09.01.07 Boulder, CO

Macky Auditorium with Piers Faccini

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AMAZING! Words can hardly describe how great this show was. One of my top five shows of all time.

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Ben put on an amazing show. It was such a pleasure meeting him for the first time and his band for the second time. Ben is ruly an inspiration in humility and simultaneous raw, confident talent. Any musician should look to him as a role model for more than just technique and style.

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I must confess this show was truly beyond words.. It was so good to see a band whom reaches out to their fans, on a very real level. Every song was delivered with such enthusiasm and love. Ben and the guys are such gentlemen. However, I did hear the kid yell out, "You guys look like pimps". And I would just like to say, "Listen to the
lyrics". PEACE

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This was by far the best concert or performance I have ever seen. The venue was perfect, the band was amazing and when I think of Ben Harper dropping the mic and singing "Where could I go?" I still get goosebumps. I came all the way from Bismarck ND for this show and I would make the 12 hour trip over and over again to see a show like that. Thank you to Ben and the innocent Criminals.

aimee_morrow55162's picture

I now consider the Macky Auditorium the best show I've ever seen. Never in all the show I've attended, and the numbers are many, have I seen such soul poured into one's music, and the solo without a microphone only reiterates that over and over again. BHIC has truly gone back in time and captured what music used to be all about. Someone who attended this show mistakenly raised his voice "Ben you look like a pimp." This person missed the concept of the tour entirely. BHIC was emanating in dress and song, the days when men were gentleman and the women were ladies. It was not about looking like a pimp, but emulating the time when a man had true respect for the woman and love was quite real, untainted by these poisons considered to be music that the younger generation use as a guide to their modern day "courtships." Music, of this sought after era, seeped into one's soul on a personal scale that goes closely unnoticed today.

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We followed Ben to Boulder after the Aspen show. It was very interesting to see Ben at a festival and then the next night see him start his Lifline tour. The concert was great but so much chiller than Aspen. It took me a few songs to catch the vibe. For example, Ben opened the night with " The Three Of Us" and not "ground On Down". The highlight for me was "where could I go" followed by the finale ending in "like a king/ill rise". Ben sang "where could I go" with out the microphone and he was really feelin' it. "like a king/ill rise" is one if my all time favorite songs and ben killed it. what a show. Another interesting note is that Ben only repeated one song in Boulder from Aspen (In The Colors). 4 hours total in the two concerts of different material. Amazing performer and amazing man. Go see Ben if you haven't seen him yet. Thanks for the memories Ben