09.07.07 Indianapolis, IN

Murat Theatre with Piers Faccini

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Nick Sandro (of the famed Nick's Caffe Trevi) sang background vocals on "Ashes."

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What about this radio show broadcasted on September 7th 2007 ? : http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=14251932

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I drove straight through from tampa to indy to see ben harper show which happened to be on my birthday.
I cannot believe what I saw!
The best concert I have ever seen.
Still talking about it almost a year later.


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Great Show.....NO WONDERFUL SHOW....My 8 year olds first show....absolutly wonderful.....2nd row....Micheal Ward gave my son Leon's Drum Stick.....PRICELESS!!!!!Indiana Loves BHIC

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Lifeline is a masterpiece and Ben is the Master!!! Innocent Criminals have got the best groove and soul a band could have. Makes for an awesome show!! The intimacy was incredible. It all went way too fast. Looks like I'm gonna have to make a trip to Memphis to caught them there. One show of this tour is just not enough!

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There are times when you are experiencing an event where you say......"I will NEVER forget this moment for the rest of my life".

Typically, these events are usually heartbreaks, graduations, losing virginity, etc.....

This evening spent with 8 feet from Ben Harper in Row A @ the Murat Theatre is an event I will NEVER forget as long as I live.

This performance has left me so speechless, it's a week later and I still shake my head at people with a sympathetic look on my face when they ask me......"how was the show".

There still aren't words........

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This concert for me was wonderful. It was everything I have hoped for: a great opener, an eclectic set, a great venue, plenty of soul, fun, friends, and as was most important, the incredible music of Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals. Ben Harper is an inspiration for me, and his music is truth. Please listen.

ps: congratulations John and Sara

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Great show....I dont know if theres a bad seat in this place..Awsome show...After the show The whole band came outside individualy and took photos and signed autographs...They didnt just breeze through it either..They took the time to talk to all of us...Awsome night, show, band, venue...What more can you ask for?

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Two times have i felt like i was watching special in my life, during a high school baseball game i played in, i saw a teammate hit a 540ft home run to win us a game and secure us a national ranking, and friday night. Ben was inspiring and amazing. The show made me feel special for being in the theatre and just being witness to his greatness as a musician. Thanks for all of the music, especially whipping boy, a song i thought i would never hear live.

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This was my 6th BHIC show and 3rd show in Indy. Without question, this was the best crowd they have ever had in Indy. The tour is billed as acoustic, soul and intimate and while that is not technically false advertising (they do play acoustic guitars, there is soul and it is intimate) this is pretty much just straight up full-tilt good old fashioned BHIC music. I have definitely seen them do longer shows but this was maybe the most intense show I have ever seen. If you had told me last year they wouldn't play Burn One Down, Diamonds on the Inside, Steal My Kisses, Better Way, etc. and this would still be the best BHIC show ever, I wouldn't have believed you. But it was. Highlights included Ben's incredible guitar sonics on Whipping Boy and the soft, lovely and rarely played Ashes with a special guest vocal appearance from Nick of Nick's Cafe in Claremont, CA where Ben played his first live gigs. The entire run from Needed You Tonight through to the show closing Where Could I Go was unbelievably powerful. Those five songs were the train leaving the tracks and the nuclear reactor melting down. During Where Could I Go Ben jumped out to the front of the stage and sang without a microphone. Fortunately, most people in the crowd shut up and listened. During the encores, Ben actually played most of Paris Sunset and then stopped because of feedback coming through his guitar. He then apologized for the technical difficulties and restarted the song from the beginning and played it again. One final local highlight at the end of the show was Ben bringing up on stage a couple who was getting married in two weeks and who were attending their 50th BHIC show. They were in the front row and holding up a 50th BHIC show sign and Ben talked to them after I'll Rise and then brought them up on stage so the final shot of the band standing together also included these two lucky fans. There's no one who can convey emotions like Ben and no more powerful touring band than the Innocent Criminals. Don't miss this show when it comes your way. It's worth driving for if they're not coming to your city.

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I was the other half of this lucky couple. Truly an amazing experience. We are attending our 51st show on Sunday in Chicago. There are no words!

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The best BHIC show I have ever scene! This performance is a perfect example of why I keep coming to these shows. Year after year it just gets better. It is so refreshing to see an artist on the top of his game reaching for it song after song.