07.29.07 Agoura Hills, CA

Boarding House Mentors Benefit Canyon Club with Jackson Browne, Todd Hannigan

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Boarding House Mentors Benefit - Agoura Hills, CA

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    (Jackson Browne feat. Tom Freund and Ben Harper)

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals played Lifeline front-to-back one month before its release opening up for Jackson Browne to benefit Boarding House Mentors. Later during Jackson's set, Ben and Tom Freund were invited on stage to perform Tom's song "Why Wyoming." Read a write-up of the event from The Acorn.

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Amazing show as always! To grant-Its called progression which is this best thing about ben. He's an amazing musician who has been influenced by playing w/other musicians,as he is an influence. That is the beauty of ben & the innocent criminals(MUSIC!)-they all vibe off each other. Thats what I love about the BHIC-when someone asks me what kind of music is it?,ya can never can give an easy answer. The music grows as they do-an example of this nite. Thank-you BHIC for yet another great memory. I liked seeing jason play guitar & ben on the keys,& seeing ben & mike vibe on guitar together was rad. Juan,Oliver,& Leon Ya'll groove, & BHIC will always be my favorite music every! No album is the same :) I can't wait for more. Thanks to ben for being so stoked w/my tatts-I'm proud to wear them & I'm sure they'll be more in honor of my fav band. lauren

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Thank you so much for the awesome show and for your support to the Mentor Boardinghouse. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals are an inspiration to me every time I see you. I go to all your concerts and am attending Sunset Junction and am hoping to get up close seats to Lifeline tour on Nov 9 at the Orpheum.

Your lyrics and your voice and your band members are my favorite in the world, and have been for a long time.

Jackie in Huntington Beach

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Thank you thank you thank you BHIC!! Last night was one of the best nights of my life. I have seen you play many times before, but nothing is as great as a small, intimate venue like the canyon club. I always hear fans talking about being able to hang with you guys after the show but i never thought i would have the opportunity too. thank you for talking to me before the show AND after ben, and thanks to all the innocent criminals for taking time after the concert to chat and take pics with me and my friends. The show was amazing, you keep getting better. can't wait for the sunset junction and the lifeline tour! thanks again ben...i really appreciate your genuine fan apprecation. Finally after 10 years of being a fan, i was able to get a pic with you :)

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setlist: ALL FROM THE NEW ALBUM (copied from set list)
1. Fight
2. Into the Color
3. Lonesome Train
4. Need you tonite
5. having wings
6. say you will
7. Younger than today
8. Put it on me
9.Heart of Matter
10. Lifeline (ben solo....he played paris sunrise #3 as an opener to that also(i think))

Many thanks goes out to Randy and Simone
And the BAND...that includes Ben...

And to answer the guy who hated on Ben bringing the band and not playing more solo...Get used to it...he hasn't does whole solo sets in a longtime and the band is ALWAYS a nice surprise...only thing I agree with is that at least one classic tune should of found its way onto the setlist....

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We barely made it...our flight was cancelled from Detroit, a half of gallon of gas left, and 30 secs after BHIC came on...Nonetheless, we were greeted with our first introduction to the new album. What an invitation! It is fresh...a continual evolution in Ben's integrity. I must admit though, I feel I need to absorb or reflect more on these new tunes. To me, there is a turn to soul or stripped production, which is great...gives nice pure sound.
Both Sides of the Gun was a call to action and his voice of action could be heard like cold water to the face, but Lifeline (to me) makes me want to turn and reflect...on what...I guess I will find out as I enjoy more and more shows Ben and the IC's share with us! Can't wait for the full release of the album.
Ben, Juan, Nelson, Jason, I really appreciate you sharing a few moments after the show out back. I hope we were not too intrusive. If so, my apologies. My wife was so glad to hear you enjoyed her home city of Paris to lay this album down.
As always, I look forward to more and more - and the chance ask more about the album and you! With my gratitude, MarcusM

P.S. I think it is great you took the time on this cause to support Boarding House while promoting this new album. Thank you, thank you!!

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We went to the show hoping to see Ben solo acoustic like the good ole days, maybe trying out some new stuff in between his greats...but were sadly disappointed to have him bring the whole overblown band with him, play nothing but new stuff and only sit down for ONE SONG! Some of the new songs were good, but overall he drowns himself out with the supersized backing band. I love the Innocent Criminals, but they were SO much better when it was just Juan, Oliver (or Dean) and Leon.

I'll be first in line to buy tix for the new tour, but hopefully Ben will sit down and give us what we really want...three words: Solo / Acoustic / Oldies.


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This show was great. The Canyon Club provided such a cool and intimate vibe for Ben to play in. I was so happy to see the everybody (THE INNOCENT CRIMINALS) were out there with him. Their set was awesome and I really liked the new songs that I heard. Another highlight for me was meeting Ben after he performed. He was very nice and was glad to be talking to us. I also got to talk to Leon and Juan which was great. I told Leon about how much I had enjoyed their last performance I saw in 2004 at DMB and how I really dug when he guested on a song with them. Juan was very nice too.Overall, A GREAT PERFORMANCE FROM GREAT PEOPLE.

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Ben Harper and most of the IC's played songs off the new album. I thought they all sounded very good.