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I heared about Ben Harper and the Innocent Crimials from my sister about four years ago, I usually do not go one day without listening to the beautiful sounds they make. So, there was no doubt I would definately be going to the first show I heard of. There it was a tour date two days after my twenty fifth birthday! I put off paying my light bill to go. Dipite my boyfriend getting drunk and passing out, I endulged in the music as I cried not because he was asleep, but because my dream had finally come true! Looking throughmy binoculors, screaming and singing along , I was no doubt the happiest I had been in a realy long time. To make along story short although my boyfriend ended up outside right before the encore and I excitedly ended up closer to the stage! Now my boyfriend accuses me of loving Ben Harper more. Hopefully that wasnt a one time thing, please come back! I DO LOVE YOU GUYS!

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Hey, guys! First of all, thank you Ben and the IC for giving my wife and me an incredible experience that we will never forget. Ben, that was the most inspiring display of self expression and spiritual awareness that I have ever witnessed in my life at the end of the show. It was a beautiful message. And sorry about the drunk girl that kept interrupting there at the and.

And memo to mad guy Ben did seem a little amazed at the crowd's reaction in San Antonio. Many artists have fallen in love with the city and we get new ones showing up all of the time because of the beautiful people and historical aspect and approach that we try and deliver to our visitors. People have come to know us. We are a wonderful and down to earth city that has been growing and growing and has taken on a lot of riff raff from other areas. My apologies for the poor guy's wife, but sir your bashing was a little poor for this web site. Am I the city's ambassador du jour?

No, but I was the guy in the front row that kept yelling, "Welcome to San Antonio, Ben". I was also the guy that got a high five from him. I am also the guy that was purposefully tossed the drum stick after the final song. It might have been that fact that I was also the guy that danced his goofy white boy from San Antonio butt off the entire show. That was a real vibe that they put out that night. Pure, positive and full of light. Sorry if anyone had a bad time in our city unless you hate the Spurs then via con dios, babosos.

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This was a truly amazing show, surreal almost. I have to agree somewhat about the crowd though, especially during the acapella. The man obviously has that part of the show planned, let him get on with it. The silence is his opportunity to get some acapaella in for everyone to enjoy, not YOUR once in a lifetime opportunity to let Ben Harper know how much you like him, or your opportunity to have everyone hear whatever bs you think is clever enough to shoutout. Overall no complaints though. Ben Harper is my all time favorite artist and I felt blessed to had to have driven only 4 hours to see him. Ordinarily it would have been a significant amount longer as he never comes anywhere near the valley.

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Still haven't come down from this show! What a glorious evening! This show is in my top 7 of hundreds that I've attended! Some of these comments, though, are a bit of a hoot! BH & TIC are about love, passion, and PEACE! Contrary to what I read in some of these posts, I went in expecting to have a wonderful dinner before the show and a fabulous evening of music---AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I GOT! I couldn't care less if the dancing girl was blocking my view 75 of the time...yes, this was a theatre tour but it's STILL A CONCERT and there is no set etiquette for show'll get flashing camera's in every city, not just San Antonio...all I know is that the band sure as heck seemed to enjoy this crowd...and as a reward, we received a top notch, inspired performance...PEACE, just enjoy the music...PS: so many cool people at this was a pleasure hearing the guitar playing after the show, original songwriting, and hanging out with plain 'ole NICE music fans...

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Thank goodness some positive responses are coming. I thought it was a wonderful experience all around. We were 2nd row and were absolutely blown away. This show was so different than previous ones we've seen and we loved every minute of it. I wish I could see Ben Harper perform all the time. It just fills me up! Once a year just isn't enough. As far as the negativity goes, I think (I could be wrong) they love the excited fans. Yes, a few get a little crazy, but they did play 21 songs for us, more than they had to, and they seemed pumped up. Ben Harper has an amazing presence and worked the crowd into the mania that existed from time to time. If he wanted everyone to stay calm and mellow, I bet he could have made it happen.

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Why are there no pictures from our show here in San Antonio? I have been waiting almost a week for them. Please post them for us fans!

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first of all, after reading the reviews- obviously you people think that san antonio is classless, but to argue:
1. i was very respectful to ben and the ic.
2. one or two jackasses in the crowd cannot speak to the culture we have in our town.
3. ben played an amazing show, lifeline live i mean come on!
4. he covered breakdown, how incredible was that?
5. we came around the tour buses at two am after the show and got to meet the band- a good group of ghuys to be sure.

overall, ive seen a lot of shows this year (damien rice, chris cornell, muse, etc) and this one was in the top three for sure. coming from some one who appreciated ben before the show, and became a ben die hard after- san antonio was very lucky to have such a class act in the majestic that night!

