground on Down was amazing You need to come out with a cd of that it was way to good to never be herd again. Thank You

dshizzay0793991's picture

Not only was your performance with your very own The Innocent Criminals amazing, but the Superjam that you had played with ?uestlove and John Paul Jones was amazing. During both of your performances, i was so emotional that all I could want was more. I wanted so much more to the point where i waited the extra hour that they set aside for superjam in order to see if you would come back and play. Although everyone said I was dreaming to see you walk back out on that stage, I still waited. Even though you never came back out on to the stage, I finally felt content with the performance and knew that I would get to see you the next day. Also, I gained knowledge of myself that I would let no one stand in the way of my dreams even if they are never accomplished.
The next day, I commited myself to be as close as possible to you whenever you played with the Innocent Criminals. Even though my friends would not wait in line to get to the front with me, I went to the front by myself to enjoy one of the most spectacular performances I have ever seen, which ranged in emotion from the beautiful lull of "Diamonds on the Inside" to the radiant tones of "Dazed and Confused" with John Paul Jones, from the uplifting, helpful beat of "With My Two Hands" to the amazing electricity of "Ground on Down."
Overall, this performance was a once in a life time experience as well as a life changing experience.
P.S. My friends were jealous that I was so close and they were not.

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Awesome set, I hope you will come out with a cd of that set..I looking forward to getting it!

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My wife and I have made an agreement to have one yearly Ben Harper & TIC tour event every year (because Ben hasn't played Calgary yet!). Each and all of the past 3 years we have seen them play and each and every year they get better.
The joy you obviously have in your craft, the emotion you create and the warmth you transmit is simply amazing.
To have John Paul Jones join you for Dazed and Confused will be remembered by all who saw and enjoyed!
Thank you so much!
Can't wait for next year!
God bless...

shakti371043668's picture

I just got in from 'roo and Ihad to write to say how phenomenal your "performance" was. I put that word in quotes because your music is nothing akin to a 'show' or any kind of pretense, for that matter. The Love you have was palpable. I greatly respect the true courage it takes to share that treasure with the world....your diamonds are on inside and outside. Thank you,