09.06.07 Chicago, IL

Chicago Theatre with Piers Faccini

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Bob Marley said it best, "one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain." Ben Harper's music has made such an impact on my life, by keeping me positive and by explaining every single situation about love possible. i turn to his music when im sad, confused, happy, etc. and i always feel better after listing. This show was amazing, Please come back to chicago or wisconsin soon and when you do, play a two or three night stand! Thanks so much for making life more enjoyable and for everything else!

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It was great to see Ben step back from the weisenborn/guitar a bit and really let his vocal abilities shine. The version of "Please Me Like You Want To" was perhaps one their best performances I've seen. The musicianship of this ensemble is first class in every way. Clearly, Ben is one of the most gifted musical artists of our generation, and it is great not only to see that he is appreciated for it, but his success is due to his will and his talent, rather than the big corporate music machine. Cheers to you Ben and band.

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Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Thank You. You are more than just a sound you are a religion, reason, belief, and feeling. Your music is much appreciated on multiple levels. Please, Please Come Back to Chicago Soon. From one musician to another: Your music heels..... That's what Rocks!

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I must say, that when I heard this was a seated auditorium tour, I had my doubts. Seats certainly hinder the ability to dance when the mood strikes. But I loved loved loved this show, so mellow and full of surprises as always. Also my ability to shake a tail feather was not snuffed. I was pleasently surprised when they covered Bill Withers Use Me....one of my favorite songs, and Ben and the guys rocked every note of it. This made my 43rd BHIC show....can't wait for the next 43.....I'll be rockin it AARP style, thats right!!! Keep up the good work guys, I'm so proud of you!!!

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Best show I've ever been to....I had the opportunity to shake Ben's hand and say thank you.....Ben Harper's music has had a huge impact on keeping my positive vibe going both before and after surgery I had to remove a brain tumor back in March....I had some of his songs ("Better Way" was a big one) on repeat on my iPod while I prepared for this....I'm still currently fighting this tumor with chemotherapy phases and still cranking Ben Harper's tunes along the way

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amazing show..."where could i go" without mic. just unbelievable...crowd was surprisingly good as well....speechless

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Incredible as always. Thank you for lifting us up each and every time. I have no words for how much I appreciate what you do.

Can't wait to see you again!!