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Did the photographer have the night off?

It looks like we're the only show that didn't get pics.

Either way... Amazing show. As always.

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My experience was nothing but exceptional, spiritually, musically, emotionally. Thank you Ben and the ICs for a magical show. Hands down you guys are at the TOP of my list. I felt that the crowd was great and that Ben/IC were totally into it. I was acutally pleasantly surprised at how much the SA crowd appreciated the music. I am counting the days until I can see you guys again. I can't get enough. God bless!

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I did not go to this show but the one in Jacksonville. It was great--but I am disappointed he played "Two Hands of A Prayer" "Picture in A Frame" & "Forever" for you guys. I didn't get any of those tracks. My show was the first time he played "Breakdown" but he is doing everywhere. I will continue to see Ben Harper but I am disappointed and envious that he decided to bypass some of the most essential songs of the tour on my show. I feel like we got totally cheated. :(

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WOW. Haven't been to a concert since Al Green a couple of years back but after seeing BHIC it might be another while until I see another. It's like if you made Gone With The WInd, what do you do for an encore? Might as well die and go to heaven right then and there. The performance was inpired. That vibe certainly passed through everyone in that room to create a shared experience that will be remembered for a very long time. Even though I won't forget, I still made a playlist of the show to juice me every now and then.

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Live and let live. The concert was awesome. Everyone enjoyed it in their own way.

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BEST BHIC SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN!!! I have seen Ben at least a dozen times but this was by far the best show I have seen. I saw him just last week at voodoo and thought that was a great show. I was wrong. This was my girlfriends first Ben show and she was completely floored. She was already a fan, but I think this made her one for life. Seventh row, dead center seats didn't hurt either! Thanks again, you never dissapoint.

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The Show was incredible. I hadn't seen Ben since '98 and holy was awesome. I understand where the people are coming from...but your always going to have some of those people yelling and standing up. Luckily I was in the front Row ..woohoo....I sat down the whole night and really enjoyed seeing ben up close. The songs were amazing, probably the best show musically I've ever seen and that's over Aerosmith, Dave Matthews, Metallica, and Tom Petty. Just an insane feeling getting to see such a talented Band....The guy that kept harassing Juan was funny..."come on Juan...lets get it started it"..."come on Juan lets do it"..."yeah Juan" was pretty funny...I think Juan got a kick out of it too...Over all Ben Enjoyed the energy of the crowd and you could tell they were having just as great of a time as the crowd was. THanks BHIC...

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Hey SA SUX and the rest of you that have something bad to say about San Antonio. Why don't you stay home and listen to the CD next time. You have a much deaper issue if a few yelling fans can bug you that much that you can not enjoy this fantastic musical experience. I hope Ben Harper skips Austin agian next time he comes to Texas.

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As close to a spiritual experience as I've ever had, despite the more-than-I-would-have-liked class-lacking, disrespectful individuals in the crowd. That's you, Mr "Welcome to San Antonio" - I think Ben heard you the first 5 times you said it!

Ben and the IC are why I still have faith in music. You can feel IT in the music and seeing them live affirms it. Thanks for doing it up right, guys.

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Amazing! The crowd was amazing as well! I saw Ben this year in my hometown at the Ryman. Much less respectful crowd there---the place Ben adores to play at!! I felt he commanded the San Antonio audience and was impressed with the crowd and their energy. Granted beer spilling is inconsiderate! But...for me it was easy to lull out the crowd drama and focus on Ben. How could you not!! This show was unbelievable compared to the sanctity that should have been reflected at the Ryman! Will leave San Antonio feeling blessed to have had such an amazing experience!

sanantonio86968's picture

"I love you Ben Harper." That guy was in my ear all night long. 30 minute waiting lines for $5 beers. Wiggly hippy chicks blocking my view. Frat boy dorkus malorkuses wearing expensive blazers and skate shoes. Grandpa Jenkins constantly yawning in front of me in his duckhead polo. Uh, dorky annoying crowd aside and this is an undeniable truth - Ben's got a Dave Matthews-type crowd, the show ripped. Hands down, Ben is one of the best live acts of his generation. And all you geeks that need help: go buy a BRMC or Black Keys record to get you on the right track...

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First time seeing Ben and IC in concert...won't be the last. What a show, was really impressed with his band, one of the tighest I have ever seen. Played some awesome songs: Churh House Steps, Use me up, Lifeline, Lonesome train, whipping boy, etc. Awesome energy and the acoustics in the Majestic were awesome. Only problem during the show, were the stupid people yelling during intimate points during the show (get a clue people). Had the fortune to meet Ben and the guys after the show. Told Ben this was in my top 5 shows ever. Probably #3 right behind seeing Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton (both at the House of Blues in New Orleans -small venue). Can't wait to see these guys do their thing again, and look forward to what they have to bring us in the future.....Safe travels and good grooves Ben and IC!!

