09.03.07 Minneapolis, MN

Orpheum Theatre with Piers Faccini

I Was There
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Piers Faccini sat in on "Masters of War." BHIC debuted a cover of Prince's "Purple Rain." Ben and Leon on "Forever." Ben and Michael first two.

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I have been to 100's of shows, of all genres and this was as smooth as they come! BHIC are Smooth Criminals, talented as there is with second to none class. CAN NOT wait for the next show in Minneapolis (Hopefully at the Orpheum!)

il migliore di sempre!

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Most amazing show I have ever seen...and I've been to a lot of good ones.

Front Row Tix...Purple Rain.

It is unfair to not record and sell this show!

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Chillywilly what show were you at??? I do recall the entire crowd dancing to numerous songs, we cheered so loud they decided to play purple rain backstage, something they said would never be played again, and Ben personally said he was amazed and extremely thankful for the amount of gratitude we expressed through roars of standing applause. Stop being such a drag.

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Ben as always is poetry in music. To bad the crowd was trully minne not so in to it. To see a crowd at such a incredible venue with there hands under their butts was dishearting. I wish minnesota ben fans could dive into the beauty of ben and show some respect. BHIC is the best out there lets try to show them some energy next time. I'll look forward to another Roy Wilkins show if that's what it takes.

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BHIC never cease to amaze me with the amount of passion and enthusiasm they put into their music. I've been to many BHIC shows, but to hear some classic songs that are not played as much, such as Whipping Boy and The Three Of Us was an absolute treat. Lifeline is incredible, but hearing the songs live is an opportunity no Harper fan should miss. And not to mention Ben's tribute to Minnesota music with the Bob Dylan and Prince covers that absolutely killed. Hurry back, we want to see you guys playin in the Twin Cities real soon. Keep it up BHIC, music needs you...

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Amazing show! Very intimate setting and great acoustics. Purple rain got the crowd rockin!