10.28.07 Birmingham, AL

Alabama Theatre with Donavon Frankenreiter

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Thank you Ben for such a wonderful night. It was mine and my Husbands one year anniversary, and also his first time seeing you. He was blown away. We waited outside to wish you a Happy Birthday. We got to meet Juan, wich by the way is a sweetheart and also meet Michael that night. I really hope you enjoyed your birthday as much as we enjoyed the concert! Keep fighting and we'll be right behind you!

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THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for coming to Alabama
we never get good shows here . Ive been to bonaroo and ive been to Liverpool but ive never seen a show like yours . Loved the format please come back soon , maybe Mobile
we have a wonderfully restored historic theater

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Great show, clearly one of the best I have seen at the Ala Theater. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and we hope you guys had a great experience in Bham. Please come back to Alabama again! Happy Birthday!!

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Thank you Ben and the Innocent Criminals for a fantastic performance at the Alabama Theatre last night! sorry for some of the disrespectful fans there where, hopefully that will not stop you comming back here! This had to be one of the best concert i have been to in a while!hopefully this birthday was one to remember! thank you again for a great show, and hopefully next year i can say the same!

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What an amazing show. I hope you guys come back to Birmingham soon.

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Each time I have seen one of your shows, I have been incredibly impressed and amazed. The show last night definitely did not disappoint! This is the type of concert that is worth the money everytime. Thank you for taking the time to really involve the audience and make it feel so intimate. It is such a beautiful thing to touch people in such a powerful way through music. I hope that you all enjoyed being in Birmingham as much as we enjoyed having you here. Please come back again as soon as possible!

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Fantastic show. Living in Alabama, the chances to see Ben Harper are few and far between. Outside Bonnaroo, this is the first time I have been able to see him in concert. BHIC did not disapoint the sold out crowd. While I do not know the setlist I was still captivated by the incredible performance and showmanship the entire band had shown. The highlite of this show was Ben singing unamplified in the very front of the stage. His angelic voice filled that old grand theatre. The hushed crowd sat quietly and drank in this brilliant piece of artistic expression. It was almost a perfect concert moment. Almost, until some drunken boobs decided to interupt this beautiful moment by shouting over Ben. Pay attention to this girl in the last row on the floor. This is directed especially at you! How selfish and puerile must one be to destroy what that band is working to achieve. You are not the focus of attention for this sold out crowd. Unfortunately, your vapid behavior stold focus from where it rightfully belonged. I prayed someone would literally smack you. When asked to quite down, you became louder and more abusive. You and your ilk are not wanted at our concerts. Please inform the other classless, narcissistic yobs to stay away. I hope these people do not prevent BHIC from playing Birmingham again.

Other than that... this show was quite impressive. Thank you BHIC.

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great show bhic!thank you for coming back to alabama.it has been way too long.we love you guys music and vibe!please come back soon!

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I heard you for the first time last night. I was working at the Alabama Theatre. I got one of your CDs before I left, I havent stopped listening to it. I love your music.
You did an awesome show last night!
I really really enjoyed it.
Thanks for coming to Birmingham, come back soon!

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Wonderful show tonight. Happy Birthday, Ben. Thank you for the wonderful wonderful experience. We hope you come back to Alabama soon!

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Happy Birthday, Ben! Thank you for all of the joy that you bring. Have a great day!

Amy Floden