08.03.07 Chicago, IL

Lollapalooza Grant Park

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BHIC headlined the first night of Lollapalooza. Eddie Vedder sat in on "Masters of War" (guitar / vox).

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Ben and the band killed it as usual,...i was lucky enough to work my way up to the front row once again for the second straight Ben show. Ben, Juan, Leon, Oliver, Jason and Micheal all amaze me, and inspire me to pursue my happiness(playing guitar).

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Ben and the guys sounded great. Juan in particular played amazingly, as well as any bass player of the weekend excepting perhaps Hub from the Roots. The screams during Better Way were a highlight, as were In the Colors and Diamonds on the Inside. Great show, I hope to see you guys again at the Chicago Theatre!!

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Ben has a great time at Lola and I didn't feel like I missed out on not seeing Daft Punk. With my own two hands made me thing of how we really can only physically change things with our two hands. Brun one down was a great song to spark a joint and really get into the swing of things. Loved the new song In the Colors, album is going to be epic.
Diamons on the Inside made me thing of the woman in my life and show some just want to get married and have me buy them a big rock but the cooler chicks were happy just to hang because I know that I don't want to ever be married and then only to have my wealth be taken away in a divorce. Master of War was epic. I had this visual of Ben stomping on the top of Donal Rumsfelds grave.
Better Way was a masterful ending becasue after hearing Master I was pissed about the war and my governement and Better Way make me not want to give up on hope.
See you in November in Portland, OR

Masters Of War
Better Way

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Ben was full of emotion. His peformance with Eddie Vedder on Masters of War was legendary.