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After many BH shows, this is absolutely the best I have ever seen, and quite possibly the best of any concerts I've ever been to. I don't say this lightly neither. From the song selection, to the performance, to the lights, to the grip and feel of the show, everything about it was absolutely amazing and perfect. This needs to be put out as a DVD. I want to experience this for the rest of my life, and I want others to live this moment as well.

Just stunning.

funkboy110108's picture

I have seen a lot of shows in my life and Ben Harper and the IC just made it to the top of my list! Wow! Great show last night. An experience I will never forget. It was a perfect mix of new and old, fast and slow. Can't wait till you make it back to San Antonio. Thank you for the experience.

Richie Nestel (San Antonio TX)

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Well, we knew we were taking a risk going to a show in SEED ANTONIO. Started off the best 1/2 evening of my life with a wonderful dinner at Bohannans. Walked accross the street to the beautiful (too good to be true for SEED ANTONIO) Majestic Theatre.
As we walked in I could see the potential and SEED ANTONIO proved again without a doubt that it is the absolute armpit of Texas. The fans in S.A. are the worst, rude, inconsiderate, selfish, ignorant, immiture, these are a few of their finer qualities.
I saw at least 6 signs that read please turn off the flash on your camera. The band comes out and before they could play the first note, the strobe of flashes begins. BHIC was so tolerant, they played the whole show with their eyes closed because idiots were flashing pictures and annoying their neighbors with l.e.d. screens and camera phones. These retards actually missed the moments thinking they could capture the magic on a camera.
The show started off so great, the second song needed you tonight was absolutely incredible. Excuse me Mr. brought tears to my eyes. The emotion and feeling BHIC put into this performance was unbelieveable. The stage and set was so beautiful, candle chandeliers, curtains and pink and purple lights were so incredible. Ben was just blowing us away. Church House Steps was a really good song but it was my first time to hear Two Hands of a Prayer and Whipping Boy. Whipping Boy was the best song of the night. It was just Juan, Ben and Oliver, they had just a red light cover the darkened stage and they went off super intense for what seemed like 15 minutes, absolutely amazing.
It took this kind of an awesome specticle to bring out the true lameness of a S.A. crowd. It began small but grew and grew over the time of a few songs it was the sound of 2 females chatting very loudly I think about Britney Spears' love handles or fromunda cheese or something important like that. Between the camera phones, flashes, people talking, yelling during the most beautiful and quiet part of songs, the overweight drunk female spilling beer on my wife while she danced and fumbled with her camera, I felt my beautiful evening slipping away. I politely turned and asked the 2 girls behind me to keep it down a bit and they were very outraged that I had the nerve to suggest such a thing. Next people in the first 2 rows started to stand, so we also had to stand in order to see the show plus BHIC had worked the crowd into a frenzy by then, so we stood. The canine behind us grabs my wife and tells her to sit down and that it is so "rude" to stand up. Absolutely unbelievable the gall of this person to suggest it was ok for her to talk through the whole show but not ok for us to stand. I went totally balistic on this girl, gave her a piece of my mind, meanwhile this sends my wife into a weeping state trying to calm me down and get off this girl. She sat down and cried for most of the remainder and missed the show. 1 song later the girls behind us were standing and cheering and dancing. I turned and asked her if it was ok to stand up now and if we could have her permission, and then announced to the rest of the audience that she said it was ok. I lost it and was furious. The rest of the show was ruined, we tried to get back into the show but the vibe was shot. The last song finally came and Ben tried to sing without a mic. The lameass disrespectful SEED ANTONIO crowd was yelling "F__K YEA" and "OOUUWW" so very inconsiderate and lame and selfish... textbook terrible S.A. people. They never appreciate what they are lucky enough to witness, have no respect for anyone. Got to stew in my bad mood for about 30 minutes to get out of the parking garage before dodging the bums puking on the street and then the long drive home trying to get over the worst 1/2 evening of my life. Thanks again S.A., keep smoking those stems and seeds losers!

moose4710703's picture

Last night was my first experience seeing Ben and the IC. Words cannot even express how amazed I was. I am definitely a fan for life now!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben is a great musician and wonderful person at heart. Thanks for a great show guys and for talking to us after the show. Have a safe journey.
From Texas

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I have been a fan for quite some time now but after last night's concert i am a renewed fan for life! Ben and the IC were so freakin' amazing! Their talent and ability surpasses all the other mainstram crap out there. Thanks Ben/IC for putting on such a wicked show!! Keep on rockin'!!