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From Cali.
Ended up in TX.
Went with Dear friends.
Waited too long to go.
Thanks to the full band for bringing beauty.

-Andrew-Seth Calucag

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Absolutely phenomenal show in Dallas. The band, the crowd, the venue, and The Man. Couldn't have asked for more.Thanks Brother Ben.......

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It was an absolute "Magical" and "Majestic" night at the Majestic Theater on so many levels and for oh.. so., many reasons. First of all, I have seen Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals perform on several occasions,in venues across America and in Canada I have never seen a performance that didn't please and leave me and everyone else in anticipation of the next one. This performance went beyond any expectation I thought I had. From the ambience of the Majestic Theater, the infectious energy and flowing love of my fellow BHIC fans, to of course the amazing Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals with their tantalizing-hypnotic and spell-binding, musical genius. They exuded such a passionate, gentle, gracious, charisma and charm that it was just to easy to think that each song was played just for me. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals gave me 36 hours of carefree abandon and total nirvana, starting with the road trip to Dallas with my sister, giving me the opportunity to take her to her first Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals concert meeting delightful new friends and of course the awesome, spell-binding performance. I left Dallas on Tuesday morning, barely sleeping a wink but with the energy like I slept for a week. Amazing, Magical and Majestic cannot began to express what Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals gave us on Monday night. Thank You...Thank You... Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals for sacrificing so much to share your gifts, passion, and talents with the world!!!

Nicole C.-
Houston, TX

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What an amazing experience!
I have been listening to Ben for 15 years starting with a live show at The Wetlands in NYC in 1993 and I have been captivated since. I was 21 years old and showcasing one of my own artists at CBGB's when Paul Simon himself recommended going to The Wetlands after our show. Little did I know I would see my most influential artist in my life. Ben was there with a three peice amazing band with his soul wide open and nothing but gratitude for being there in that moment with all of us to share in it. It was truly moving! Since that day for 15 years I have come to realize after several albums and a few live shows, Ben is an intrument for life and his perspective and how he communicates it is a gift for those who are fortunate enough to " hear " it. Monday night at the Majestic was a moving experience to say the least! The band and Ben where obviously moved by the venue and the people, and they showed every ounce of gratitude for that place and everyone in it with their performance. I felt like I was the only one there. The soulful performance , the setlist, the showmanship, and the connection between them made it the greatest and most intimate musical experience I have has yet so far. But I am sure there is so, so much more to come, for after 15 years, I am always shocked and moved at how Ben and The Boys just keep bringing it. How could it get any better than this? I can't wait to see. Thank You Ben and The Innocent Criminals for sharing such lifechanging music that I have shared with everyone and anyone, including my daughters, so they may have and enjoy what gifts you all really are to us!
Lauren Roy
Austin, Texas

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Where to start....I had never been to the Majestic Theatre - it lives up to its name. Loved that many dusted off the Sunday best and came out to the show looking good. As usual, Ben & the criminals did not disappoint. Ben is hands down, one of the best live performers I have ever seen, and I've seen a bunch. I still have his show at the Granada in Dallas '03 as one of my top 5 shows I have ever been to. When he went accapella sp? the hair stood on my arm....truly amazing. Such a beliveable soul.

Thanks Ben & criminals.... I can't wait to see you guys again. Hopefully soon.

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This was absolutely the nicest show I've ever been to. The sound was crystal clear and the performance was incredible. I was completely blown away when Ben went off mic and the entire crowd remained silent (except for the one jerkoff that had to yell "we need a witness Ben"). It didn't suck either being on the third row behind the pit. It was truly the kind of evening that you wish could go on forever. Big thanks to BHIC!!

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3rd time seeing ben and this was definitely the most well grounded and original show ive seen ... i loved hearing whipping boy and by my side but when he busted out shes only happy in the sun that totally made my night .... i always leave every show amazed at the talent that comes from the ben and the innocent criminals ... cant wait to see them again

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I caught BHIC at ACL last year and they were great but nothing comarpred to last night's show at the Majestic. Without a doubt one of the best shows I've seen and I would highly recommend that you get your tickets now. They totally exceeded everyone's expectations. Lifeline will be their best CD.

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As always Ben Harper was amazing and gave a performance full of soul and passion! The Majestic Theater was a perfect and beautiful venue for such an intimate concert. The crowd was also amazing, everyone was polite, respectful and set a wonderful mood for an INCREDIBLE night! The memory of the night will be priceless.

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BH&IC's, I've seen you as many times as I have been able to. Austin, TX and all the way to Amsterdam back in June of 06. I brought two people to your Dallas show that have never seen or heard of you. As of 9am this morning they both bought your new CD. I thought the show was as good as any you have ever done. The setting of the Small Historic Theatre is perfect for the set that you played. Thanks for your Music.

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First time seeing Ben and it will not be the last. Every second of the show was an experience to remember. Best concert I've seen in a LONG time.

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We stumbled onto Ben's music by accident a few months ago- and after the show in Dallas last night I am so glad we did. It was such an experience- it is hard to believe that any band can play with such intensity and feeling. It was moving.

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Killer show! First time seeing Harper and he didn't disappoint. From the opening song until the closing seconds, he ruled the stage. One of the best shows I have seen in years!

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Lots of energy still playing at his prime...His playing 5 plus song of his new material as good as it is will never match his acoustic/electric performences of 2003 previously...a little let down, his new material can never match what his past has carved ya ben but have heard set lists that will make this show tremble...overall an enjoyable experience in Dallas