10.29.07 Memphis, TN

Orpheum Theatre with Donavon Frankenreiter

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BHIC brought and owned the funk that night. A mesmerizing setlist with soul-felt jams in Whipping Boy and Hoochie Coochie Man and heart-aching lyrics in Not Fire Not Ice (my hopeful for the evening), got people out of their seats and under their spell. The Orpheum provided such a regal background for the show, it couldn't have been richer.
I most appreciated the rousing ending with Like a King/I'll Rise - amazing concert, amazing artistry, left me amazed.
Hope to see you add a show in NC next tour

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This was a wonderful show!!!! Yes I wished I could have stuck a dirty sock in the mouths of a few idots that wouldn't shut up. (2 young girls behind me that talked the intire show)

This was my 3 time of seeing Ben and the crew and the each show has been so good and never the same. A true artist!!!

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Wow...Memphis show was absolutely amazing! It was my first time seeing you guys live but definitely won't be the last. This was the only concert I have never drank a drop of alcohol at b/c I didn't want to miss one moment! Thanks for the incredible experience I will never forget it!

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Once again, what an awesome show.After 12 years of catching live shows, the BHIC never seems to disapoint! Kim & I didn't think the KC show in the rain last summer could be beat! Well BHIC got us again! Thanks for your music and your inspiration, IT IS A REASON TO LIVE! Look forward to seeing Y'all soon, maybe Jazzfest 2008?

With Appreciation & Respect,
The Purple Suit Guy,you said to dress up!

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By far the best part, "Where could I go" when he was singing without a mic. Who else could sing without a mic and still be heard over all of the rednecks with such clarity. Ben is incredible.

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Unbelievable. I've been a big BHIC fan for years, but this show at the beautiful Alabama Theatre was my first time seeing them live. I was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY!! Thanks guys for an incredible show, and I hope you'll come back to Birmingham again soon. Hope you had a good time. Thanks again.

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My first ever Ben Harper show. I have even more respect for Ben and the Innocent Criminals after the show than I did before. I was in the balcony (almost alone)centre stage. The show was incredible and Ben Harper is truly special. Thanks Ben and the IC's for More than Sorry

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Last night was my first Ben harper show and I had an amazing time! My wife surprised me with tickets(she heard me mention the show a few months ago). She had never listened to Ben but she is a huge new fan regardless. My only complaint was the sound was off at times, sometimes the music would overpower the vocals.

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My husband and I truly enjoyed the show in Memphis. We had fun dressing up for the show and I was so excited to hear some of the same songs I heard at my 1st BHIC concert back in 1999 in Houston. Not fire not ice is a special song for us (had some friends play it during our wedding ceremony) and we were shocked when Ben played it during the encore. Although I liked the chilled atmosphere, I'm glad that people got up and started dancing because I was squirming in my seat and was wondering how I was going to sit still for 2 hours. Also like to make a special request for a stop in Little Rock on future tours.

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sorry about writing above i meant to write it in alabama theatre! sorry!

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That was my third BHIC show, and I loved the small venue. I thought the crowd was very responsive to calls from Ben to sing along, which showed how into the show everyone was.
Elvis, Muddy, and Bill...thanks for that. Closing with Like a King/ I'll Rise was superb.

Can't wait for the next show!

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I just want to say what an incredible experience it was last night the orpheum is an incredible venue with and equally incredible band. there is something about the music that moves my soul. it was wonderful guys!!!

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Thanks to BHIC for a fantastic evening at the Forum. I've waited many years to see them play in this area (other than Memphis in May festival). The band seemed to enjoy playing for us as musch as we enjoyed them. Ben's voice was as crisp and smooth as ever.

Highlights for me included a serious Whipping Boy, the three covers they "worked up backstage" and the closer of Like a King/I'll Rise. I'm also really warming up to the entire "Lifeline" album. The only negative the entire night was the drunk idiots who continued to yell out during Ben's accapella performance and throughout the end of the show.

Thanks so much for playing in Memphis and return soon!


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The Orpheum was ideal for a Ben Harper show. I drove from SE Arkansas (3hrs) and would do it again in a heartbeat. The highlight was definitely "Where Could I Go". When he stepped away from the mike I was amazed at how well the song carried without the amplification. It was beautiful. I wish I had heard "Waiting on an Angel" or "Roses from My Friends" but he can't fit everyone's favorites into the show or it'd go on for two days.

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great job last night! last night night was my first time seeing you live and I was very impressed with how good you were live. I hate that the drunken fools tried to take the spotlight off all yall who deserved much respect with how talented yall are and how much passion yall performed with! hope to see BHIC again soon!

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We just want to thank Ben and the guys for coming to Memphis. We always enjoy a BHIC show anywhere we catch one, but close to home is always nice. These guys get better every time we see them. Great show! Wish it would have lasted all night. Donavon Frankenreiter was cool, but we would love to see an all BHIC show sometime. Thanks again Innocent Criminals can't wait for our next show.

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Excellent show. It was all good (save for the disrespectful crowd yelling), but Paris Sunrise was something special. I just stood there with mouth agape for the entire duration. Truly magical. Hope you return soon. Love you guys.

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Great show. What a beautiful set list and setting. It owuld be nice if the drunk kids would learn to stop yelling and listen to the music that would be nice. What a great evening. Thanks Ben and the Criminals. Come back soon please.

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The band was really tight last night and seemed to be enjoying themselves thoroughly. Thanks to you guys for coming to Memphis and letting us listen in with you in such an intimate setting. I can't point to a single favorite moment in the night because every one was so very nice. I only wish that the crowd would have been a little more quiet, but there's nothing BHIC can do about that. Guys thanks again and we hope you enjoyed your night in Memphis as much as we did.