11.07.07 Tucson, AZ

Centennial Hall with Tom Freund

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Thanks for adding us in. Truly the best show I have seen in Tucson in a while. There were some audio difficulties, but I blame that on the last minute add. When I saw the ad for the show, I did a double take. When I got tickets, I was amazed. I have always said that I would drop everything to see BHIC live and I certainly was not disappointed.

Thanks guys for giving Tucson your experience. Please come back soon. "Where could I go" was incredible.

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This is the second time I have seen BHIC. Saw them last year at the Dodge Theater, which was an upbeat rockin show. This show was amazing though. In such a small venue and the song selection was great. Loved all the new stuff, plus got a greater appreciation for the old stuff he played, plus it did not hurt I was in the second row. Ben is such an amazing and versitile performer that any show he and the IC's do is going to be a great show.

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One of the better BHIC shows I have seen. Much, much better than the last AZ show @ Dodge. As for the acoustics I was 20th row dead center and the acoustics were great along with the respectful quiet crowd around me.

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I am a huge fan of Ben Harper, I mean my wife and I danced to Forever for our wedding song and planning to name our first born Harper, But Life line has about 4 hits tops! Yes that is a huge deal for an album. I guess I wanted more of the BHIC og's drugs dont work, roses from my friends, walk away, the women in you. I guess when you are a great artist you have to many songs and you cant make everybody happy. over all the show was ok not great, last show I got goose bumps like ten times.

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My first Ben Harper show - what a great experience! Such a pleasure to see and hear such a versatile and soulful performer. The band is terrific - I can tell you that Mr. Harper has four new fans for life. GREAT SHOW!!!

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Thought the show was great, although lacking the energy of an outdoor Ben show. Very intimate and laid back. The perfect show for a Wednesday night in Too-stoned.

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first time seeing ben, and it was an amazing, powerful, unforgettable experience. he puts on an incredible show...

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I've seen a dozen of Ben's shows since 97 and this is a top 3 show no doubt. I couldn't believe that it didn't sell out and that people were leaving early. We sat 11th row and it was amazing! To the Jack asses that kept yelling "I LOVE YOU BEN" please be quiet next time. Great show, there is nothing better then Ben at a small venue.

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This was likely the worst show I've seen in recent memory. The volume was such that what could have been a great concert was reduced to indistinguishable noise. I truly expected more from such a great artist.

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Best show I've seen at Centennial Hall in a LOOOOONG Time. Thank you Ben for rockin Tucson the way we like to be rocked!

I second the comment on all those chumps who left early and missed out on a heartfelt moment in the "Where could I go" song!

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I've been going to BHIC shows since 97 and i would say the show was OK. Many great moments, but lacked the overall energy of previous shows. Maybe it was teh"acoustic" feel or its the new material that I just can't get into. I enjoyed the show , just didn't love it.


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Unbeleivable!!! Buddy if you left after "Where Could I Go" you missed out.

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Unbeleivable!!! Buddy if you left after "Where Could I Go" you missed out.

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Oh Man this was good. The acoustics were a little shaky, but blame it on the venue. Ben and crew are perfect at picking the setlist. Mixing up the older stuff with life line the slow songs and the upbeat.
They finished with Where Could I go. Ben walked out into the crowd, and got up onto a stage that's out there. When people began to shout or applaud, he would silence them. He sang a verse with no microphone and minimal music. That was perhaps the most exhilarating moment I've ever seen at a concert.
If you haven't already, definitely check them out on this tour.

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This concert was amazing...not much else needs to be said