09.08.07 Detroit, MI

The Fillmore at State Theatre with Piers Faccini

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Piers Faccini sat in on "Masters of War."

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franklin.a.lyons38485's picture

Very cool to be at a more sit down than stand up Ben Harper show.

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Great show, especially the performance of Masters of War with opener Piers Faccini. As written earlier, the only sour note were the members of the crowd who seemed to come to the show only to get hammered and talk very loudly to the people around them.

spotts278431's picture

I have been a fan of Ben for about 6 years and this was my first opportunity to him and the fellas live. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. Of course we all have certain pet songs that we want to hear, but the experience was undeniable. The accapella sequence written about earlier was purely money....had chills. COME BACK TO THE D BOYS!!

norjackmom26576's picture

Goosebumps. That is the best way to describe the experience. The venue was wonderful for his tour. The performance, impeccable. We didn't want the experience to end. I keep watching the tour schedule to see if they are coming anywhere near Michigan again because I'd drive 400 miles to experience this again.

eligracekimgeorges77765's picture

I am always full of excitement when I hear you are coming to town - when I can make I am like a kid waiting for christmas eve to come.
I have had the pleasure of being to many shows and I must say this one was amazing.
The feeling of calm that was created by the sit down venue as well as getting to throw on the fancy rags was perfect.
Appreciated beyond words hearing Mr. Withers
and even though our seats were 2 rows from the footprint marked ceiling (scary in heels) this was my most amazing birthday BHIC show so far.
Much love to all of you creatively blessed folks!!!
Didn't like the shhhh'ers but they are always gonna be around...just like the proclaimers.... I deal with it fine

anonymous's picture

This was a great show, but didn't compare to his performance two years ago at the Royal Oak Theatre, which was truly spiritual. I like the new stuff and have been jamming the album, but I would have liked to have heard maybe two more older songs. We didn't get: "Excuse Me Mister," like other cities. There were a few jerks in the crowd and security made it impossible to burn one down but, all in all, a fabulous time.

jewell100k10174's picture

This show was perfect! The band is so tight and they play with such passion. At times I laughed with pure joy and at other times I was moved to tears. Ben is an amazing performer who pours out his heart and soul every time. I will never tire of seeing BHIC in concert! Thanks for a great show.

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I have been to more BHIC concerts than I can count and this has to be in the top 3 shows I have ever seen. To respond to the last post, I feel that this show was a gift to the old fans not the new. Only fans that know his music respected the fact that he wanted a more laid back, sit down type of show. The ones that wanted Burn One Down, although it is the traditional Ben anthem, were the new fans that really didn't get setlist. The setlist was amazing and the reason there were so many new songs was because it was a show supporting the new album, not because of new fans. Again a great show and I can't wait for the next.

Furbith's picture

I'm going to give my honest opinion. I felt like he wasn't playing for old fans. I have seen Ben perform many many times, and after an album comes out, he usually incorporates new songs as well any many old songs, but this whole tour (upon reading setlists from prior shows) seemed like it was mostly the same songs, in different orders. I would have liked to see an equal amount of music from each album. I will say though, that they all still have the same energy that they had on a saturday afternoon at Bonnaroo, this is a positive thing. I don't want to sound negative, just giving my review.

g-goossens65512's picture

possibly the best show ive seen in ages. Ive seen these dudes 3 times already in the past while and each one tops the next. Ben you bring it every time. The balcony was freaking shaking when people were dancing. Some fans sucked but thats every show. it was my best birthday in a while man. keep it going and keep switchin up the setlists and dont play your main hits, i was happy for that.

jason.golgotha35698's picture

The show was great. The drunk loud fans suck. Not that you read these but if you do Ben- Not all your fans want to hear sexual healing and burn one down every time. Your setlist was awesome.

Thank You

LonelydayDREAMER's picture

Ben, thanks so much for the great show and great setlist. It was so great of you to come out in the rain after and take pics and sign for us! e love ya....pleeease keep coming back!
PS. Dave the bass and drums guy was extra nice to us out in the rain..made it a good wait!

alansantamaria65616's picture

WOW!!!I have only been a fan for three years and it's been my third show with BHIC in the past three years!! I can't believe my ears when I listen to these guys!! Detroit loves you and I hope you keep coming back!! An electric 2 hour performance!!!The band was pimped out in suits!! Class act!! Ben sang without the mic turned on and without the band!! Awesome!! The crowd was into it!!! If you have not seen BHIC live, you are missing a SHOW!!!!