11.01.07 Jacksonville, FL

Florida Theatre with Donavon Frankenreiter

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Was that a great show or what?, my fourth and I was stoked to meet Juan and Leon. They were hanging outside before the show, and I don't know if people didn,t recognize them or were just giving them space. They were very gracious .good times....

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Every time we think they can't sound any better...we're proven wrong. It was great to hear the new stuff live for the 1st time...We too are fools for a lonesome train! Special surprises in the form of Tom Petty's "Breakdown" and Bill Withers "Use Me" were awesome and amazing. Please, please add Otis Redding's "These Arms of Mine" to your repertoire!!

Excellent show!

maxedoubt7784's picture

Magical as always. Ben and the guys took it to a whole new level this time. Looking forward to next year already. Thanks for an amazing evening.

cherman1969's picture

Wow, simply an amazing night. BHIC music touches your soul like no other band performing today is remotely close to doing. After asking for the last couple of years, my 6 year old son was finally old enough to join my wife and I to a BHIC show, he had a great time and claims he was the luckiest boy in the world on that evening. Thanks BHIC for another unbelievable evening of music and one that my family and I will always remember.

wpjdrumman93497's picture

Chilling...a most beautifully moving moment in my life! What a night! I have been to many many amazing shows...but this...Mr. Harper you've outdone yourself. I've seen BHIC 3 other times which have been incredible...but this night was something different...this was music and its meaning in the deepest sense. The best and most meaningful show I have ever seen and felt! Thank You for sharing with us what music really is! - Walter, Orlando FL

meowbears78193's picture

What a night! First of all, the fox theater is beautiful. Next trip there i'm definitely sitting in the balcony, the ceiling is effin amazing! Ben and the boys were tight as always. To open with please me like you want to was a welcome surprise. Haven't heard whipping boy live in ten years or more (took me back to my first show at the Georgia Theater circa 1995). But the icing on the cake was the cover of Breakdown. Ben takes songs and covers them as if the original artist wrote it just for him to sing. I'm a lifelong fan as well and will always make an effort to catch ben and the i.c. whenever they're close by. Your music has and will forever be the most true and poetic inspiration that plays like a soundtrack in all i do. Much appreciation and respect. Positive Vibration- A.Turner

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Just arrived home...was blessed to take in both the Miami and Jacksonville shows...It's been an amazing few days...my feet still haven't touched the ground...Ben & the IC's never let us down...they refuel our souls to keep us going until the next tour...Thank you Ben for all that you are...

sgurdog18186's picture

amazing show! love, love, loved paris sunrise leading into lifeline...it sounded so much better live than on the album and ben was flawless in his delivery, both musically and vocally.

younger than today had me on the verge and was nice to see him on the keys. needed you tonight was as passionate as i had hoped. gather round the stone was also a treat. like a king/i'll rise was phenominal.

ben gets better with every album and i'm looking forward to his next offering. right now i'm still feasting on lifeline. thank you ben.

rachaelwest2050807's picture

Fabulous show at Jax! The setting was perfect for such an intimate show. The vibe and song choices were amazing. With every tour, BHIC offers something new and this tour definitely raised the bar. Can't wait to see what's next.

Donavon Frankenreiter was a perfect addition. Would've loved to see him play with BHIC.

johnhulland28325's picture

My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the show. This was her 2nd BHIC show and my 8th. I first saw Ben Harper 12 Years ago open for Dave Matthews Band and I knew I would be a fan for life. One of the first BHIC Tours that I saw was the Burn to Shine tour were I was front row at a venue that was half the size of the Florida Theater. The LIFELINE Tour is certainly something very different and that is awesome. Who wants to go see a band and their doing exacly what they did 5 years ago? No one.

My only complaint to BHIC is NO JUAN NELSON SOLO?????? Why Ben???? I mean the guy is obviously a bass monster. I guess the song selection just was'nt right for a bass solo. Regardless, I love his bass lines and his pocket is deep.

Would have loved to hear anything off of Diamonds on the Inside. You can't make everyone happy I guess.

