09.14.07 Pittsburgh, PA

Benedum Center for the Performing Arts with Piers Faccini

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Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Setlist 1969-12-31 - Benedum Center for the Performing Arts - Pittsburgh, PA

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Tickets to this show were a birthday present to my mom. I ordered them when they first went on sale and when I couldn't find them, I tore my house apart. We came in hopes that the show wasn't sold out & by the grace of God, walked up to the box office, asked for two and the lady there said (and I quote) "would front row be OK?" To myself, I thought there must be something wrong with them. But on this , the 3rd try at seeing Ben Harper, the seats were almost dead center. This was probably the best show I've ever seen. It was like the Gospel according to Ben Harper (and don't forget those Innocent Criminals). There are no words to describe...so I won't. Rock On BHIC!!!!

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this was my fourth show and they keep getting better everytime. thanks for finally including pittsburgh on the tour schedule. hope to see you again soon.

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Absolutely awesome concert. Piers Faccini was the perfect opening act for Ben Harper. The Benedum was the perfect setting to here Lifeline songs. Thank You for performing the older songs. Have seen Ben Harper twice in the past year and want to see the band live again tomorrow and every day after that.

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it just didn't seem like a party, unusually laid back, i like to party at shows

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I've been to many concerts and this show is up there. It was almost a spiritual event. I went in thinking that it would be ok, thinking that it would be an acoustic hits type of show. I was so happy that he played a good bit off his new album and didn't give in to the people who just went to see Burn One Down ( which I don't hate but would rather not see anytime soon.) Anyway keep evolving Ben.

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Great performance. Put It On Me started the show off right. Heart of Matters was rockin. Great song with great lyrics. Highlight of the show was easily Where Could I Go. Fantastic job belting it out without a mic.

It was refreshing to hear such a versatile set of songs and performers that put emotion into their music. This was one of those concerts you will always remember. Awesome.

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This was my 3rd show and an unbelievable experience! The venue was so appropriate for Ben & the IC! It fealt special and warm and there was an intimacy there that still today is warming my soul. This show was a little closer to home for myself and my crew and we totally appreciated being remembered here in the middle of the east coast. But I'd scale the country for you guys.. have.. and will continue to! Thanks for the music and the memories!

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Here's your lesson kids:
Why you should always proof read anything you write.... On my previous post, I failed to include Michael in my words. Michael Ward, simply excellent, I thank you just as much as all others! And while I'm on the topic of you I thank you extra for your incredible show with Tom Morello in Myrtle Beach.... That show, oh that show, it quite honestly still tops them all for me so far. There was not one person in the audience who couldn't feel the magic given to us by all of you that night. Truly, it was the first time I ever experienced an orgasm in my soul!

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Ben has NEVER been a let down in any performance I've witnessed. Every single Innocent Criminal is just as beautiful. I was so wonderfully surprised by "When it's Good"... THANK YOU! This was my 11th show, and I hope it to be just a tiny beginning to a very special journey the whole band takes us on every time. I am truly honored for every moment given to witness these men share their incredible souls with us. To Ben, Juan, Jason, Oliver, Leon, and every single roadie that helps make it happen: Thank You all, from my soul to yours.

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one of the lamest shows i've ever been to there was barely any energy probably cause there was nothing to get up and jam to. i'm not gunna lie it was a huge dissappointment. i love ben harper & the innocent criminals but the show sucked. the highlight was excuse me mr. and i felt like they barely put anything into it. it was cool when ben did that mic-less thing BH&IC BRING BACK THE JAM!!!!!! THAT WE ALL LOVE......

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Probably the best musical experience that I've ever been to. And I've been to a lot of shows. This was my second BHIC show and it topped the list for me. Everything was absolutetly perfect that evening. Amazing set and energy

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Spectacular show! Exceptional performance in a wonderful environment. Ben and the Criminals gave us a very special treat with the intimate mic-less solo in 'Where Could I Go'.

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Awesome show & venue. Came in from out of town for the Steelers game & was fortunate to attend this gem. Loved Use Me, Excuse Me Mr, & singing with no mic. The new stuff wasn't bad either! It was cool to see Ben call out Big Ben & Keisel.
Thanks for the great memories, BHIC.

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Amazing, moving, incredible.. Just a few words to try and describe this show.. Thx to Ben and the IC's for a memorable evening..I've been to multiple shows and this performance was tops for me.. See you in Atlanta!!

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That was the most amazing this i have ever experienced. it was my first concert and it was fantastic. the music that carried me through all the high times and low times in my life, to see it like that so well done so raw and real made me appreciate it even more.

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Thank you everyone for staying quite during where could I go... it made that an amazing experience!! ( Unlike Detroit!)