09.22.07 Upper Darby, PA

Tower Theatre with Piers Faccini

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Broadcast live on WXPN. Piers Faccini sat in on "Masters of War."

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frownkbrown30206's picture

Reminded me of the time I saw Ben at the Bayou in Washinton DC back in 95 or 96, can't remember. But the Like A King/I will Rise ending brought back goosebump memories.

Ben, Please come down to New Zealand. I've seen you in the US, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Luxembourg. But that was a while ago. I need to see you down unda!

mattryan19814935's picture

....the best thing I've ever been in attendance for. I was short of breath when the lights came up.

The DC show was utterly amazing. The Philly show was the DC show on steroids.

garyschuster77795's picture

i have been listening to ben harper for years now. i finally had nthe chance to expirience him live, and it was breath taking. i have never expirienced some one , or a band, with so much passion. when ben sang with out a microphone, and you could actually hear him in the balcony his voice carried so well. it was truly a dream cometrue. i could not have asked for a better evening. thanks ben.

barryyelk40785's picture

Ben rocked and the IC were amazing

mwillemsen210257's picture

p.s. i thought Use Me was fantastic, as well as Masters of War with Piers doing great work. Been listening to Bill Withers now, thanks for that exposure. Hope to see you one more time on this tour.

mwillemsen210257's picture

Thank you Ben and the Innocent Criminals for the amazing show. The opening acoustic set was groovin'. Every song was just perfect, really on, but more than anything for me is the energy, the emotion each guy puts out. Leon's smile, everyone leaning into the songs. How Ben sings every note as if it were the first time is amazing. I mean the passion plus the soulful content is enough to keep anyone coming back.

I was fortunate to see you in Radio City, and this time able to take my mom for her first BHIC experience. Her best friend in France, my Godmother, loves you guys. Thanks again. And thanks for being so generous with the live tracks streaming on BHIC Radio. You guys are the rule for what live shows should be.

cherman1969's picture

My wife and I flew in from Florida for the show and as usual BHIC made the journey more than worth our while. Seeing this band live is simply an amazing experience that is beyond description and one that never gets old. Thanks for a great evening of music in Philly, see you in Jacksonville.

kevin53107's picture

You have to love a musician who can do what Ben and the IC can do. Even in a Theater as large as the Tower, you feel like they are playing just for you. Ben sings and plays like he is feeling each song for the first time. The most honest musician alive! He isn't affraid to try new things, is true to himself, and true to his fans. It was my 20th show with BHIC (by far my favorite) and my wife's first of many to come! Don't be a stranger to Philly Ben!

jjpet1213157's picture

We drove down from NYC because we were out of town for the Radio City show. Incredible show - as always. We dressed up and although only a few others did it was cool. The new album sounded great - Put It On Me is my new favorite and following Use Me Up was a great 1-2 punch at that point in the show. No other band gets the audience up on their feet cheering for all of their new songs that were just released a month ago. Those are typically bathroom breaks for most shows. Not for BHIC - keep the great music and shows coming!

davidtwhitmer1712's picture

Thanks BHIC for a great show. The finale medley was was inspiring, as were "Picture in a Frame", "Whipping Boy", "More Than Sorry" and "Lifeline". Always love your cover choices too. The band is reminscent of the all the all time great rock elements - the instrumentals, the voice, the songwriting, even the lighting rank high on my list. Hope you get back to the Philly area soon. RISE!!

monicawatkins102336188's picture

3rd show this week and it was awesome! I even got to meet all of BHIC after the show. Our seats rocked...we were in the 4th row and it was amazing to watch the band put so much of their energy and soul into the music! Wish we could go to more but our tour for this season is over. THANK YOU ALL FOR SUCH AN AMAZING AND SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE.

dg6628696483's picture

it's a shame how disrespectful some individuals can be. great show fellas. keep up the good work. see you in Atlanta in November

anonymous's picture

once again, a kick ass show. whipping boy was amazing along with masters of war. where could i go - highlight of the evening. way to change it up, i am ready for an amped up rock show though. keep doing your own thing and thanks for a cool birthday present.

smavrikis's picture

Our third and final show of the tour was a wonderful experience as always and even better because our 4 year old son Julien had such a great time too. We thank BHIC and crew for everything. We will carry your inspiration until the next tour. Special thanks to MW! Julien will cherish your gift forever and hopes you got la Tour Eiffel!
Steve and Diane

elderporto's picture

This last guy is a total shit head. If you really didnt like the concert(which I strongly doubt) that say so respectfully. I also heard the concert on the net. It was great to hear the concert but I got frustrated every other song when it would buffer. I loved Masters of War and Use Me. Great show Ben.

cam2188's picture

I must say that after 5 shows this tour I still can't get enough. The show was perfect but the people were a little loud. It's all good though because anything goes at a BHIC concert (according to Ben). I got a chance to meet some true die hard Ben Harper Fans and just about the entire Band. It was a great night.

Bauer24's picture

this show was awesome! i heard it on-line, and made me wish i was there. i've seen them before and they're always on point - this sounded the same - fucking dope. and to the guy who wrote the first review, gungyhermaphs - you could be a retard. do ride the short bus you queer? if you don't like bhic, why did you listen? just to write a "funny" review - go get laid by someone of the opposite sex you homo and stop being an attention whore bag. it's not anyone's fault that you are hung like a midget and have this built up anger because you still live at home with mom and dad - who's also a closet homo. get away from the computer, go loose some weight, get out of the basement and maybe you might get lucky you assblaster. good luck with being a tool bag shit for brains!