09.23.07 Boston, MA

Orpheum Theatre with Piers Faccini

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Piers Faccini sat in on "Masters of War."

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This show renewed my faith in Ben Harper fans after last seeing him w/ Jack Johnson at the Boston Pavilion in '03. Rather than a crowd comprised of teenyboppers talking on cell phones during the show, the crowd was respectful and interested.
Ben appreciated it, I think, and put on a nice performance. Was the setlist predictable? Yes. But all that Ben has ever expected from his fans is musical freedom, so if he wants to play nearly the same set every night, I'll give him that.
High points for me were "Well, Well, Well," as the band came on the stage and huddled up to sing harmony the upbeat songs at the end of the first set that got everyone up and dancing, like "Put it on Me" and "Say You Will" "Whipping Boy" with shades of Robert Johnson meets Jimi--so sick "Masters of War" w/ Piers and the audience tuned in made me feel that there are sane people in this world of confusion "Like a King" > "I'll Rise" the culminating event of a great evening. I had looked forward to this last sequence since I saw that he was ending with it at most of the shows this tour.
I'm feeling _Lifeline_ more and more these days, and as much as I'd like another _Fight For Your Mind_ or _Will to Live_, I've learned to sit back and enjoy each and every journey on which Ben chooses to take me. If we resist his ecclectic artistic directions, he may just pull a '66 Dylan and disappear for 8 years.
Where are we going next, Ben?

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I flew down from Calgary (Canada) to see Ben perform on my birthday and I have to say that it was the best present I ever bought myself! I loved the venue and thought the band and Ben were brilliant. I'd seen BHIC two times previously in outdoor venues (the Gorge 2002 and Vancouver 2004), but this one blew the others away. Comments about the setlist for this tour are silly because for me, I go to a show for what an artist like Ben represents and I trust Ben to put together a good show. He did not disappoint. Every song that Ben and the Innocent Criminals play for us is infused with their hearts and souls... how could it get any better?

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that was awesome! i'm not sure what else to say. it sounded great - they always play with such passion. the crowd was great and they played everything i wanted to hear. not sure what else to write except, if you missed it, you should be kicking yourself right about now. all the new songs translated so well live. i got the chance to meet leon,oliver, and ben after the show and you couldn't meet nicer people. next time they're in boston do yourself a favor and get your ass in the building!

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What an amazing show from start to finish, I was blown away, it was my first ever BHIC show and I couldn't have ask for anything more. I can not wait for the band to come back around the Boston area. I would also like to personally thank Oliver Charles for being so cool and hanging out with a few of us diehard fans after the show, and thank you Ben for taking the time to come over and met with us as well. Truly a once in a lifetime experience, thanks again.

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So sad that Ben still needs to be playing Like a King/Ill Rise. Keep thinking about the Jena 6

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We drove from Maine too.
What is the 11th Commandment anyway? Just realizing that Ive never thought of it.
Ben always seems to play my favorite Ben songs, maybe cause I have so many... Well Well Well, Where can I go?, Two Hands of Prayer, Whipping Boy (havent heard that for a while), Lifeline.
Seems to me like the crowds are getting better about being quiet but still must admit that it was rather annoying when people were cheering in the middle of songs. I was ready for a 12 minute Lifeline. The age old question of what to do about the meatheads. Along with convincing everyone to give up alcohol, still think that we oughta strategically pass out squirt bottles to use to try to help to enlighten the big mouths.
I thought Ben and the band were right on. Everyone seems energized and in good health. Ben was really giving back to the fans, very gracious, singing off mic, full of courage himself.
I love the dressed up look. Dr. Ben, Ben the Elder, Ben the Priest...
Had a future vision... Ben much older, dreadlocks, eye glasses, sitting there doctoring his peoples with music.
This aint to say that I think that hes a saint or anything just someone rare and fearless.
Absolute best show around these days. Well, maybe except for when the Dalai Lama is playing Green Tara. Best rock show.
Wish I was in Montreal.

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ehhhhh, to each his own, jake. i was at the 2nd pavilion show last year, and i was at the orpheum show last night, and i thought last night's show blew away last year's, by a mile.

the band was note-perfect the entire night, and i've never heard ben's voice sound that perfect. last year he sounded very, very strained and couldn't hit a bunch of the higher notes. not so last night.

yes, they played the entire new record last night and the set in general was entirely predictable, but i personally could care less what they decide to play. i know that every time i'm going to get my money's worth.

just wish the orpheum would be nice enough to let people know when they're paying $56 for seats with such an obstructed view that you can only see ben, juan and oliver.

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honestly this was a very dissapointing tour from BHIC. I took the 5 hour drive up to Burlington for front row seats at the Flynn and the concert was not what I expected. I am a huge music lover and Ben Harper is a phenominal artist and my favorite musician. His music is meaningful and beautiful and he will save music in this day and age...sadly both concerts (burlington and boston) were honestly not good. The band did not utilize the intimate settings. Instead they played all new, upbeat, rock songs. The acoustics in the orpheum were awful and Ben played essentially the same set list in both venues. His pavillion performances (especially #2) last year made these shows look terrible. The only 5 songs I truly enjoyed throughout both sets were By My Side, Lifeline, Amen Omen, Where Could I Go, and Two Hands Of A Prayer. Thank you for the attempt Ben but it did nothing for me...needless to say I will be at your next concert when you come around however.

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Thank you BHIC for another great show. The best description I can come up with for BHIC and the impressive musical experience they offer is truth and music. Once one understands this, the trick then becomes to try and live that truth in every aspect of one's own life. Remember, truth will never fail you.

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Wow. What a great venue for a BHIC show! From the first few notes, the crowd was into it, and tne band seemed genuinely pleased to be performing in Boston again. This was totally different from my last BHIC concert(show # 2 at the BOA Pavillion last September): The Orpheum's intimate setting lent itself well to intimate songs. Going from old school gems like Whipping Boy right into the intensely reflective "Younger Than Today" proved how this artist remains true to the music- this show was EXACTLY what longtime fans, given the chance, would have asked for! Masters of War with Piers Faccini was teriffic and unexpected, and to close the show with "Like a King/I'll Rise"? Awesome...took me back to Bates College in Lewiston, 02/08/2001!! Since my very first live Ben Harper experience at Great Woods in Mansfield, MA opening up for Pearl Jam to the present, BHIC continues to eschew sales charts and hype for one thing- the music. Ben nailed it- no crap radio, no crap video, just great music!! My great thanks to both the performers and crew involved with Sunday night's show- as always, it was well worth the long drive from Maine.