billie.ackerman19745's picture

Great show...but nothing like the Tabernacle in '05!

metroconnections's picture

Restlessly looking for a "Breakdown" rendition by Ben ever since, Unsuccessfully... COME ON!!!

SuziB's picture

I was there

rmhjbhaol's picture

sat second row center with my wife. Need I say more than absolutely unbelievable!!!

restless.soul312367's picture

What a night it was.The greatest show I have ever witnessed.Ben and the boys brought down the roof fosho...the song selection was great as well.Couldn't ask for anything better.
I will def. see them again in the future.
Thanks Ben and the IC for the highlight of my life.

anonymous's picture

Wow.. Ben and the band really did it again!! What a beautiful place to have such a magical nite with great friends and incredible music. BHIC has been such a gift to all of us fans out there, and it is always a blessing to see them do a live show. one of the best concerts of my life(behind the tabernacle of course) but there are absolutely no complaints here!! Oh yeah and a Tom petty cover, you have got to be kidding me! Ben you guys are truly amazing...plz come back soon and satisfy my soul one more time! Peace and BHIC forever!!!

cosmicgirl1462905's picture

Wow! This was my very first show and I can't say enough positive things about it. I had a stroke of bad luck the night before because my house got broken into...and I was hesitant to go to the show. I really needed to hear "Fight Outta You" and got to!! Thank you Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. How about "When She Believes" next time?

idenmc169138's picture

-Excuse me Mr., for I have been missing your live performances since the first time those sounds consumed me back in '94. Many shows I've witnessed at the Fox Theater have remained with me for years because I considered them "as good as it gets". Unfortunatly those shows will now have to accept the bronze and silver rakings because a man and his band have taken the live performance to another level. The Greatest. For all of the lucky souls that witnessed you professing love under the star lit sky, I thank you.

sweeet_ga_peach4u53680's picture

This was my first BHIC show but I have been a diehard fan since my first listen to Fight for Your Mind many years ago. Somehow I never made it to a show. When this opportunity presented itself in my hometown at a venue like The Fox, I KNEW I could not miss it. When he opened with "Please Me Like You Want To" I had tears in my eyes. The entire show was amazing. Ben singing mic-less was a concert moment of a lifetime. I had great seats, a perfect view of Ben, and an INCREDIBLE evening. Thanks guys!!

suzieblue's picture

Even though nothing can beat my first Harper show, it was still amazing! I had so much fun and the encore rocked!!!!!! I was looking through the sets from the other venues and I found purple rain! I would have killed to be in that audience! I missed puplr rain, BUT I did get Breakdown!!! Killed it! It was fantastic! Like a king/I'll rise! in Georgia!!! It was on of the best things I've ever seen in my life! Although there was a a big fat guy in front of us, Harper and the criminals made my night!

Rock on Juan and Leon!!!!

d.scotthompson38926's picture

I have to agree that nothing can top the Tabernacle show and we probably should not expect that any show would. I have to admit after reviewing the set lists from other shows and viewing the Lifeline DVD, I considered selling my tickets. I thought they were serious about it being a sit down, acoustic show. However, I was very wrong. This show was excellent. It was a fun time and I think it accomplished what they intended. It was like a night out out at a club. There was something for everyone and as long as you weren't expecting the hits and your favorites songs, you probably loved it. It was a night to just appreciate their skill and genius and that is fine. I can listen to Amen Omen, Please Bleed and Glory and Consequence, etc. on my own. Thanks to Ben and the guys for another great experience!

perryd1289301's picture

Another truly magical evening with BHIC. You guys looked super fly all dressed up. I enjoyed pimpin my dress clothes as well. Thank you for always bringing down the house and preforming your asses off. I am like a lot of folks still yet the show at the Tabernacle has been the best for me. But I do want to thank you Ben for Where Could I Go. My fav cousin passed away in early October and his name was Brian but most called him "B". That song was played at his funeral and I picked it. So I really felt his presence through that song and when u came out acapella I felt it was for me. Keep on truckin guys. ONE LOVE!!!

