09.15.07 New York, NY

Radio City Music Hall with Piers Faccini

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Piers Faccini sat in on "Masters of War."

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One of the greatest concerts I have ever attended. My wife had not gone to a Ben Harper show before and was only familiar with the music I played at home, etc She was blown away. We walked out not believing how incredible the show was ... thank you! The song in which you sang, sans mic, was a special moment. I will never miss any of your NYC shows again.

heathersina52228's picture

I saw the RC show and this was by far the best show - it even topped your 2004 show at the Apollo. The song without a mike at the front of the stage gave me goosebumps!
I have been listening to Lifeline nonstop for about 3 weeks now literally, i have listened to nothing else but this album. I listen to your music while i'm training for the Honolulu marathon - it definitely keeps me going on those 20 mile runs! Thank you for your beautiful music and words. What you do is meaningful.

aruple7912260's picture

The best show i have ever seen you at been a long time fan... Masters of War... I went crazy
sooo meaningful in this day and age. that song was sung as with the whole show with passion to make the world change we need more like you.... If this ever gets read make that show an album i'll buy ten.

lthome0141557's picture

Great Concert... rocked the place as usual...

arusticus73339's picture

What song did he sing with no microphone? please email me. Thanks :)

enyizar3082's picture

I have been a fan of BHIC for a long time. And I have waited 3 years to see them in concert. When I heard they were coming back to NYC I couldn't miss it! So I treated myself-- First experiance live and I was speechless. So much energy and excitement. Loved that you played picture in a frame. the accapella was breathtaking..everything was amazing and I will never forget it!! BHIC-- you are a true inspiration to my life and I hope to see you again.

boston29's picture

When I found out Ben was touring and coming out with a new CD I was so excited. I made sure that I was online the morning of the pre-sale to get the best tickets I could. I saw that he had a show at Radio City and thought that it would be the best place to take my son for his first concert ever!! I drove 4 hours to get there spent $400 for a hotel room, but it was all worth it!! What a great memory for my son and I!!! THANKS BEN!! Innocent Criminals are amazing!! See you in Vermont and Boston!!

nuninc197209's picture

Radio City was the 5th time I've seen Ben and his Innocent Criminals. This show was off the charts in pure energy. What a setting to watch one of the great songwriters and performers of our generation. To top it all I was privledged to meet the great Juan Nelson, Oliver Charles and Jason Yates outside prior to the show. What great guys they are very much down to earth. Thanks guys for playing Two Hands of a Prayer, one of my favs, just fitting for the evening as a whole.

gsyade8929's picture

Great show - as always! I must say some of the fans worthless and disrespectful - seems some people never grow-up. I was in the eighth row and had to deal with some a-hole taken a leak on the seats in front of us. It should have ruined the show for me but it didn't. Thanks BHIC!

madmitgibbs4287's picture

WOW!!! Another great BHIC show.

yogurtime24271's picture

Ben and IC were amazing. The energy coming from the stage was felt by everyone. The music and performance were beautiful and awe inspiring. I am so lucky to have experience them in concert!

mwillemsen210257's picture

Dear Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals,

An amazing show, as usual. I grab every opportunity to see you guys, and I'm always impressed. Your music is a Lifeline for me. I hope this can continue for a long time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul, your fan.

shadykay8817147's picture


yet ANOTHER amazing show!! They have still never played Forever for me at a show, but maybe at the DC show they will?? wink,wink

My favorite part is when Ben had no mic!!always an incredible thing to see.

thank you :) Hope to see you tomorrow

jyanogacio13331's picture

Amazing show tonight at Radio City!! Ben and the IC's totally rocked the house, a lot of new songs from Lifeline...everyone looking hot in their suits. Piers Facchini is an incredible musician as well - don't miss out on his set. Can't wait until the next stop in NYC!

smavrikis's picture

Ben Harper Rocked Radio City tonight!
Anybody who has seen him knows that he puts on a FANtastic show every time.
See you in Albany and Philly too!
We love you Ben
Steve & Diane
(We also are Innocent Criminals!)

alwirk1165250's picture

Absolutly amazing. Ben @ Radio City was truly something special. Tremendous energy and talent flowing all nite long, never stopped. Multiple standing ovations from the crowd. When he walked to the front of the stage and without a mike belted it out, it was something I'd never experienced live at a show before. Then after the band kicked back into it after that the place just lost it. Great cover with Masters of War. Such a beautiful place on a beautiful night with the best talent out there putting on his best show. Can't beat that....