11.13.07 Vancouver, Canada

Orpheum Theatre with Piers Faccini

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Piers Faccini sat in for "Masters of War."

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jenn-a-rogers51828's picture

Whole different feel this time - but just as amazing as the many I have been to before!Second BHIC for my best freind and I though. It broke our hearts when Ben stepped away from the mike and sang with the acoustics. So moving we both had tears in our eyes. Can't wait for the next time!

hench-38-style8383's picture

This concert was something special! I have seen Ben the last 7 times he has come to Vancouver. Every show completely different than the last. But this show, was on a whole different level. It wasn't just about Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, it was about Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals the musicians. Ben Harper played piano! Ben wasn't sitting down with his guitar. It was exactly like the website says, "Acoustic, soul, intimate". I've never met Ben or the band, but it felt like I stepped into their world a little more. Excellent job boys! That is why I honestly think that their is no one better than you guys! I wish this night was made into an album!

brentg's picture

Vancouver loves Ben Thank you Ben for recognizing the true beleivers.I am blessed to be a witness.

jason_burnstick28806's picture

My 8th show guys, the best yet! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. I saw you there 10 years ago and have been a fan ever since...thank you!

joeyo19982987's picture

Ben and IC
Great show guys, Great venue and arrangement was beauty. One love!!! Thanks to your security who came down and allowed us centre front row to share a truly beautiful exp. Welcome back to van ben and ic look forward to coming back.

parrotsquawk59214's picture

Beautiful Ben! -) I missed seeing him & the Criminals in Deer Lake last year, so seeing him this time for my first was a solid sight indeed! Thanx also for being accessible after the show boys!

Peace and musical abundance

anonymous's picture

My first Ben Harper show, don't get out to shows much these days, but this is one I didn't want to miss. Paid big dollars for scalped tickets and it was worth every penny. It is the best performance I have ever seen. He is one phenomenally gifted musician/performer. I hope he continues to tour intimate venues, I can not imagine this translating to a stadium experience. After the show I was ready to go on tour with him. I think next time I will try to see more shows, I don't think I could ever get enough. And the solo for Whipping Boy was not to be believed, and that a capella bit, pure magic, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, still the best moment for me was the opening to "Say You Will", it absolutely froze me. I don't know how so many people stayed in their seats for so much of the show.

rebalkin60679's picture

This was me and the 3 friends I went with first time seeing Ben. We were all blown away. Good music changes lives, last night was life changing. Thank you!

remo.studer18586's picture

It was my 8th BHIC show yesterday! The second one abroad! It was simply amazing! Thank you Ben and thank you all the crew for those magic moments I experience each time! You told us that we are the best part of the music, but what would be the best part of the music without his creators? I can't wait to see you back home in Switzerland! Thanks for your sincerity and for your availability!

megancol17966's picture

Last night was the 5th time I've seen Ben and I have never seen him like that! I am a bit of a concert Junkie and have to say last night tops them all. The first time I saw him changed the way I heard music, and last night brought back all those first time feelings. I was lucky enough to share the experience with my younger sister who has never seen him before. In away I think I took her to church and made a believer out of her.

The whole night was unbelievable. Whippin' Boy brought tears to my eyes. He did old songs that I haven't heard him do in years, and amazing new songs, and unreal covers. Another amazing night! I can't wait till the next one!

redleader11's picture

To be able to bring the woman you love to her first Ben Harper show, AND get up and dance to her favourite song "Gold To Me", throw in a little "Forever", and just a touch of "Use Me".....well, I'm sleeping pretty damn content tonight!!
And not to mention having Ben stand at the foot of the stage and sing, a capella, and bring a tear to your eye with his voice....angelic....

Moose73's picture

Awsome show, Ben never lets you down. With the exception of 3 covers and 2 songs off the Blind Boys album, everything else was limited to Lifeline, Cruel World and Fight For Your Mind. It was a bit of a walk down memory lane with a lot of the songs except that they have the full band now and everything sounded far better than back then. The arrangements never stay the same which is why I keep coming back. See you next time.

ahonen36425's picture

Brilliant show.Have seen BHIC 8 times now and it never gets old.With three covers and the best guitar solo I have ever experienced it seemed as though they were having a lot of fun tonight.I appreciate that they continue to play smaller venues and keep it more personal.Best show yet with more of an emphasis on older material.Thank you for being a true artist which is far to rare these days, and more and more of a showman without sacrificing your sincerity.Peace

kjpotter16694's picture

epic...absolutely epic!