widespreadmusic32227's picture

How about that show? The Please Me opener was such a nice treat. The entire flow of the setlist was great. Loved the special little moments like when they stopped in the middle of "Use Me" and the crowd went nuts. I was completely surprised by the cover of "Breakdown". It was meant to be because earlier in the day I just got done watching the Tom Petty documentary movie "Running Down a Dream". I am sure Tom Petty influenced Ben at some point in his life. The "Like a King" closer in Dr King's home town with special chants was amazing. Overall it was perfect. Loved the set and colors throughout the show. Check out YouTube for some clips from the show! Still my all time favorite Ben show is the 2005 Tabernacle ATL show. 28 songs over 3 hours long. We were front row on the balcony when he climbed up and walked the balcony. Got to shake his hand and help hold him up from falling. Can't beat that momement/concert.. What a rock star!

meowbears78193's picture

What a night! First of all, the fox theater is beautiful. Next trip there i'm definitely sitting in the balcony, the ceiling is effin amazing! Ben and the boys were tight as always. To open with please me like you want to was a welcome surprise. Haven't heard whipping boy live in ten years or more (took me back to my first show at the Georgia Theater circa 1995). But the icing on the cake was the cover of Breakdown. Ben takes songs and covers them as if the original artist wrote it just for him to sing. I'm a lifelong fan as well and will always make an effort to catch ben and the i.c. whenever they're close by. Your music has and will forever be the most true and poetic inspiration that plays like a soundtrack in all i do. Much appreciation and respect. Positive Vibration- A.Turner

carolinablue's picture

I always feel blessed to see Ben & The IC
however I did not feel blown away from this show. I have seen Ben several times since 1996 and this one was just ok. The Fox is really a magical place. I did really enjoy parts of the show I just do not think that the set list was strong or pieced together well. Ben and the IC will always be my favorite band and I will always support these guys and travel many miles to see them. Just a thought.

anonymous's picture

WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT GUYS!!!!!!!!! My two girlfriends and I danced the night away front row with y'all, and I'm amazed that each show keeps getting better and better! Thank you for all that y'all do- your music is my inspiration every day! We will see you again very soon - a lifelong fan always and forever-
Anna Bett Moore xoxo

PS- Thank you for your drumstick Leon!!!!!

dsimon15783's picture

I liked the show, but wish donovan Frankenreiter would have had a band supporting him.

cjohns7488310's picture

Wow. What else can you say I was amazed when he first walked on stage and still am. A great show, great venue, and an amazing experience. I cant wait till the next show.

shfrey's picture

Watching "Say You Will" live was so much fun! One of the most fun songs I've ever seen BHIC play live. THANKS!

pjg_gns30022's picture



jessica.blount781's picture

This show was my first Ben show and what a show it was! I knew it would be amazing but I had no idea. I am about 5 mos. prego and i felt the baby move for the first time last night! It was probably the most amazing experience for the mind, body and soul! Come back SOON!!!

OH! and when he sang a capella ... i felt the earth move!

sean40426's picture

Ben & the boys do it again in Atlanta!
The show was phenomenal! Doing it right in Atlanta as the ending with "Like a King, I'll Rise" in Martin's hometown as well as going Mic-less in one the nation's oldest & best theatres with "Where could I go", Ben could not of lifted the spirit in the room anymore! After seeing many BHIC shows over the years, I am always impressed with the amazing talent and ability to impress over and over. Lifelong fan!!

Sean Powell
Atlanta, Ga.

scarlett.yancy33370's picture

This is the first time I had seen "Excuse Me Mister" performed live. It was amazing! "Where Could I Go" was great too, I saw him do this at the Ryman in Nashville but that venue was much smaller, I never expected him to pull that off at the Fox!

anonymous's picture

Truly amazing show!
Ben and boys brought down the house!
It was hot up in the Fox last night!

Sick! Sick! Sick!

booknutt89646's picture

What an amazing show!
Two Hands of a Prayer & Gold To Me to me alone were enough, but then pile on the rest of the show! Wow!

shfrey's picture

what a night! ben quieted down the entire audience & sang part of "Where could I Go" WITHOUT a mic!! Loved it guys. What a special treat to see Donovan F too.

ryan.e.prince96791's picture

It was my the first BHIC show for my wife and I and I had absolutely no idea how powerful and awesome the performance would be. I am speechless and you made my wife a new fan. It'll take a week for me to put all my feelings into words so you really just get this: It was PERFECT! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!