09.17.07 Washington, DC

Warner Theatre with Piers Faccini

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Piers Faccini sat in on "Masters of War."

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This was my fifth BHIC show, and I would have to say overall, it was the best. I also am a fan of his eclectic style and was wary of an acoustic show...ready to appreciate, but wary. Well, all doubts were cast aside and it was an amazing show. Ben and the criminals rocked and seduced the place with heavy sound and even heavier emotion. The banter between the crowd and the sheer passion in Ben's voice when singing and talking to the crowd was awesome.

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That was by far a top 5 concert for me. That being said anyone a way to get a recording of that show. It was unreal and would love to have it to remember.

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My wife and I have seen Ben many times over the last 10 yrs -inside, outside, big venues, small venues, by himself, with others and i can say pretty firmly that the show at the Warner in DC was one of the better "total package" shows that we have seen- his full talent on display- a beautiful venue as well- he has turned into an incredible vocalist- amongst other highlights of the show, the stepping to the front of the stage and singing acapella followed by the full bionic-man jump back over the speakers, right in step with the band was perfect.....outstanding. Let all your friends and colleagues know that they should make the effort to see something special.

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So what can I say! I've seen Ben play quite a few times, but this was the best vibe I have had in quite some time. The crowd was amazing and the music even more than that. The whipping boy blew me off of my feet and the Masters of War was fitting considering that we marched in DC on Saturday. Ben was so in tune with the crowd including a shout out to my concert buddy for wearing a peace t-shirt. In a time and place (DC/War) when we need the musical Goddess to come heal us, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals were able to show up and bring just that to us. Simply Amazing!

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This show was a BLAST. At first I had my doubts because I was attracted to Ben's eclectic style and wasn't sure if it would shine during an acoustic tour, but boy was I WRONG. They rocked the gorgeous old theater like none other. It was truly an amazing experience, aided by the great seats my girlfriend got during the presale. I've never seen an artist interact with the crowd as much as Ben did. The crowd was great in return, knowing when to hush so everybody could hear Ben sing/play solo, but also dancing it up during Use Me. I loved the end of the show as well, when the spotlight faded out as Ben finished up Lifeline. Very classy. Overall a great experience and I wouldn't hesitate to go watch BHIC in a theater setting, acoustic or not.

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Wow. After Radio City I wasn't sure how a BHIC show could get better but it did! Whipping Boy was amazing! I have actually decided to go to the Philly show this weekend too. Ben without a mic wont ever get old! Hopefully Ill get some of those sweet front row seats at one of these shows! Cant wait for Philly!

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Number 8
Last night my wife and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. Somehow I came to realize it was our 8th time seeing BHIC dating back to 97', and we happened to be sitting in the eigth row. Pretty crazy. You guys may have heard her when she exclaimed, " it feels like i'm wearing a seatbelt" which at the moment was hilarious. Thanks again for another great show!

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Amazing to say the least. This was my first time seeing Ben live, after buying my 1st CD way back in '99. I was blown away. He is by far the most well rounded artist making music today. B/w the slide guitar and that voice i'd pay to see him play any day.
Highlights for me:

Picture In A Frame-they rocked it live!

In The Colors- great groove

Gold To Me- my 4 year old sons favorite (he wasn't at the show his 1st will be a Pearl Jam show)

Whipping Boy- the jam!

Younger Than Today-probably the most beautiful song he has ever written

Having Wings-ok live, like it much better on the cd

Put It On Me-must admit i skipped it on the CD, but live it is unreal

I was in the balcony, right behind the corporate seats, and heard the "seat belt" comment, very funny, Ben actually had to stop b/c he was laughing.

Also agree with everyone else, great venue, great crowd, and a night i will never forget.

thanks Ben and the Innocent Criminals.

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GREAT SHOW! I've seen Ben three times all together and this was an absolutely awesome experience (it was more than a concert folks!) Last night, Ben complimented us on being some of the bravest music fans in the world, well in my opinion Ben is one of the bravest artists in the world - not afraid to try anything different, not afraid to be his own man musically. Best song of the night - Where Could I Go (w/o a MIC)

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Best show I have ever seen by BHIC!! And I agree with Cameron, BEST crowd!! I've never seen Ben be so interactive with the crowd before!! I loved it!! I was also in the front row got my ticket the day of the show! after just seeing them in NY and needing to see the show again! and I still can't believe it!! I yelled for them to play Forever a few times, and then they PLAYED IT!! i like to think it was just for me I have been waiting for that for about 8 years now!!

Well I just can't believe I was that close to those amazing men!! I feel like I can die happy now!! :)

That was easily the most amazing concert I have ever been to!

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Absolutely the best performance including (Audience behavior) out of the four shows I have seen on this tour (not that any one show is worse than the other) thus far....two more to go!!!!. The audience was well behaved, quite and were by far the best dressed!!!! All though they did need a little help on figuring out what song they were aloud to stand/dance on. It was even more special as I was front row dead center about two feet from the stage. It was extraordinary to watch Ben, Michael and Juan pick their instruments so close and to see the extreme concentration Ben has on the strings. I even had to lean back in my seat as Ben sung micless to Where Could I Go as I couldn't see him because he was leaning over top of us. Ben even commented on my Blazer as I think he remembered meeting me in Nashville. I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts but we "BHIC FANS" are the best fans in the music business. Thank you BHIC for another wonderful, spiritual, moving show.