11.08.07 Los Angeles, CA

Orpheum Theatre with Piers Faccini

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mckylelaw34853's picture

This show will be in our family's stories for many, many years to come! After all, the last time our 17 month old daughter (Harper JoAnne) heard Ben play live, she was still in my belly, a'brewing - at his'06 LA shows.

My hubby and I had two extra tickets and decided to call our babysitter/friend and have her bring our baby down to the Orpheum to experience BHIC with us, and BOY am I glad we made that call! I've never imagined Ben could sound BETTER just because I was sharing him with my spawn, but sure enough, he did. I spent much of the night weeping tears of joy and thanksgiving.

Leon Mobley - Maybe we'll name our next kid Mobley, because your soul radiated love and your rhythms moved our spirits. But when you noticed Harper Jo standing in awe at the front of the stage, and you handed her your drum stick... well, you solidified your Sheriff of The Groove status in my mind for eternity.

Ben - Someday, Harper Jo will look at the rose you presented to her, framed along side our tickets and a photo, and she will listen to your voice as we recount the unbelievable night you treated us all to. That is an honor. A true honor.

I knew that "Harper" was my daughter's name from the moment of conception. We wanted her to be a "soothing instrument" (Harp) and to have the grace and beauty you give us through your music/lyrics.

You shine. And you make us all glow with your light. Thank you for you!

P.S. If anyone has photos of OUR Harper at the show... we didn't bring a camera and would love if you'd share 'em: mckylelaw@gmail.com

Oh, and to read my husband's review of the show, check out http://daddydoesdiapers.blogspot.com/2007/11/one-night-only.html

anonymous's picture

I was at this show along with my husband and I have to say i was EXTREMELY touched by the song "Where could I go". I actually had tears rolling down my face and my husband's eyes welled up (even though he wont admit it).

Ben shut up the ENTIRE theatre, sang with no mike and no music. I have been to many many ben shows and this was honestly the most moving moment at any concert I have EVER been too.

I would love to hear everyone else's feedback.

Love ya Ben!!

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Oh, yeah... And, the island/vacation version of "Forever" -- That set ya free...

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"Where Could I Go" knocked everyone's socks off... I was leveled by BH's choice.

"Breakdown" was the grooviest cover possible... especially after watching 4 hours of Peter Bogdanovich's RUNNING DOWN A DREAM Tom Petty doc.

And, pretty much everything else involving the IC was amazing... most notably the intro/"Well, Well, Well", which had them living up to their names.

If I wasn't poor, I'd jump in a van with the wifey, and attend every BHIC show from now till then...

mor's picture

Hi Celia, I was really writing that to you, so I am so glad you saw my post - and I really did love it - I guess you must know by now that I saw your husband last night and we were able to switch sets AGAIN, this time so he could sit with his friend who was seated directly in front of me who was the original owner of the ticket that you all gave me the night before - small Orpheum world, huh? I thought that was great!! The two of you take care and maybe I will see you all at a future show!!

vladivladi63878's picture

I drove from phoenix and do not regret. I love Ben. I got 3rd row seats and the show was a great one. Sorry for whoever didn't have a great experience. maybe next time. Meanwhile Ben Harper is my favorite artist for sure and he didn't let me down, not even for a second!

gocelia81230's picture

Last night was my first Ben Harper Show ever! My husbands' usual concert buddy could not make it. I went along for the ride not thinking much of it. I wanted to spend some quality time together & I was down for whatever. Little did I know how blown away I was about to become by the musical talents of this fine man and his ensemble. When Ben broke out into acappella , I had goosebumps all over my body. He made me really feel the music wholeheartedly on so many levels. I also loved how he slipped in his rendition of Tom Petty's "Breakdown" into the encore. This show was pure musical genius. Truly one of the best musical experiences of my life and I intend to join my husband in the future for more incredible shows! Kudos to my husband of 11 years for turning me onto BHIC live & also to Birgitta (see her review posted below). She is the woman whom kindly took our 3rd row single ticket that enabled us to sit together. You rockwe are so glad the great ticket went to someone that really appreciated it.

mor's picture

oh yes, and I wanted to add that I really liked the innocent criminals - all looking properly gangster - up on the microphone at the beginning of Well well well - I thought Juan and Oliver were especially great up there and they looked perfectly natural doing that. Also, I thought Ben tore up on Whipping Boy, and finally on Paris Sunrise - I think those were the highlights for me.

mor's picture

I thought it was a beautiful night all in all - and I have to keep reminding myself that BHIC played, because I thought Da Lion and Piers absolutely tore up at the after party - AND Culver City Dub Collective of course! I though BHIC was decent - I gotta say I thought it was slightly lacklustre (even though Juan and Leon and Oliver really have something extra to give, all the way - they put the 'soul' into the 'acoustic soul' I think), but to each their own - the best part of the show for me was the fact that I thought I had a great seat until the couple behind me propositioned me to trade my ticket for one of theirs so they could sit together - and it just so happened that the ticket they traded me for was absolutely smack dab center 3 rows back - absolutely perfect - thank you so much to you beautiful couple - and yes, I really enjoyed the show very very much thank you. Shoot, I felt like I had wings on last night the way everything was working out!! Beautiful show altogether - and I'll be very excited for tonight!!

twentynine_cents8613's picture

WOW! Last night was just amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more. The venue was great, Piers kicked ass and Ben was just Ben when you put him in that type of atmosphere....perfect. I can't wait to see him in Oaktown this weekend. Thanks for a great show.

Grant286's picture

GREAT SHOW LAST NIGHT BEN! I love that you're sitting down more these days. THANK YOU...see you again tonight!

moondo9272222's picture

AMAZING SHOW! Ya know when you hear an album and you think "yeah, this is pretty good", but then you see the album performed and you just feel the power behind it and it shows the true masterpiece of the album? This is LIFELINE. One of the better shows I have ever been to! I have seen Ben Harper many times and this was truly an amazing show! You know what makes a musician so good is when they perform an album live better then the recording. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals put on a damn good show! GO SEE THIS TOUR!