11.09.07 Los Angeles, CA

Orpheum Theatre with Piers Faccini

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namelessgrace20973's picture

Highlights of the night include Ben breaking out in the middle of "Use Me" to sing "I haven't heard LA sing like that in long time!" and of course, the 5 minutes where the crowd just stood and screamed for BHIC and the boys stood on the stage in amazement.

Another fantastic show...so much different than the last one I saw out in Claremont, much more subdued. Like all BHIC shows, my breath was taken away by the music, the singing, the stage presence, the fantastic suits (looking good boys), the crowds, and the wonderful venues.

mor's picture

I thought the show was phenomenal. Both shows together made the perfect mix of songs. I would have hated to miss either of the nights! And the stage lighting or something also seemed better for some reason - that could just be my imagination though! They pulled off HOochie coochie man incredibly - I thought that was great. I thought it all sounded great. Great, great show. ok, back to reality now!

ls152971218's picture

Excellent show! Amazing energy. Been to a number of BHIC shows and this one had the most energy, especially for a relatively quiet setlist. One part during the show Ben and the boys just stood there on stage for a good 5 minutes while the crowd gave a standing ovation that became progressively louder...the whole place was on fire.

Great setlist, great sound, never been to a sit down show with that kind of energy. Unforgettable.

aperlst's picture

A great vibe in L.A. at the Orpheum. Ben, thank you for playing with all your heart and soul. It is obvious you love the L.A. crowd. The Orpheum is just a beautiful place to showcase your talents. Highlights for me include Use Me Up, Excuse Me Mr., and anything you play while sitting with a slide in your hand.

nisonger64933's picture

Magical. The band was dudded, so was most of the crowd. Great mix of new and old cuts, with a warm vibe of mutual respect between audience and performer.

My highlights:

Hoochie Coochie mama cover - Ben crushed it.

Spontaneous crowd dancing during a funk song I didn't recognize.

The sound in the venue: it blew me away. Loud - but you could hear every chord and every lyric.

Ben's 10 minute slide solo on Whipping Boy - ridiculous chops.

Ben calling the Orpheum his favorite LA venue.

Thank you, Steph. I'll miss you.

jhludlum20769's picture

Simply put, as so many people shouted throughout the show last night, WE LOVE YOU BEN! BHIC brought down the HOUSE last night -- AMAZING set, INSPIRING collection of tunes, and one of the most spirited out-pouring of musician to crowd, crowd to musician love I've ever witnessed. Traveled down to see BHIC on their home-turf, hoping for something magical, and GOT WAY MORE THAN ANYONE COULD HAVE IMAGINED! Thank you, Ben! Thank you IC! God's Speed for continued success on the tour!