08.04.07 Baltimore, MD

Virgin Festival Pimlico Race Course

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Virgin Festival - Baltimore, MD


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Great, that's about all I can say. Ground On Down was a personal highlight for me. It was my first Ben Harper show, my girlfriends 2nd (1st being Columbia,MD '06). It was hot as hell, maybe 95 degrees? Like others said, it's too bad BH& TIC weren't put at a better slot on the schedule. Other highlights of the festival for me: Matisyahu, Beastie Boys, Wu-Tang Clan.

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Wow! Your set was absolutely amazing! What a great vibe you brought to Virgin Fest! By far one of the best bands there. My friends and I were ecstactic when you played 'Burn One Down'. Thank you for your creative genius!

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Brought great energy to the festival. Amazing jams and solos. Leon was on fire early on. Too bad it was a short set, but it was well worth the venture.

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What an amazing set. One of the best I've seen from BHIC. I like the slower stuff too, but on such a hot and sweaty day, that high energy set was just what Virginfest needed. Can't wait till you come to town again!

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BHIC absolutely blew everyone else away and I'm considering both days. No other band even came close to his intensity!! It's a shame that Virgin did not have him @ the top of the Food Chain? It was a blast to have the band in my home town instead of chasing him all over by train, bus, car and planes.

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Ben's performance on August 4 at the Virgin Fest, in Baltimore MD was full of energy and life. During the touring/festival season, his voice takes a true beating and yet, as last night demonstrated, it remained steady and strong. Moreover, his voice and substantial lyrics continue to move my body and soul like no others can. Barry