09.25.07 Montréal, Canada

Theatre St. Denis with Piers Faccini

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Piers Faccini sat in on "Masters of War."

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First time at the piano. Very intimate. Blissful.

ryanquennell26026's picture

WOW... what a show thanks so much bhic... this was my third bhic show and third bhic venue.. just gettting better and better...like they say the third times a charm..piers faccini was great..and st.denis theatre was a perfect place to showcase such talent...come to ottawa ben..thank you thank you thank you

PJGoats's picture

Excellent show! Over the years, they simply kepp getting better and diverse...lovin' it!
Looking forward to the Toronto show on the 29th...hoping to hear Beloved One as a super extra bonus! Next time make a stop in Ottawa...we'd love to see ya back here!

Cheers and THANK-YOU BHIC!!

woo_mi12402's picture

Thank-you Ben for such an amazing show. It was very moving. I knew you only by ballads on the radio and respect from the people. But the music was alive with funk and rock and I loved it! Going to your show was part of a 5 year celebration for myself and my partner. Thank-you again for a memorable night!
You inspire me. Roses from my friends, Where could I go, I'll Rise. Thank-you.

sharkattax70808's picture

Just returned home to Kingston, Ontario from the second show in Montreal and am still blown away. One of the best shows I've ever seen. The intimate setting, the interaction with the crowd and of course a set list that always has a surprise. Thank you Ben and The Innocent Criminals!! You are the best at what you do. I will be at every show I possibly can.

dave_matthews_4_life19874's picture

Simply amazing... From the 1st note of 11th Commandment until the last word of I'll Rise I was blown away! The venue made for a very intimate setting and Ben and the boys took total advantage of it. Ben put so much emotion into every single lyric! Welcome To The Cruel World & Roses From My Friends were excellent surprises and the acapella during Where Could I Go was fantastic.

I'd like to thank Ben for last night and all the amazing music he continues to make. Any music fan should experience Ben live at least once just to witness a legend at work.

plucking's picture

Merci Ben Harper, cette fois ci je me suis pas evanouie !!!( longue histoire )
T'es un idole ! t'es le mien !!!!

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