All and all great show. Loved Breakdown - my favorite Tom Petty. Could have dont without the Use Me just because I have heard a million coverbands do that song. Ben used to be know for doing interesting covers - "The Drugs Don't Work", "Manic Depression" you know, tunes like that.

It did seem a little bit like the band was disinterested. But Ben was certainly there for his fans. Thanks dude.


ONE JAH RASTAFARI - Hailee Salassie I

lahierophant96865's picture

This was my third BHIC show. I was excited about the different format of a sit down/dress up mood. I love Ben rocking out, but I loved seeing the other side. Highlight were the opening "Well, well, well" with the IC all doing back up in their snazzy digs. Ben did a sick version of "Whipping Boy" and covered Tom Petty's "Breakdown." He played almost every song from Lifeline. Got on the piano for "Younger than Today." He was so powerful up there and the IC individually stood out in different songs. I was angered by the inconsiderate select few who decided to stand up and stagger dance and block the view for everyone behind them. Everyone paid their money, but please, be considerate. I was sad he didn't play "Two Hands of a Prayer". Also, "Where would I go" he hushed the crowd and sang sans mic, like a pastor and his congregation, we were captivated on the church house steps! He phased out the night with Paris Sunrise #7 & ended with Lifeline and I left with tears in my eyes for the beautiful privilege to partake in the presence of these fine gentlemen. Opener Donavon Frankenreiter was notable too. Overall, the performance last night left me wanting more, made me want to follow this tour and see what was in store for each town, as they are very versatile in setlist and performance. I'm sad that he didn't come out afterwards and greet the fans, I really had my heart set on that, but his family was in town, and I can't be mad at that. If you miss out on this tour, you're missing out on a side of BHIC that's rarely seen.

nooner5532437's picture

Not even sure what to say - my mind was blown I've been to ALOT of shows in my life over the last 20 years. I first saw BH about 13 years ago. This was one of the best, if not THE best performance I have ever seen by any artist/band. Ben is absolutely on fire. I swear he was channelling spirits at times... he was just so intense and there was so much great energy flowing out of him. The band was tight too, but Ben is just at the top of his talent... can't wait to see what the future brings. Unbelievable!

dana.r.marrs7743's picture

#1 show of the year and best ever BHIC we've seen of the 5 we've been blessed to watch. Could not have been happier with the performance, sound, theater, energy level, set list, crowd and on and on. We're big time fans and always will be. Thanks for a great night and we hope to hear you live again real soon. Turn it up!

sgurdog18186's picture

also, i might add, that Where Could I Go was perhaps the single most powerful concert moment of my life. i felt a collective chill run up the spine of every soul in the building. ben broke it down for this sinner. amen brother, amen!

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To say we were dumbfounded is a vast understaement! This is as good as it gets,absolutely awesome performance and crowd response seemed to spur the band to even higher
performance level.Concert of the year for us? Try best of the decade!! Thanks for a great musical memory and we WILL see you again! Mike and Janet Merrill, Clearwater, Fla

mikehanakai24831's picture

Captivating, stunning, - I'm still in awe of the amazing passion combined with live talent. You guys are all time favorites of my 30 years on earth. Highlight of the acapella of where will I go. My wife and I are long time fans of you guys. next time we will look forward to meeting you all!!

skylervm21012's picture

I just got home from the show and I couldn't have had a better time. I kind of wish I would've known about dressing up earlier, but oh well. After seeing the Voodoo show last weekend, I decided I had to come to this show. Not only was the Voodoo show amazing, but so was this one. Both were great for different reasons, but this show was especially neat because of how small and close the theater was. I really hope they do another theater tour like this sometime in the near future. I've been a fan for a long time, but for some reason had never been to a show before last weekend. I'll definitely be going a lot more often. I can't thank you guys enough for the shows you put on and the music you make. Keep up the good work!

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By far the best concert i have ever seen in my entire life! Please come back to Jacksonville next year! Amazing!

jimiwinters46841's picture

Inspired, amazing performance by Ben and the band tonight. He seemed truly touched by the response from an amazing crowd. Can't wait to see you back in Jacksonville.