09.02.07 Kansas City, MO

Uptown Theater with Piers Faccini

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Listen to tonight's performance of "Younger Than Today" at KTBG FM - 90.9 The Bridge.

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This show was absolutely amazing! I was second row and nearly cried when Ben sang acapella!!

mikel5777923's picture

I drove from Oklahoma to the show, first of all I would like to say is it was worth every mile. The only negative thing too me was when Ben would play an up tempo song and everyone was sitting down, the music has so much energy I found myself dancing. Overall though it was the best concert I've ever attended. I can't wait to hear BHIC rock it out again in a town nearby.

makirey1952736's picture

As always...simply amazing! Each time just gets better and better! Thanks for sharing the music!

bdavis3261's picture

Ditto to the comments below, particularly to Where Could I Go - I cried, too, so did my bride. It was lovely. I had good seats for a change and can't imagine a better night for them (although I hear ya on some of the comments by some of the audience up front!) Thanks to Ben & IC.

wdavis092886107's picture

BHIC never lets me down! What an amazing show! One that will go down in the record books. The band was tight and looked sharp. When Ben moved the microphone aside for Where Could I Go I began to cry. Thank you all for an amazing show. See you next year in KC.

DerekJ3031's picture

Third show in the last year, and though my seats weren't good enough to take a midsong picture with Ben this time, it was maybe the best show I've seen from a purely musical standpoint. Piers was quite enjoyable and meeting him afterwards was great. Loved hearing Two Hands of a Prayer and Whipping Boy, among others! If anyone knows how to get a copy of the Whipping Boy they played that night, let me know please!!!!! Can't wait til the next show!

toigj34221295's picture

Two years ago my sister moved from springfield Illinois to Kansas City and whenever BHIC play here I drive down for the show (Starlight and uptown). I guess you could say it's now a tradition. Anyways this was maybe my 10th or 11th show and it seems like BHIC get better every show. The setlist was amazing, the band looked and sounded great and the sit down effect I knew was going to be hard to pull off but added to the cool vibe that BHIC put off. The only downfall was the girl sitting behind me that kept making stupid comments. Her best one of the night was when she yelled at Ben to start singing when he was playing the instrumental Paris sunrise #7. I was sitting in row L on the floor LC seat 25. Did anyone hear her? People like her should not be aloud to come to live shows I know about 20 people that would of loved to have her ticket

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I think I have been to 8 Ben shows now going back to 2000 and while all have been very good, some have been better than others. Well, this one is the best I have ever seen. The band sounded great. The feel was perfect. The setlist was a welcome change. Keep up the good work and keep coming around the midwest Ben!!


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Most Amazing show I've ever seen. The atmosphere was perfect, the band looked quite polished in their attire, and I along with the rest of the crowd was loving every single note. The new songs fire on all cylinders. Even the old ones sound seem refined. If anybodys on steroids, its Ben and the Innocent Criminals. The new album, and the Lifeline tour are long, long homeruns. When Ben hushed the crowd and the band and sang the last verse of "Where Could I Go" to us, without a mike, I could here him, and all I could say was AMEN! You guys really blessed me, thank you for playing to us, please come back to Kansas City soon.