09.28.07 Toronto, Canada

Massey Hall with Piers Faccini

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Piers Faccini sat in on "Masters of War."

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All I have to say is thank you. I dont know if you guys realize how good and true your music is. Every show I have been to and had the privilege of hearing is like another unforgettable moment in time. Thank you for coming to Toronto for 2 nights. If it was 100 I would be all of them.

Come back soon so that I can expose more people to your music and live shows.

Thank you Ben, Juan, Leon, Oliver, Jason and Michael. Your music is truly amazing. Keep it coming.

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Pivotal point in my life...actually.
Loved it.


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this was my 4th ben show and i have to say the best yet. we always have a good time.

see ya next time around


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No words can describe the Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals concert experience... It's church, spirituality, love, passion, soul and most of all meaningful music from the HEART...


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Ben and The Innocent Criminals never disappoint! My 6th time going and the shows keep getting better! Loved Not Fire, Not Ice! Thank you Ben for an incredible evening...we may just have to go to tonight's performance as well.

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Just a wonderful show. While it didn't have the atmosphere of the outdoor Amphitheatre shows of past years, the small setting let Ben use even the slightest facial expression or nod to connect to everyone in the audience. The guys were flawless as usual, with Juan in particular etting much love from the crowd. The playlist included so many favourites and songs I wish I could replay over and over.

In particular, "Use Me" got us all on our feet, "Where Would I Go" charmed us, and "Not Fire, Not Ice" has us completely enchanted to close the show.

The review on canoe.ca should make it to the press room, hopefully, because it captures the evening perfectly.